The BEST episodes directed by Hitoshi Tamamura

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#1 - Awakening

Arata The Legend - Season 1 - Episode 4

Kanate ahas been taken by The Reckoning of Warden Tsutsuga. Arata goes to search for them and finds them facing off before Tsutsuga in a battle to the death. Tsutsuga says the winner will be declared innocent of his crimes. Outraged, Arata draws his Hayagami on Tsutsuga, but ends up in a tight spot when he's unable to call upon its power...

The Smile You Showed Me
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#2 - The Smile You Showed Me

No-Rin - Season 1 - Episode 4

Everybody must work together to catch a vegetable thief who has been pilfering from the fields at night. A misunderstanding leads to some embarrassment in Minori's bedroom. Kosaku is concerned Ringo has not smiled once since arriving at the school and several attempts are made to remedy this.

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Chuno Love Story
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#3 - Chuno Love Story

No-Rin - Season 1 - Episode 1

Teen idol Yuka Kusakabe announces her retirement. Kosaku Hata, a student of the Tamo Agricultural School and her biggest fan, is devastated. Soon afterwards new girl Ringo Kinoshita joins their class, only she seems strangely familiar.

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