The Best Episodes Directed by Hiroshi Tamada

The Painful Relations Between Love and Demonic Power

#1 - The Painful Relations Between Love and Demonic Power

Asura Cryin' Season 2 - Episode 5

Following a mishap with some industrial strength glue whilst practicing for the three-legged race, Tomo and Takatsuki end up stuck together for the rest of the day. As if protecting each other's modesty and organising sleeping arrangements weren't trouble enough, Takatsuki's family is currently under threat from a rival group of demons who are out to assassinate them.

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29 votes
Death and Peace, Side By Side

#2 - Death and Peace, Side By Side

Asura Cryin' Season 2 - Episode 9

Having been reunited with Ania, Tomo learns more about the effects that the Superstring Gravity Reactor accident is having on the First World and Ania's involvement with it. Later when a large group of Daughters attacks the school Aki and Ania are forced to use their demonic powers to protect those they care about and Tomo learns that in this world he has powers of his own.

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28 votes
The Gears of Choice

#3 - The Gears of Choice

Asura Cryin' Season 2 - Episode 13

Natsume Tomoharu and his friends goes to save the world. Tokiya Kagayaki wants to keep the Igniter so he could have a third world that has Aki, his lover. After Tomoharu defeated Tokiya, the Igniter seems to respond to Tomoharu's wish and closed the gate to the third world. After that, Ania Fortuna told Tomoharu that she completed the Splitter. So then she asked if Himazasa and Misao Minakami wanted to become human again and they did. After that everything became normal and all demons became humans. Everything from the First world disappeared including the Asura Machinas. Ania and Vivian returned to their normal sizes.

star 10.00
28 votes
The World of Destruction and the Ruins of Memories

#4 - The World of Destruction and the Ruins of Memories

Asura Cryin' Season 2 - Episode 1

Whilst being forced to clean the school pool Tomo and the rest of the Science Club stumble across an underground cavern which leads them to the Rakuroa Ruins. Here Tomo sees a strange vision of an alternate world. However, before he can learn more the group is attacked by Castas Machina guarding the ruins and Touru has to show up to save them.

star 9.86
29 votes
Homeostasis Synchronization

#5 - Homeostasis Synchronization

Ghost Hound Season 1 - Episode 12

Miyako's dad is called to Miyako's school. Later, he meets and starts consulting with Hirata about Miyako. Hirata is starting to suspect that the area has something to do with the supernatural occurrences. Meanwhile Tarō sees Miyako being possessed first hand.

star 9.35
43 votes
Brain Homunculus

#6 - Brain Homunculus

Ghost Hound Season 1 - Episode 6

During their journey into the unseen world, Tarou and Masayuki stumble across a strange man who’s able to see them. The next day Makoto goes through his late father’s belongings and Masayuki tries to expose himself to his greatest fear. While Tarou goes through the mountain in search of the same man he met the previous night.

star 9.04
46 votes
Whereabouts of Revenge

#7 - Whereabouts of Revenge

Ga-Rei-Zero Season 1 - Episode 8

After the death of Yomi's adopted father, Yomi's Uncle takes control of the head of the branch family and decides that Mei will become the exorcist and Yomi is forced to hand over Shishiou. Later, Yomi and Mei face off in a life or death match where everything comes to light of recent events.

star 7.95
74 votes
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Singer of the Stars

#8 - Singer of the Stars

Macross Delta Season 1 - Episode 25

Windermere's endgame is set into motion, as the ultimate plan for the Singer of the Stars is revealed. Xaos gets recalled to Ragna to prepare for the final showdown against Windermere.

star 7.88
16 votes
Escape Resonance

#9 - Escape Resonance

Macross Delta Season 1 - Episode 8

Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage have been captured by the Aerial Knights, and it's up to the rest of Walküre and Delta Flight to stage a daring rescue. Freyja and Hayate discover what happens when they are truly in sync. Meanwhile, Messer must deal with his worsening condition.

star 7.85
26 votes
The Evil Being

#10 - The Evil Being

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Season 1 - Episode 6

The ones pulling the strings behind the imperial guard were the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. Glenn fights to clear Rumia of suspicion. Meanwhile, in the magic competition, the students of Class 2 face…

star 7.74
98 votes
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Parting Resolution

#11 - Parting Resolution

Macross Delta Season 1 - Episode 15

Prince Heinz is crowned the new King of Windermere. Roid reveals King Grammier's grand plan to expand the Windermere Kingdom across the galaxy.

star 7.47
19 votes

#12 - Witches

Brynhildr in the Darkness Season 1 - Episode 2

Now that Murakami knows Kuroha is a lab-made witch on the run, he can't just leave her to fend for herself. Overcoming rejection, he manages to learn a bit more about her living situation... and her companion.

star 7.40
95 votes
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Take it Back, Our Summer

#13 - Take it Back, Our Summer

Aquarion Season 3 - Episode 5

The girls of Shirobaco take a trip to the beach, but the rise of a new M.J.B.K. tosses their plans out in the cold! Can Akira, Tsutomu, and Hayato save the day, or will they be forced to live in a dull, passionless world without swimsuits?!

star 7.25
4 votes
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