The BEST episodes directed by David Wheatley

Child's Play
82 votes

#1 - Child's Play

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 3 - Episode 2

At the funeral of a thoroughly unpleasant woman, a mysterious older man appears and claims to be...her long-lost son! Needless to say, this complicates the matter of inheritance--and there's a fair amount of money at stake. Meanwhile, Sergeant Wield gets a phone call from a young man who knows a little too much about Wield's ""friend,"" Maurice Eaton. As it turns out, however, this mysterious (and possibly criminal?) young man has something to do with that family feud as well...

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The Price of Fame
28 votes

#2 - The Price of Fame

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 8 - Episode 2

Dalziel is investigating the disapperance of a teenage girl who was addicted to the Internet. He gets rough with the only suspect they have and gets booted off the case. Then a girl gets murdered at a holiday resort. Not any girl - a popular girl who won a TV reality contest. Then one of the holiday makers turns up dead as well. There are plenty of suspects but no real motive. Dalziel comes back onto the case. Another colleague is investigating a diamond heist. After Pascoe discovers a suspect from that case, by falling into a swimming pool, it looks like the cases could be linked

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Foreign Bodies
49 votes

#3 - Foreign Bodies

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 5 - Episode 3

Dalziel and old flame Florence have their romantic getaway in Whitby ruined when a body is washed up on the beach there, when he and Pascoe investigate it takes them to a university and a possible involvement with Cold War Spies.

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