The BEST episodes directed by Dottie Dartland

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#1 - Warriors

China Beach - Season 3 - Episode 16

McMurphy is in an emotional and ethical turmoil when she delivers Vinnie's buddy from death but he falls into a terminal coma; and Frankie finds herself in charge of a squad of grizzled grunts.

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Get Real
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#2 - Get Real

Younger - Season 3 - Episode 12

Liza faces some hard truths after an encounter with a famous life coach.

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Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date
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#3 - Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 8

Dharma discovers Greg is really the only man for her when she agrees to attend a dance with a nerdy high school kid, but meets with some serious competition from the younger crowd. Meanwhile, Larry sings his ""You guys are okay"" song to Edward and Kitty, causing Kitty to fall and hurt herself; this prompts Kitty to sue Larry after she is embarrassed by her donut-cushion in front of the mayor. Larry represents himself, while Pete arbitrates.

The Incident at Pound Ridge
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#4 - The Incident at Pound Ridge

Younger - Season 4 - Episode 9

Sparks fly at the annual Empirical Publishing picnic. Liza finds herself caught between Josh and Charles.

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A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?
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#5 - A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 23

Greg discovers he should pay more attention to his wife's intuition when Dharma has a nightmare and begs him not to go away on a business trip.

Death and Violins
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#6 - Death and Violins

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 13

Edward's mother Beatrice is dying and knows it, despite the efforts of everyone around her to deny the fact except Dharma, who argues for honesty and gets a priceless Stradivarius as a keepsake, much to the horror of Kitty who believes it belongs in a museum -- especially after everyone has heard Dharma trying to learn ""Three Blind Mice"" on the instrument. Then Dharma learns something very surprising: Edward and Kitty's marriage was a whirlwind courtship bitterly opposed by Beatrice, who has never forgiven her ""free-thinking"" daughter-in-law and refuses to pass on the family heirloom engagement ring to her. Dharma tries to help mend fences before it's too late -- then tries to respect Beatrice's dying wish to pass on the ring when it is much, much too late. In a coda, Greg is more than happy to let Dharma's violin teacher borrow the Strad for a recital, then learns Dharma has taken up the trombone instead.

It Never Happened One Night
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#7 - It Never Happened One Night

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 21

Dharma pushes her mother-in-law's fortitude to the absolute limit when she presents Kitty with an award at a country-club luncheon -- and later wrecks her car.

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The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics
235 votes

#8 - The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics

Dharma & Greg - Season 1 - Episode 17

While Dharma, Abby and Jane try to help a depressed Kitty struggle through her 50th birthday, Greg, Larry and Edward head off to the slopes to stage their own Winter Olympics. To head off Kitty's stated intention of immediate plastic surgery, the daffy trio persuades her to join them, big wigs and scanty dresses donned, on a mission to flirt at a navy bar. Kitty is an immediate hit - until one of the young men tells her she reminds him of his mother! Meanwhile, tobogganing down a mountainside in a canoe, at night, backwards, turns out to be the father and son bonding experience Greg and Edward never found time for.

Indian Summer
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#9 - Indian Summer

Dharma & Greg - Season 1 - Episode 7

While sunning on the roof, Dharma & Jane meet an elderly Native American who wants to die on the premises, claiming that it was his ancestors' sacred burial ground. Naturally Dharma invites him to stay with her, and naturally Greg is deeply suspicious of his motives and tails them—even to the extent of getting Pete to impersonate him at a dinner with Attorney General Janet Reno.

Turn Turn Turn
226 votes

#10 - Turn Turn Turn

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 3

Experimenting to see if her parents can be trusted to mind the baby, Dharma and Greg take the baby to the movies with them, but the incessant crying annoys the patrons around them, Dharma's crying. Abby approached Kitty to see if they can agree on a compromise between their family traditions for the baby's naming ceremony, which results in a huge gathering and a minister, a rabbi, and a shaman. (Yes, they tell jokes.) Even Kitty, with the help of Larry's special cookies, gets into the swing of things; and all is happiness until a telegram arrives: Donna has changed her mind and wants the baby back.

See Dharma Run Amok
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#11 - See Dharma Run Amok

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 18

Election day is here, and Dharma has finally mastered the art of politics. But it's her own body that teaches her that lying can lead to flu, rashes, eye sties, oozing sores and even a bout of the gout.