The BEST episodes directed by Helen Hunt

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#1 - Abandoned

Feud - Season 1 - Episode 7

With production of Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte underway, the feud is intensified when Joan learns of a new producer on the project. In an unguarded moment, Bette reveals her vulnerabilities to Bob.

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Last Christmas
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#2 - Last Christmas

This Is Us - Season 1 - Episode 10

The Pearson family finds themselves at the hospital on Christmas Eve after little Kate comes down with appendicitis. When they run into Dr. K, who is alone at the hospital, they realize they need to be there for him as much as he was once there for them. Presently, Kevin celebrates Hanukkah with Sloane and her family, Kate continues to pursue her big surgery and someone from William's past reappears in his life.

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At the Movies
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#3 - At the Movies

Californication - Season 5 - Episode 9

On the first day of production on Hank Moody's latest movie "Santa Monica Cop," Stu has brought back his "F--king and Punching" director in hopes of creating a cinematic masterpiece, but Hank's rendezvous with the film's leading lady puts his relationship with Sam in jeopardy. Luckily for Hank, Stu and the production's crew, Charlie has a backup plan.

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The Inheritance
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#4 - The Inheritance

American Housewife - Season 2 - Episode 20

After the passing of a family friend, the Ottos all react differently to the allotment of the deceased’s inheritance

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Window Vanity Dress Grace
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#5 - Window Vanity Dress Grace

Life in Pieces - Season 2 - Episode 8

When Colleen goes wedding dress shopping with her future in-laws, she must deal with Joan's unfiltered opinions. Also, when Clementine feels she's overstaying her welcome at the Hughes house, she starts being extra nice to Tim who takes it the wrong way; Greg gets frustrated when Jen can't stay awake after a romantic date night; and John and Matt attempt to build a vanity for Sophia after John rips up the directions.

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Sliding Sweaters
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#6 - Sliding Sweaters

American Housewife - Season 2 - Episode 22

When Katie starts her day in a bad mood, the Ottos come together to cheer her up; but in an alternate reality and in a different sweater, Katie starts her day in a good mood and the family comes together to cheer up Greg.

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Bite Flight Wing-Man Bonnie
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#7 - Bite Flight Wing-Man Bonnie

Life in Pieces - Season 1 - Episode 12

Heather and Tim finally find another couple they actually like to socialize with, but Sophia and their son don’t hit it off. Also, Greg insists he and Jen take separate flights in case something happens to the plane, Matt and John take Gary out to meet women, and Matt’s ex-wife, Bonnie, surprises him with a visit

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#8 - Retribution

Revenge - Season 2 - Episode 15

Still reeling from the devastation on The Amanda, Emily’s commitment to justice and revenge is stronger than ever, while the Hamptons mourn the loss of one of their own.

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Soups Jealous
203 votes

#9 - Soups Jealous

Splitting Up Together (US) - Season 1 - Episode 4

Lena goes out on another date with Wes, whom she's smitten with; but unbeknownst to her, Martin is doing his best to take care of a sick Milo. Meanwhile, Maya makes a decision on whether or not to become a single mother.

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#10 - Loss

Revenge - Season 4 - Episode 17

Emily strives to clear Jack's name; Louise and Nolan are visited by officer Ben Hunter.

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Violent Agreement
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#11 - Violent Agreement

House of Lies - Season 5 - Episode 9

Marty attempts to get K&A back into consideration for a buyout. Jeannie has a difficult time spending a day outside the office. Computer network issues lead to a discovery.

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Gone Girl
219 votes

#12 - Gone Girl

The Politician - Season 1 - Episode 4

With the election just days away, Payton faces tough questions about just how far he's willing to go to defeat his opponent.

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Cheating on Sheila
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#13 - Cheating on Sheila

Mad About You - Season 6 - Episode 13

When Paul and Jamie feel that their current therapist, Sheila, isn't quite helping out, Paul and Jamie see another therapist, Sydney. They love Sydney enough to ""break up"" with Sheila--that is, until they find out that Sydney's hour of therapy is too expensive. Meanwhile, Paul grapples with how to get his father to stop suffocating Paul socially.

The Final Frontier (2)
115 votes

#14 - The Final Frontier (2)

Mad About You - Season 7 - Episode 22

Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

The Final Frontier (1)
113 votes

#15 - The Final Frontier (1)

Mad About You - Season 7 - Episode 21

Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

Mother's Day
83 votes

#16 - Mother's Day

Mad About You - Season 6 - Episode 20

Paul tries to pick a Mother's Day present for Jamie, but Ira and Marvin have better ideas: a rocking chair and a message displayed on the Times Square video screen. Sylvia is jealous of Jamie's gifts and fakes injury to steal attention.

Farmer Buchman
80 votes

#17 - Farmer Buchman

Mad About You - Season 7 - Episode 9

Mr. Wicker goes out of town and asks Paul and Jamie to tend his rooftop garden. Mabel loves another baby's rare toy.