The BEST episodes directed by Howard Ritter

Santa on the Lam
63 votes

#1 - Santa on the Lam

Night Court - Season 9 - Episode 11

On Christmas Eve Dan tries to show a disillusioned Santa that the holiday spirit still exists as Harry tries to get away from a depressing lonely soul he's befriended.

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A Closer Look
56 votes

#2 - A Closer Look

Night Court - Season 7 - Episode 23

Harry, his court and co-workers come under the sharp journalistic eye of a TV reporter doing a story on typical night court events.

Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore
58 votes

#3 - Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore

Night Court - Season 8 - Episode 10

Harry has to summon the courage to face a bully from his childhood who is brought before him in court, and Christine searches high and low for the perfect nanny.

My Three Dads
59 votes

#4 - My Three Dads

Night Court - Season 7 - Episode 21

While attending childbirth class with her three coaches, Christine imagines her child as it grows up influenced by each of the eager proxy fathers.

Bringing Down Baby
61 votes

#5 - Bringing Down Baby

Night Court - Season 8 - Episode 13

Roz loses yet another battle with courtesy and tact when she tells off the mother of an obnoxious child star shooting a tv pilot in the courtroom.

It's Just a Joke
59 votes

#6 - It's Just a Joke

Night Court - Season 8 - Episode 12

Everyone gets their two cents in when a comic's offensive routine sparks a First Amendment debate.