The BEST episodes directed by Gail Harvey

Home Sweet Home
262 votes

#1 - Home Sweet Home

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 10 - Episode 13

When an unexpected guest arrives at Heartland, Amy and Jack question the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. Then, a confession by Adam leads Georgie to make a difficult decision. And Jack is caught in the middle when Lou and Lisa both buy the same gift for Amy’s baby shower.

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Written in the Stars
249 votes

#2 - Written in the Stars

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 10 - Episode 14

Jake’s unexpected arrival at Heartland forces Mallory to admit to Amy and Jack the real reason she came back to Heartland. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to move on after her break up with Adam by throwing herself into helping Amy with an underperforming cutting horse which Scott brings to Heartland. And Lou and Mitch struggle to find the right time to tell the family about their relationship.

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80 votes

#3 - Unbearable

ReGenesis - Season 3 - Episode 10

David discovers that NorBac has been tapped by Riddlemeyer. The team must find what caused the bear to attack Craig with no reason as a human being is presenting the same symptom. To save Bob's eyesight, David decide on a peculiar procedure.

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Twentieth Century Murdoch
209 votes

#4 - Twentieth Century Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5 - Episode 13

Murdoch investigates the claims of a man who says his time travels to the future provided him with information that allowed him to stop crimes, while the New Year's Eve Policeman's Ball offers exciting personal possibilities for the 20th century.

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High School Confidential
115 votes

#5 - High School Confidential

Republic of Doyle - Season 3 - Episode 7

Jake Doyle is forced to help his high school nemesis track down missing money and win back the heart of his estranged wife; Des must decide between Chandra and Tinny once and for all; Rose and Kathleen take a step forward in their friendship.

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Murdoch Night in Canada
233 votes

#6 - Murdoch Night in Canada

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5 - Episode 12

Detective Murdoch's investigation into the murder of a member of the Toronto Wellingtons hockey team takes him to Ottawa.

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Broken Heartland
140 votes

#7 - Broken Heartland

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 8 - Episode 12

When Amy is invited to do a horse clinic in Montana, she and Ty decide to take a road trip together, but an unexpected encounter derails their plans. Meanwhile, back at Heartland, Jack and Lisa feel caught in the middle when Lou confronts Peter over his lie of omission, and his decision to choose his career in Vancouver over a job offer in Calgary which would give him a chance to spend more time with his family. And with both Ty and Scott out of town, Georgie and Jade volunteer at the vet clinic.

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227 votes

#8 - Bloodlust

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 4 - Episode 11

When a young teenage girl collapses and dies in her nightgown at the fountain at The Gordon Academy for Young Women, Ogden and Murdoch are called in to investigate. Why had she snuck out? She had lost a lot of blood, but only a trickle was there when they found her? And who is the mysterious lone figure that seems to haunt the school at night? The schoolgirl witnesses tell tales of trances and beautiful pale-skinned young men, and soon people begin to believe that vampirism is behind the murder...

The Silent Partner
133 votes

#9 - The Silent Partner

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 8 - Episode 11

Amy unexpectedly finds out that Peter declined a lucrative job offer that would've moved his work closer to home. Georgie, overwhelmed with all she has to do, asks her friend to help exercise Phoenix. Ty finds out Caleb partnered with Jesse Stanton, and Caleb is going around town kissing Jesse's girlfriend.

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Glazed and Confused
228 votes

#10 - Glazed and Confused

Private Eyes - Season 3 - Episode 12

Angie's long-time nemesis Norm Glinski fakes his own death, and hires her and Shade to investigate.

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Into the Light
269 votes

#11 - Into the Light

Virgin River - Season 1 - Episode 8

A storm causes a town power outage and everybody gets together at Jack's bar. Mel grapples with her revelation. Preacher investigates Paige.

The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch
220 votes

#12 - The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 7 - Episode 3

Detective Murdoch and many others attend a special showing of a film that will also include sound. The man behind the scheme is James Pendrick and his main competitor, Thomas Edison, is also present for the showing. The film includes a scene where a shot is fired but when the lights come up, one of the patrons, Pendrick's principal investor, has been shot in the head.

Return of Sherlock Holmes
246 votes

#13 - Return of Sherlock Holmes

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 7 - Episode 4

Murdoch finds his investigation into a nanny's disappearance assisted by the man who considers himself the real Sherlock Holmes.

The Frame Job
412 votes

#14 - The Frame Job

Private Eyes - Season 2 - Episode 3

A teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship and Shade and Angie investigate.

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200 votes

#15 - Voices

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 4 - Episode 10

As the sisters of the Immaculate Conception prepare to put the coffin of elderly Sister Ignatius into her final resting place in the convent’s cemetery, a young novitiate peers into the dug grave and sees something poking out of the dirt – a human hand. Murdoch is called to the scene and his constables lift the bloodied body of the convent’s gardener out of the grave. But a dead body is not the only surprise the convent holds.

If Truth Be Told
275 votes

#16 - If Truth Be Told

Virgin River - Season 1 - Episode 7

Preacher happens upon a secret. Mel's memories threaten to overwhelm her. Jack has a sincere talk with Charmaine about their relationship.

82 votes

#17 - D-U-A-L-I-T-Y

Northern Rescue - Season 1 - Episode 4

Taylor puts herself under intense pressure to win a school spelling bee. Scout clashes with a wrestling team rival. Maddie struggles to keep a secret.

Sarah's Stuff
90 votes

#18 - Sarah's Stuff

Northern Rescue - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Wests search Sarah's belongings for keepsakes. John rescues an injured hiker from a forest fire. Charlie faces an obstacle to rebuilding her home.