The Best Episodes Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg


#1 - May

Occupied Season 1 - Episode 2

Jesper Berg assures journalist Thomas Eriksen that the Russian presence is by no means an occupation. During a medal ceremony at Akershus Fortress May 17 a young guardsman attempts to shoot the Russian ambassador.

star 7.64
311 votes
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#2 - April

Occupied Season 1 - Episode 1

Europe is suffering from an energy crisis and when Norway’s new Green prime minister Jesper Berg calls a press conference to announce that he is stopping all fossil fuel production. The EU calls on Russia to invade.

star 7.46
378 votes
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#3 - October

Occupied Season 2 - Episode 3

The Coast Guard soldiers are sentenced to one of the most severe punishments available. Meanwhile, terrorism continues and Anita wants to negotiate an amnesty with Free Norway to calm the people.

star 7.21
81 votes
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#4 - August

Occupied Season 2 - Episode 1

Half a year has passed since Free Norway mobilised itself and the country was on the brink of war. In order to maintain peace, the Norwegian government has had to compromise with the Russians.

star 7.18
102 votes
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#5 - September

Occupied Season 2 - Episode 2

Russia has arrested the Coast Guard soldiers who were behind the action at Melkøya, Anita Rygg has promised that they will be handed over to Norway, but when one of the soldiers is dead, it becomes more problematic.

star 7.14
86 votes
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