The Best Episodes Directed by Elizabeth Holder

Morning Music

#1 - Morning Music

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 34

Coming into the Blue's Clues house, it's very early in the morning and so we follow the cahracters and learn about morning routines through song. We help Joe in figuring out what to do in the bathroom in the morning. We also help him with getting dressed. Later, a character called Shoehorn helps out with putting on his shoes. We also skiddoo into a shoe catalog for more work with shoe-tying.

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Animals in Our House?

#2 - Animals in Our House?

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 35

The animals from Blue's picture book, Animals, Animals, Animals are running loose in the Blue's Clues house. In this episode, we find them all, learning in the process what's special about them and how they make use of it in their natural habitats. We play a game of hide-and-seek with Shovel and Pail to find one animal and have some wacky fun with another. The animals could be anywhere, but they're not dangerous, so we have fun as we find them all.

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Story Wall

#3 - Story Wall

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 20

Joe and Blue are creating a ""story wall"" - a series of pictures on a wall telling the tale of ""Two Rabbits Who Went to Their Grandma's House."" Their names are Rebecca and Robbie and this episode we learn their story and even help to create it. We consider some of the characters' creations for the story and help them select the right pictures that match the story they want to tell. We even get to skiddoo into the story and watch events as they happen.

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Blue Takes You To School

#4 - Blue Takes You To School

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 25

Joe and Blue accompany Periwinkle to his first day of preschool. He's a bit nervous to go, but he's okay since we're there with him for his first day. Once he gets there, he finds that he thinks that school is lots of fun. He takes part in activities such as ""circle time"" and ""painting time"" and even gets to feed the pet rabbit, Giggles. When it's time to go home, he likes school so much that he wants to play it as a game back at home.

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Love Day

#5 - Love Day

Blue's Clues Season 6 - Episode 2

Joe receives a mysterious ""Love Day"" card from a secret admirer and wonders who it could be. The characters explore the meaning of love and learn some important things: such as that someone can love more than one person and that you can get mad at someone and still love them. The Blue Skidoo segment features a story that emphasizes the value of true love. In ""Blue's Room,"" Blue talks with Cinderella (special guest star Mary Stuart Masterson) and gets the answers to some unresolved questions, such as whether or not Cinderella married her prince.

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