The BEST episodes directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi

Tears Sign
41 votes

#1 - Tears Sign

Battle Angel Alita - Season 1 - Episode 2

Together with Gally, Yugo tries to pursue his impossible dream of going to Zalem. A giant satelite floating above the city. Not realising that Yugo's dream can only end in missery, Gally sets out to help him.

Takuma's Decision
16 votes

#2 - Takuma's Decision

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 5

Eiichirō returns from Florida and is given a day off to adjust his body to the time difference. After the day off Eiichirō begins a new strict training regime to help him get ready for the Kanagawa Prefectural. As part of his training Coach Aoi forces Eiichirō to challenge Takuma to a match. At first Takuma refuses, but when Eiichirō admits he can never go pro unless he can find a way to defeat Takuma, Takuma agrees to the match. At first Eiichirō is overwhelmed by Takuma's serves. As the game goes along though Eiichirō begins to serve like Takuma, shocking Coach Aoi. Coach Aoi stops the match unexpectedly, upsetting both Eiichirō and Takuma.

Rusty Angel
47 votes

#3 - Rusty Angel

Battle Angel Alita - Season 1 - Episode 1

As he scavenges the Zalem dump heap for useful parts, cyberphysician Daisuke Ido comes across the remains of a female cyborg, who is still alive. Ido takes her home and decides to restore her, transferring her into a new cyborg body. Gally has no memory of her past, but soon displays remarkable fighting skills. She starts working as a bounty hunter and meets a young boy Yugo.

Full Force Toward Adversity
13 votes

#4 - Full Force Toward Adversity

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 12

Araya and Eiichirō prove to be even and are both unable to break each others serve. Making things worse is there will be no tiebreaker., Instead an individual must win by 2 games. As set 3 continues Eiichirō begins to rely more and more on his instincts as his mind tires, and it begins to give Araya the slightest advantage. Eiichirō realizes if he doesn't break Araya when it is 6 all that he will likely tire and lose the match. Even that knowledge doesn't prove to be enough. Araya holds serve and goes up 7-6. Eiichirō then holds serve and evens it up at 7, but his mind completely wears itself out, and Araya goes on to win 9-7.

Good, Evil, and Rules
15 votes

#5 - Good, Evil, and Rules

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 21

Even if it seems to lack etiquette, Takagi's play style continues to work in his favor by disupting his opponent's pace. Eiichiro struggles to deal with Takagi's tactics. He tries to use his anger to his advantage, but he isn't successful. Eiichiro tries to remain calm and rational but this leads to a time-warning issued by the referee...

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