The BEST episodes directed by Don Mckellar

The Return of the Other Davina
16 votes

#1 - The Return of the Other Davina

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 6

Al gets some disturbing news from Dr. Cass. It gets worse when he discovers that his car has been broken into, and that Davina is having an affair with Greg. Davina leaves Al and moves in with her in-laws, much to the chagrin of Veronica. Roger has a spectacular art opening, Davina has a complex delusion that seems to support her decision to change her life, and Al has a near fatal heart attack. In the end, Davina regrets her choice, but is it too late?

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The Mummy
19 votes

#2 - The Mummy

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 4

Al has a run in with a violent woman driver and the Jag is damaged. Al and Davina join Roger and Veronica on a birthday road trip, but after Roger’s disparaging rant about the arts, Davina takes back her Christmas gift of piano lessons and gives them to Al. While Al struggles with the dull exercises, Greg the piano teacher reveals to Davina his passion for archeology and older women. They have a brief tryst at the museum, but guilt compels Davina to confess her discretion to Al. Al is furious but soon discovers the motivation behind Greg’s philandering.

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The Old Woman
21 votes

#3 - The Old Woman

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 2

When Davina bumps into a high school friend on the street, she is reminded of the life she could have had with an old flame. Al is reunited with a former girlfriend, now take-no-prisoners Radio Journalist, Sarah Thorne. While he tries to assert himself on Sarah’s radio show, Davina visits her comatose mother and has a disturbing encounter with an otherworld old lady.

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The Other Davina
32 votes

#4 - The Other Davina

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Soon after moving into their downtown loft, Davina feels strangely dissatisfied. She can’t bring herself to unpack and is only able to buy a single piece of uncomfortable furniture. Al struggles with their son Orlando’s despair and the gritty reality of their new neighbourhood.

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The Three Sisters
21 votes

#5 - The Three Sisters

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 3

Davina meets Robert Ringwald, a handsome and successful columnist, and the person Al longs to be. While he attempts to seduce Davina, Ringwald keeps Al busy by making him a jury member on a book prize. Davina is tempted by this wealthy sophisticated man of the world, but at the last moment it is Dr. Cass who makes her see that Robert Ringwald is just as human and fearful as Al.

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Not The Haitian Corpse
15 votes

#6 - Not The Haitian Corpse

Sensitive Skin (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 5

Davina takes on the burden of planning her mother’s funeral and Veronica refuses to help. Al takes it upon himself to brighten Davina’s life by painting the loft, but his efforts have the opposite effect. Roger appears to be coming on to Davina at the art gallery and later at the visitation. She tells him to stay away, but at a post-visitation family gathering the truth comes out about Roger’s crisis. With the help of medical marijuana, Al let’s Davina know what he thinks about her recent improprieties.

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