The BEST episodes directed by Ikuno Yagi

With you again…
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#1 - With you again…

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 25

The Fubayashi Naka baseball club suffered a humiliating defeat in Tsujido. Yayoi and Tao Tsuchiya seem to have been blown away by the difference with boys. Nishina and Anita who vow to revenge and try to devote themselves to practice. Mutsuko has shattered her confidence as a pitcher. Then, Daigo seems to have lost his passion because he was overwhelmed by the light he met again. For Sekitori and Chiyo, who have no choice but to stare at such friends, Chisato at her own pace ... What is the one that holds the completely disjointed Fubayashi Nine back together ...?

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New Member?
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#2 - New Member?

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 20

The season has reached autumn. After the summer tournament, the Fubayashi Naka Baseball Club is forced to retire from the highest grade student, Tamba, and create a new team. However, there are only eight members left. Therefore, I asked Tamba, who retired, for a helper in the practice game on the weekend, and managed to continue the activity with nine people. Daigo and his colleagues are thinking about recruiting new members of the baseball club from current students in an attempt to solve the shortage of members. Under such circumstances, it is said that Chisato, a first-year student, has a new member recruitment attestation ...! ??

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