The BEST episodes directed by Edward Hall

I am Eva Delectorskaya
171 votes

#1 - I am Eva Delectorskaya

Restless - Season 1 - Episode 1

Young graduate Ruth Gilmartin is shocked when her mother Sally reveals details of her early life as Russian emigre Eva Delectorskaya, recruited by the British Secret Service during the Second World War. Although nearly 40 years have elapsed since then, the former agent believes that missions undertaken during the conflict on behalf of her spymaster - and lover - Lucas Romer have served to place her life in danger.

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I've Been Sold
164 votes

#2 - I've Been Sold

Restless - Season 1 - Episode 2

Eva's 1941 mission to the US, where she seduced a Washington DC official attached to President Roosevelt's office before surviving an attempt on her life in New Mexico, could hold the key to her present difficulties. Ruth poses as a journalist to meet Lord Romer, and although his suspicions are aroused, he appears unaware when Eva follows him to his Chelsea house.

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Episode 8
550 votes

#3 - Episode 8

Spooks - Season 9 - Episode 8

The team faces their toughest challenge ever: tracking down Lucas North, their Section Chief, friend and one of the best agents MI5 has ever had. Harry decides the team are too close, and brings in a specialist to help with the hunt. But it will not be easy to find a man who has nothing left to lose, and as the search becomes increasingly desperate, Harry and Lucas become embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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Episode 7
2206 votes

#4 - Episode 7

Downton Abbey - Season 4 - Episode 7

Cora's playboy brother has got himself into a spot of bother and Robert has to make a trip to America to bail him out. Blake and Mary are forced to put aside their differences to deal with a new farming venture on the estate. When Violet is taken ill, help comes from an unlikely quarter. In spite of Mrs Hughes, Mrs Patmore and Carson's attempts to keep the peace, romantic tensions below stairs cause problems.

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Episode 8
2049 votes

#5 - Episode 8

Downton Abbey - Season 4 - Episode 8

Rosamund comes up with a plan to help Edith deal with her problem, but Violet may be about to see right through it. Isobel is the object of someone's attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favour. Rose is frustrated when things do not go her way and Alfred realises too late that he may have made a mistake. Just as Bates and Anna seem to be getting over the worst, some unexpected news shakes her up.

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Episode 6
261 votes

#6 - Episode 6

Spooks - Season 7 - Episode 6

A teenage boy accidentally stumbles upon a government conspiracy and is instantly absorbed into the world of MI5, ending up on the run. Lucas and the team battle to protect the boy from those who wish to silence him. Harry receives a cryptic message from his asset in Russia which could be the key to bringing down the high-level MI5 mole.

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The Secret Adversary (2)
205 votes

#7 - The Secret Adversary (2)

Partners in Crime (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 2

Tommy and Tuppence's search for the missing Jane Finn gets more dangerous. Tommy finds himself being mistaken for a criminal mastermind whilst Tuppence is employed as a maid to faded soprano Rita Vandemeyer, who has some suspicious connections to Brown. The couple find their investigations getting deeper and even more dangerous.

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Episode 5
233 votes

#8 - Episode 5

Spooks - Season 7 - Episode 5

The British economy is on the brink of collapse and if one more bank goes down the entire financial system will implode. Ros goes undercover in the City to flush out a dangerous international financier who wants to bankrupt the country. Suddenly, it is not just the economy, but Ros's life that is at risk.

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Faith Is All
142 votes

#9 - Faith Is All

Gentleman Jack - Season 2 - Episode 1

Anne Lister’s revelation that her new wife Ann Walker is moving in with her in Shibden shocks Ann’s relatives and leaves Anne's former lover Mariana devastated.

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Two Jacks Don't Suit
125 votes

#10 - Two Jacks Don't Suit

Gentleman Jack - Season 2 - Episode 2

In France, Ann Walker is shocked by details about Anne Lister’s complicated relationship with Mariana Lawton. Back in Halifax, Ann’s family are hatching a plot to marry her off.

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Tripe All Over the Place, Presumably
118 votes

#11 - Tripe All Over the Place, Presumably

Gentleman Jack - Season 2 - Episode 3

Anne Lister throws herself into public life in Halifax but privately struggles to resist Mariana Lawton’s magnetic pull.

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The Secret Adversary (3)
154 votes

#12 - The Secret Adversary (3)

Partners in Crime (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Beresfords search for Jane Finn comes to a close, as they uncover the identity of Mr. Brown.

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Episode 4
78 votes

#13 - Episode 4

Kingdom - Season 2 - Episode 4

Simon wants to work at the practice again, and Snell has a proposition for Gloria.

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The Secret Adversary (1)
237 votes

#14 - The Secret Adversary (1)

Partners in Crime (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Tommy and Tuppence have a chance encounter on a train with an agitated young woman who suddenly disappears and never returns to her seat.

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