The BEST episodes directed by Eric Kripke

Lucifer Rising
3253 votes

#1 - Lucifer Rising

Supernatural - Season 4 - Episode 22

The brothers prepare to fight the forces of the apocalypse in different camps. While Sam and Ruby hunt down Lilith, Dean joins Castiel and Zachariah to take on Lucifer.

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You Found Me
4695 votes

#2 - You Found Me

The Boys - Season 1 - Episode 8

Season Finale Time! Questions answered! Secrets revealed! Conflicts… conflicted! Characters exploded! And so much more!

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Pilot (1)
19 votes

#3 - Pilot (1)

Tarzan - Season 1 - Episode 1

This thrilling contemporary take transforms the classic Tarzan tale into a rapid-fire adventure, an intriguing mystery and, most of all, a fiery love story. Strong-willed NYPD detective Jane Porter's perfectly ordered life turns upside down when a routine case unexpectedly leads her to primal and passionate Tarzan, now loose in the urban jungles of New York City. After plucking the mysterious feral man from his wild home, Tarzan's billionaire uncle, the CEO of powerful Greystoke Industries, stops at nothing to ""civilize"" Tarzan in his own image. And, inexorably attracted to Tarzan's dangerous yet profoundly innocent nature, Jane wrestles with reason and instinct, civilization and savagery, her heart and her head.

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What Is and What Should Never Be
3018 votes

#4 - What Is and What Should Never Be

Supernatural - Season 2 - Episode 20

Dean is attacked by a Djinn... and finds himself in a new reality where his mother is still alive and a mysterious woman holds the key to everything.

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