The Best Episodes Directed by Gerard Hameline

The Heart of the Elephant (2)

#1 - The Heart of the Elephant (2)

Conan Season 1 - Episode 2

En route to Yara's stronghold, Conan and Otli are ambushed by the female bandit Karella and her archers. Karella takes Conan in and tries to seduce him. Conan tells her he is only his way to Yara's stronghold to rescue Tamara and kill the wizard Yara. Karella mentions Yara has a jewel called the Heart of the Elephant which she desires, so she thinks they should go to Yara's stronghold together, though she also thinks only a fool would steal from a wizard. Conan and Otli end up going alone, though Karella and her archers follow closely behind. Meanwhile, Vulkar and Zzeben find Dor and the refugees who survived the earlier attack on Tamara's village. They decide to travel together. Elsewhere, Conan enters Yara's stronghold and makes a deal with him. Tamara will be freed once Conan brings him the Heart of the Elephant. Conan promises Yara death should he go back on his word, though he plans to kill him anyway. Along with Otli and Karella, Conan enters the tower in which the jewel resides.

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Lair of the Beastmen

#2 - Lair of the Beastmen

Conan Season 1 - Episode 3

Conan is imprisoned by strange creatures and kidnapped under the earth. He is locked up with other humans, who are designated of the beast people. Conan discovers fast that the other prisoners are completely demoralized and possess no escape will. Only a beautiful girl named Arali did not give up hope. Together they get the slaves to start an open revolt against the beast people and with them defeated they can return to the surface.

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The Heart of the Elephant (1)

#3 - The Heart of the Elephant (1)

Conan Season 1 - Episode 1

The evil sorcerer Hissah Zul, who rules the land as King, has a nightmare in which a powerful warrior challenges his rule. He throws red rubies into a conjuring pool, summoning The Skull That Talks - an oracle that Hissah Zul once turned into all but a talking skull. The Skull tells Hissah Zul that the man is Conan and he will acquire the mythical Sword of Atlantis, then he will dominate Hissah Zul and become the new King. As part of the plan to prevent Conan from achieving his destiny, Hissah Zul summons his General, Goroth, and a wizard named Yara, who is accompanied by a dwarf named Otli, who serves as his servant - an unkindly treated one at that. As Goroth's men lay waste to the town where Conan has sought friendship with a Tamara, who becomes his true love, Yara abducts Tamara with his magic and Conan is captured as well and taken to a gladiatorial arena. Conan is forced to fight for his life. In the arena dungeon, Conan meets the robust Vulkar and an agile mute named Zzeben. Th

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Love and Death

#4 - Love and Death

Highlander: The Raven Season 1 - Episode 17

Nick and Bert Myers break up a kidnapping, but the leader, an Immortal named Markham, escapes. He leaves behind a photograph from the 1890's showing him and Amanda together. He and Amanda kidnapped a rich boy in that time period, and Markham insisted that Amanda marry him so she couldn't be forced to testify against him. She turned him in when she discovered he killed the kidnap victim. In the present, Markham is out for revenge, and Bert gets wounded. He insists on the full story, but doesn't believe Amanda when she tells him the truth. Amanda confronts Markham, takes his head, and gets a final ""divorce."" Copyright 2002 Steve Crow

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