The Best Episodes Directed by Fred Toye

The Crossing

#1 - The Crossing

Person of Interest Season 3 - Episode 9

The battle to bring a crime organization to justice reaches a new level; Reese's number comes up in the machine.

star 8.63
2377 votes
The Day the World Went Away

#2 - The Day the World Went Away

Person of Interest Season 5 - Episode 10

Finch’s number comes up when a fatal error blows his cover identity and sets off a deadly series of escalating encounters with Samaritan’s operatives.

star 8.38
3415 votes
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Chuck Versus First Class

#3 - Chuck Versus First Class

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 5

CIA agent Daniel Shaw assigns Chuck to his first solo mission in Paris, ignoring Sarah and Casey’s wishes. During the flight to France, Chuck befriends Hannah and flashes on another passenger the imposing Hugo Panzer. Meanwhile, Casey helps Morgan battle Jeff and Lester for control of the Buy More.

star 8.16
705 votes
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#4 - Witness

Person of Interest Season 1 - Episode 7

The Machine identifies a school teacher who witnessed a mob hit as their next POI and Reese and Finch rush to save his life.

star 8.08
1856 votes
Chuck Versus the Kept Man

#5 - Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Chuck Season 5 - Episode 9

While Chuck and Sarah contemplate the next step for Carmichael Industries, Casey's forbidden love, Gertrude Verbanski (recurring guest star CARRIE-ANNE MOSS), walks back into his life with a questionable mission in South Beach. Meanwhile, Jeff's enhanced intelligence leads him and Lester to suspect that something unusual may be happening at the Buy More.

star 8.06
571 votes
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#6 - Fever

Moonlight Season 1 - Episode 4

Mick has got himself injured in a process of finding a young girl who is supposedly hiding in the desert. Due to scorching sunlight and immense heat, Mick is depleted of his vampiric ability to heal himself. As a result, Beth will have to take drastic measures to save Mick's life.

star 8.05
89 votes
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Gone Daddy Gone

#7 - Gone Daddy Gone

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 9

After a young dockworker is killed, evidence surfaces that the mob has connections to dock operations, which brings up questions regarding involvement by Maura's biological father. Jane does everything she can to get out of sensitivity training. Meanwhile, Maura and Tommy start spending time together.

star 8.04
379 votes
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#8 - Beholder

Almost Human Season 1 - Episode 12

When Det. Kennex and Dorian investigate the murder of a "chrome," there are no signs of trauma, other than a very small pinprick on the back of his neck. As the investigation unfolds, it’s revealed that the murder suspect is tapping into the DNA of his victims in pursuit of perfection.

star 8.02
1575 votes
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Subject 13

#9 - Subject 13

Fringe Season 3 - Episode 15

In a follow up to last season’s “Peter” flashback episode, the all-new “Six Months Later” episode revisits a poignant period of time for both the Bishops and Olivia.

star 8.01
1239 votes
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Unhappy Medium

#10 - Unhappy Medium

Ghost Whisperer Season 3 - Episode 7

Melinda and Jim discuss a kidnapping where the family has contacted a psychic who Melinda believes is telling the family stuff that they want to hear just so he can make money off of them. Melinda goes and talks to the family and finds that something else has happened to the missing girl.

star 8.00
81 votes
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The Next Week

#11 - The Next Week

The Good Wife Season 5 - Episode 7

Zach makes a discovery that leads Alicia and Cary to believe that the firm is spying on them. Will helps one of Alicia's former clients. Clarke Hayden offers financial advice to Florrick/Agos.

star 8.00
801 votes
All Ghosts Lead to Grandview

#12 - All Ghosts Lead to Grandview

Ghost Whisperer Season 3 - Episode 9

While Melinda and Jim are taking care of Becca, Melinda finds that Becca can also see the dead.

star 7.97
82 votes
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Crazy for You

#13 - Crazy for You

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 - Episode 7

The ladies probe the killing of a husband and wife who were psychiatrists. Soon, an attendee of a medical-examiners seminar offers to help Jane and Maura in the case. Elsewhere, the Rizzoli family realize they may have connections to a pregnant stranger.

star 7.95
382 votes
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#14 - Critical

Person of Interest Season 2 - Episode 7

A resourceful third party raises the stakes as Finch and Reese try to protect their latest person of interest, a brilliant surgeon.

star 7.95
1664 votes
Second Chance

#15 - Second Chance

Believe Season 1 - Episode 12

When an enraged Dani concentrates her powers on the destruction of Orchestra and Bo, Skouras turns to Winter and Channing for help. Bo and Tate's attempt to start fresh on their own is short-lived when Bo has intense visions of Dani, and pulls them back into danger.

star 7.92
479 votes

#16 - Kanalua

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 - Episode 2

(Doubt) Steve goes to Cat for help finding his mother. When an art heist turns deadly, Five-0 turns to August March.

star 7.92
504 votes
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The Gravesitter

#17 - The Gravesitter

Ghost Whisperer Season 3 - Episode 14

After graffiti is repeatedly painted on Melinda's shop doors, she seeks out the town blogger convinced he is the one causing the mischief in an attempt to expose her. Melinda is forced to encounter the dark side of Grandview in order to help the latest ghost cross-over.

star 7.88
74 votes
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The Woods

#18 - The Woods

Stalker Season 1 - Episode 18

Beth desperately fights for her life after her deranged stalker drags her to a remote cabin in Ojai, leaving Jack and Janice to frantically search for clues to their location. Also, the TAU waits for updates on Ben’s prognosis after he was shot.

star 7.76
472 votes

#19 - Grace

Falling Skies Season 1 - Episode 4

Tom and his team head out to track down more motorcycles for the 2nd Mass., relying on Pope to guide them to a good location. They hit the jackpot until they meet some skitters and harnessed teenagers at the bike shop. Back at the base, Dr. Harris and Anne disagree over the best method to gather more intelligence on the aliens.

star 7.75
1275 votes
Out of the Past

#20 - Out of the Past

Moonlight Season 1 - Episode 2

Our vampire PI begins to fear something worse then a stake through the heart when he learns a convicted murderer with some confidential information is being released from prison. It seems the killer is threatening to reveal Mick's undead identity.

star 7.74
121 votes
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The Fittest

#21 - The Fittest

Invasion Season 1 - Episode 16

Russell and Tom team together to try to catch a pregnant Christina and Derek, who are armed, dangerous and on the run. While searching Russell and Tom find a group of migrant workers. Mariel confides in Jesse and Rose about what happened to her. An unconscious Kira is in the hospital after her encounter with the orange being. Larkin searches for more answers about Paxton and his real reason for being in the area during the hurricane.

star 7.73
57 votes
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Silent Kill

#22 - Silent Kill

Falling Skies Season 1 - Episode 5

Hal comes up with a risky new plan to rescue captured teenagers from the aliens, but it might require putting someone at risk. Meanwhile, a sudden tragedy causes Anne to make an enormous discovery that proves instrumental to Hal’s risky plan.

star 7.71
1286 votes
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#23 - Skin

Stalker Season 1 - Episode 8

When a man's quiet suburban neighborhood and home are vandalized and his family is terrorized, he is forced to reveal his nefarious past to secure protection from the TAU.

star 7.64
258 votes
A Bright New Day

#24 - A Bright New Day

V (2009) Season 1 - Episode 3

Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are being issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first, but not everyone agrees with the decision. Erica has been tasked to protect the V's and is tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer. Meanwhile, Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition forces and help fight the V's.

star 7.61
456 votes
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Heretic's Fork

#25 - Heretic's Fork

V (2009) Season 1 - Episode 9

Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes realize that the V's know names and addresses of The Fifth Column members and must take drastic measures to protect them while, Ryan finally reveals to Val that he's a Visitor. And Chad, with the camera rolling for "Prime Focus", begins the process aboard the Mothership's Medical Bay to have his aneurysm removed.

star 7.48
444 votes
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