The Best Episodes Directed by Ikuro Sato

Witch Medusa! - Great Evil Possessing One's Soul?

#1 - Witch Medusa! - Great Evil Possessing One's Soul?

Soul Eater Season 1 - Episode 8

Just when Maka and Soul are about to be killed by Chrona, Stein and Death Scythe appear to save them. By combining their strength, the duo have some trouble against Ragnarök's ability to transform every bit of its blood into a weapon, but in the end Chrona is defeated. The witch observing the fight reveals herself and rescues Chrona, while the others return to Shibusen in order to treat Soul's injury. Stein tells Maka that the treatment was successful, but he confesses to Death Scythe that Soul's body was infected with a demon weapon's blood, and his future is uncertain. In the end, Maka is comforted by Tsubaki and Medusa, a teacher in the school who is in fact the witch who attacked them.

star 8.29
72 votes
Witch Hunting Invocation! - Heart Throbbing Graveyard Supplementary Class Lessons?

#2 - Witch Hunting Invocation! - Heart Throbbing Graveyard Supplementary Class Lessons?

Soul Eater Season 1 - Episode 4

Maka and Soul Eater are discussing the rumors of their teacher, Sid Barett, who was stabbed in the head, becoming a zombie and preying upon the students when Maka's father comes in. As the temporary teacher replacement, he informs Maka and Soul that Shinigami wants to see them. Upon reporting to Shinigami's room, they meet up with Black Star and Tsubaki who were also called there. Shinigami tells them that because they failed to collect any souls, they would have to complete an "extra lesson". They are to find and stop Sid and the person who turned him into a zombie. They go to the cemetery, and Sid attacks them, wielding his own gravestone as a weapon. Maka and Soul attempt their Soul Resonance - "Witch Hunt" but are unable to control it properly and fail in dealing any damage. Black Star captures Sid with Tsubaki's chain, and it is revealed that Shinigami knows that the one who made Sid a zombie was Death Scythe's first partner before he worked with Maka's mother, Dr. Franken Stein.

star 8.07
87 votes
Overture of Holy Destruction

#3 - Overture of Holy Destruction

Scrapped Princess Season 1 - Episode 20

The Leinwen military commander tries to use Pacifica as a bargaining chip with Steyr and the Peacemakers. This triggers a world reset where the Peacemakers are allowed to kill 90% of the human race, and Steyr and Socom start to demolish the city. Also, Pacifica regains her memory after Shannon jumps in to save her when the soldiers try to kill her.

star 8.00
3 votes
Sometimes You Can't Live With Dying, Baby

#4 - Sometimes You Can't Live With Dying, Baby

Space Dandy Season 1 - Episode 4

Meow is bitten by an alien and turns into a brain-eating zombie.

star 7.86
91 votes
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