The Best Episodes Directed by Greg Mottola

We Just Decided To

#1 - We Just Decided To

The Newsroom (2012) Season 1 - Episode 1

"News Night" anchor Will McAvoy returns to work after a public meltdown to find most of his staff has jumped ship, but new hires help steer the show when news of a catastrophe breaks in the spring of 2010.

star 8.47
3711 votes
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The Greater Fool

#2 - The Greater Fool

The Newsroom (2012) Season 1 - Episode 10

Mac is shaken by a potentially devastating revelation from gossip columnist Nina Howard. Meanwhile, Sloan mulls a new job opportunity; Neal's Internet alias could prevent a catastrophe; and Will, Mac and Charlie confront Leona and Reese during a volatile lunch meeting.

star 8.36
2414 votes
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The Assistant

#3 - The Assistant

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 5

Adam Sandler stops by the campus to perform, and the whole group goes to see him, including Steven's dad, Hal, who was invited by Lloyd. Perry invites Adam Sandler and his entourage to stop by their dorm afterward. Sandler doesn't stay long because Hal makes him uncomfortable, but takes Lizzie with him back to his hotel. Lizzie ends up having sex with him. Sandler's assistant, Jonathan Loughran, ends up falling in love with Rachel and decides to stay behind after Sandler leaves town, and stays on campus living in Rachel's room wreaking havoc in her life. Lloyd convinces Hal that they should go experience the real world for a while, and Hal has some "extra curricular" activities in mind.

star 8.34
176 votes
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#4 - Run

The Newsroom (2012) Season 3 - Episode 2

With Rebecca again tasked with defending ACN in a possible lawsuit, Will tries to protect Neal from the fallout over the DOD leak. Charlie and Leona enter the fray of a hostile-takeover gambit involving Reese's half-siblings. Sloan fears Don may be guilty of cashing in on insider information. Maggie ponders the ethics of eavesdropping. Hallie pays a price for a late-night tweet.

star 8.23
1644 votes
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#5 - Hypospadias

Dave Season 1 - Episode 3

Ally tries to open Dave up to new sexual experiences but inadvertently exposes his deepest, darkest insecurities. Dave asks his friends for advice about satiating Ally's newfound appetites.

star 8.09
359 votes
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Jobs,  Jobs,  Jobs

#6 - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 10

Steven is forced to get a job in the cafeteria to help pay his tuition until Hal finds "the right job"

star 8.09
172 votes
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The 112th Congress

#7 - The 112th Congress

The Newsroom (2012) Season 1 - Episode 3

Will's apology for the lack of integrity in newscasts sets off constant critiques of the Tea Party before the November 2010 midterm elections, but draws the ire of network executives and Atlantis World Media CEO Leona Lansing. Meanwhile, Don confronts Elliot about his analytical skills; Jim helps Maggie during a panic attack; and Mac is unnerved by Will's endless parade of romantic conquests.

star 8.06
2943 votes
Visiting Ours

#8 - Visiting Ours

Arrested Development Season 1 - Episode 6

Michael sets up an "intimate conjugal visit" for his parents, while it is revealed that George Sr. had an affair with Kitty, his secretary who recently slept with Gob. Tobias and Lindsay see a marriage counselor.

star 7.98
3040 votes
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Storming the Castle

#9 - Storming the Castle

Arrested Development Season 1 - Episode 9

Michael cannot go through with his plan to break up Gob and Marta. A thug magician wants to take Gob's "legs". Maeby wears all leather to get back at her mother, and Lucille decides to confront Buster's relationship with Lucille 2.

star 7.92
3122 votes
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Valerie Saves the Show

#10 - Valerie Saves the Show

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 6

With the cast in a funk following "Room and Bored"'s lackluster premiere, Valerie tries to boost morale with a late-night cookie delivery that gives new meaning to her trademark line, "I don't want to see that!"

star 7.90
136 votes
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Charity Drive

#11 - Charity Drive

Arrested Development Season 1 - Episode 5

Michael and Lindsay try to prove their charitable sides to each other. Gob demands George Michael's respect, and Buster continues avoiding Lucille 2.

star 7.89
3398 votes
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The Day After

#12 - The Day After

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 13

Steven is unsure of where he stands with Lizzie, and Lloyd's ideas are not helping him any. They spend their Saturday apart, but come to a revelation.

star 7.73
133 votes
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The Gander

#13 - The Gander

Dave Season 1 - Episode 1

Dave meets GaTa for the first time and gets educated on the social dynamics of the rap world. Under GaTa's tutelage, Dave tries to score a feature verse from YG.

star 7.67
441 votes
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Hell Week

#14 - Hell Week

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 8

Steven is fed up with TDZ in more ways than one. He quits, but it is not without repercussions.

star 7.65
144 votes
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Valerie Demands Dignity

#15 - Valerie Demands Dignity

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 5

Valerie worries that her comeback storyline isn't "enough," as the network tries to spice up her reality show by cross-breeding it with another one - and by pulling a highway prank that nearly sabotages Valerie's lunch with a TV Guide editor.

star 7.65
117 votes
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Dave's First

#16 - Dave's First

Dave Season 1 - Episode 2

Dave books his first-ever live performance, but it's in the worst setting imaginable. Elz reluctantly agrees to DJ, and Mike introduces Dave to a new skincare routine.

star 7.55
376 votes
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Eric Visits

#17 - Eric Visits

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 2

Lizzie's boyfriend visits her at UNEC. Steven convinces her to break up with Eric, but feels guilty and helps Eric win her back. Meanwhile, Ron brings up a whole keg of beer and urges his suitemates to help him finish it.

star 7.42
189 votes
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Eric Visits Again

#18 - Eric Visits Again

Undeclared Season 1 - Episode 6

Eric discovers that Lizzie cheated on him with Steven, and heads to UNEC to get his revenge. Lloyd helps Steven prepare for a fistfight.

star 6.96
174 votes
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