The Best Episodes Directed by George Tillman, Jr

Don't Take My Sunshine Away

#1 - Don't Take My Sunshine Away

This Is Us Season 3 - Episode 16

Beth and Randall adjust to their new normal. Kate and Toby spend time with baby Jack. Zoe and Kevin work on their relationship.

star 7.93
932 votes
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Call Me James

#2 - Call Me James

Power Season 3 - Episode 1

Out of the drug game and with new nightclubs, James St. Patrick is ready to leave “Ghost” behind and begin his new life with Angela. Just one problem: someone knows the truth about Vladimir, Drifty, Ruiz, and Lobos. Angela learns of a shocking discovery at work, and now must decide where to draw the line between love and honor. Without her husband by her side, Tasha reels from the death of Shawn while having an unsettling theory as to the identity of his killer. On his own in the underworld, Tommy is forced to make some bold moves while he receives a gruesome reminder of his assignment to kill Ghost.

star 7.91
2907 votes
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I Call Marriage

#3 - I Call Marriage

This Is Us Season 1 - Episode 14

Toby throws a wrench in Kate's weight loss journey. Randall struggles to accept his father's deteriorating health. Miguel and Shelly break some devastating news to Jack and Rebecca, which makes them worry about their own relationship. Rebecca receives an amazing work opportunity. Kevin examines his romantic past.

star 7.91
4368 votes
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Now You're Mine

#4 - Now You're Mine

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 1 - Episode 11

In one bold move, a friend from his past puts Luke on the defensive, Misty in dire straits, and Harlem's safety in jeopardy.

star 7.88
4442 votes
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I Gotta Go

#5 - I Gotta Go

Power Season 1 - Episode 5

Concerned over Ghost's attitude, Tasha interferes with club business. Ghost and Angela pursue their affair. Tommy pursues a club employee.

star 7.73
2085 votes
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Who You With?

#6 - Who You With?

Power Season 1 - Episode 6

Tommy makes peace with Ruiz while Angela wires one of Ruiz's gang members. Ghost forgets Tasha's birthday. Ghost and Angela confront the reality of their affair.

star 7.68
1970 votes
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