The Best Episodes Directed by Hirotoshi Rissen

May the Weather be Fine Tomorrow

#1 - May the Weather be Fine Tomorrow

Blood+ Season 4 - Episode 8

Mao, watching Saya and Hagi talk and hold hands, asks Kai if Saya is her competition for his love. She sends him out shopping, then asks Saya to catch him because she has some embarrassing things on her list, then keeps Hagi from following by saying she needs his help around the house. At the subway station, Saya starts to faint, almost falling in front of the train but Kai catches her. Later, Saya promises Kai that she will always protect him and asks him to take better care of himself. Kai has a key of their father's bar made for Saya, so they can run it together. David leaves the hospital and returns to work. Saya and Hagi remember her making him promise to kill her, with his own hands, when everything is over. As he, Lewis, Julia, Joel, and Okamura discuss the situation, they realize the American government has Cinq Flèches deliberately creating chiroptera in America, and abroad, to create enemies they can then rescue the people from using the Corpse Corp. Julia explains to them that Diva's singing, when heard in person or a live process, it increases the effectiveness of the D-base that causes people to turn to chiroptera from 3% to 100%. Meanwhile, Nathan visits Solomon and takes him to see Diva and the babies, which Amshel "cut out of her stomach." Nathan tells him that now that the babies are born, he has no reason to fight his family anymore. To prove his commitment to Saya, Solomon attempts to kill Diva, but Diva easily defeats him and leaves him badly wounded. As Diva takes the babies inside, Nathan wonders if even a chevalier can survive such wounds.

star 9.34
41 votes
Amid Enemies

#2 - Amid Enemies

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 4

Ibuki goes to speak with the Kouran forces in hopes of a peaceful resolution. Little does he know of the intentions of those around him.

star 7.36
14 votes
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One Chance in a Million

#3 - One Chance in a Million

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 12

With Red Dragon under the control of Inori, Ibuki is now faced with a decision of who he must sacrifice. With resolve, Ibuki calls out the name...

star 7.00
15 votes
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Ups and Downs in Life

#4 - Ups and Downs in Life

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 7

From youth, Sweallow Clazzvali was cursed with a power that brings any tool he uses to ruin. Now, he will use this power to help his allies in need.

star 6.92
13 votes
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Kill One, Save Many

#5 - Kill One, Save Many

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 1

A young boy by the name of Ibuki faces fate, as he comes in contact with the terrifying Red Dragon. The epic tale of Ibuki and Red Dragon has begun.

star 5.84
69 votes
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