The BEST episodes directed by Elaine Aronson

Going to Hell in a Limo (2)
7 votes

#1 - Going to Hell in a Limo (2)

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 9

Cybill retaliates when her obnoxious co-star Jack mysteriously fires his friend, the executive producer, Buddy, and apologizes to Cybill for his rude - and crude - behavior. Smelling a rat, Cybill, Maryann and Cybill's producer friend Amy devise a sting operation to trick Buddy into revealing the truth behind Jack's sudden change of heart. Meanwhile, Zoey is having second thoughts about being maid of honor at the wedding of her father, Ira, and Holly after overhearing Holly remark to a friend that Zoey threw her a tacky wedding shower.

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Going to Hell in a Limo (1)
8 votes

#2 - Going to Hell in a Limo (1)

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 8

Cybill becomes a prime-time hit in the new sf series Lifeforms, but when her co-star starts sleeping with the female producer, Cybill's role gets reduced to a few lines per episode. Meanwhile, Ira tries to convince Zoey to throw a bridal shower for Holly.

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Local Hero
9 votes

#3 - Local Hero

Cybill - Season 2 - Episode 9

After she is replaced in a movie starring Kenny Rogers, Cybill thinks her career's a flop - until she takes a gamble on accepting an invitation to visit an immigrant family who collectively idolize her. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to counsel Ira out of his neurotic fear of the telephone.

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