The Best Episodes Directed by David Storey

Ruby Reborn

#1 - Ruby Reborn

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 1

Dog River, Saskatchewan is a town where not much happens and the locals like it that way. So, when Brent Leroy starts renting videos at his corner gas station and a big city girl from Toronto moves in to run the coffee shop next door it's either a sign of the apocalypse or a chance for Dog River to finally have a decent cup of coffee.

star 8.08
429 votes
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Game, Set and Mouse

#2 - Game, Set and Mouse

Corner Gas Season 5 - Episode 9

Oscar is on a mission to get rid of an errant mouse that has found its way into Corner Gas, but Davis has a soft spot for the little rodent. Wanda hurts her back, and both Emma and Karen try to help her, but aren't very successful. Lacey spoils things for Brent and Hank when they come up with a new game.

star 8.08
131 votes
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I Love Lacey

#3 - I Love Lacey

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 13

On their way to the Grey Cup in Regina, the gang from Dog River hit a few snags. Emma and Wanda get physical with a cashier while shopping at their favorite store. Oscar and Hank visit Oscar's crazy old buddy who's not quite the partier he used to be. Karen and Davis try to buy tickets from a scalper. Lacey discovers that getting roadside assistance isn't that simple when you're traveling with a guy who runs a gas station. Meanwhile Brent realizes there may be more to his relationship with Lacey than he thought

star 8.04
212 votes
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World's Biggest Thing

#4 - World's Biggest Thing

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 6

Hank wants to attract more people to Dog River by building a World's Biggest something and roping Brent into it while Oscar thinks Lacey has a crush on him.

star 7.99
286 votes
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Fun Run

#5 - Fun Run

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 7

Lacey starts a running club in order to train for a Fun Run. Brent becomes a driving force in the club once he joins up. Oscar gets handicap plates for his car, and finds that it changes the way he's treated. Hank gets a job as crossing guard, and takes it very seriously.

star 7.89
170 votes
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Hook, Line and Sinker

#6 - Hook, Line and Sinker

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 11

To drum up business, Brent gets a sign to put up catchy slogans outside the gas station and coffee shop, but Lacey isn't crazy about his pithy catch phrases. Meanwhile Brent and Emma worry about Oscar's memory after Oscar keeps misplacing his can of Alphagetti. And on a fishing trip, Karen doesn't sleep with Hank.

star 7.81
278 votes
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Pilates Twist

#7 - Pilates Twist

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 3

Lacey offers free Pilates classes to the people of Dog River but the town is strangely hostile to the idea. Then Brent and Hank's fashion worlds collide; Dog River's not big enough for two sharp-dressed men, so Hank comes up with a way of making sure they never steal each other's fashion thunder again. Meanwhile, Brent's dad Oscar takes steps to avoid being buried in a cheap looking coffin

star 7.77
292 votes
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Tax Man

#8 - Tax Man

Corner Gas Season 1 - Episode 2

A tax man arrives to investigate Oscar about fuel tax irregularities. Oscar plots with Hank to avoid paying any extra taxes. Davis sulks about no longer getting free coffee at the Ruby and decides to lash out by writing all sorts of parking tickets.

star 7.73
342 votes
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TV Free Dog River

#9 - TV Free Dog River

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 13

Emma keeps a watchful eye on the citizens of Dog River to ensure the town reigns supreme over Wullerton ('spit') in "Turn Off Your TV Week". Lacey and Oscar find a profitable way to break the rules and Karen and Davis hit the radio airwaves to help everyone cope. Brent finds a creative way to get through a week of no TV with the help of Hank and Wanda.

star 7.70
65 votes
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Get the F Off My Lawn

#10 - Get the F Off My Lawn

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 18

A windstorm changes the name of The Ruby; Wanda requires equal rights at work, leaving Brent with more problems than he'd expected; the results of a jam contest leave Oscar concerned about Emma.

star 7.70
68 votes
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Harvest Dance

#11 - Harvest Dance

Corner Gas Season 2 - Episode 18

Lacey has just about had it when she finds out about yet another local function that no one invited her to - the Harvest Dance. Is it time for her to stop trying to fit in to Dog River? Meanwhile, Hank falls for a highway worker named Heather. But theirs becomes a forbidden love when the people of Dog River discover something about Heather they just can't accept. Finally Brent and Oscar scramble for reasons not to eat Emma's dreaded jelly salad.

star 7.61
227 votes
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Key To The Future

#12 - Key To The Future

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 2

Hank begins having psychic dreams; Wanda and Brent mock him until one of his dreams turns Wanda into a believer. Lacey learns how not to fix a pothole; while Davis and Karen learn where not to put their keys.

star 7.61
209 votes
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The Brent Effect

#13 - The Brent Effect

Corner Gas Season 2 - Episode 1

Brent and Lacey try to figure out their relationship; Emma's on the warpath

star 7.61
279 votes
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Hurry Hard

#14 - Hurry Hard

Corner Gas Season 2 - Episode 11

The Leroy family has long been a proud and ineffective curling dynasty but this year a schism in the ranks has Brent and Oscar skipping different rinks. Then when a local senior's hip replacement creates a shortage of female curlers, Lacey finds herself the hottest rookie prospect in the league. Meanwhile Karen is put in charge of safeguarding the famed curling trophy - the Clavet Cup - which turns out to be harder than she thought.

star 7.60
231 votes
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#15 - Self-Serving

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 3

Brent thinks the self-serve option at Corner Gas will make his life easier, until he discovers his customers are enjoying it a little too much. On the other hand, Lacey’s Ruby buffet has her customers working overtime. Wanda’s quest to reclaim her title as Rumour Queen proves disastrous for Karen and Emma, while Hank’s old laptop becomes a hot potato when he tries to sell it to either Oscar or Davis.

star 7.55
92 votes
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Queasy Rider

#16 - Queasy Rider

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 14

Wanda's new way of getting around town brings a European flair to Dog River much to Brent's inconvenience. Lacey tricks Karen and Davis into helping her move. Meanwhile, Hank's new greeting puts him in an awkward situation with Emma and annoys Oscar.

star 7.46
62 votes
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American in Saskatchewan

#17 - American in Saskatchewan

Corner Gas Season 2 - Episode 12

Hank is asked to be Dog River's goodwill ambassador and show an American tourist around. Turns out Hank isn't the best choice and Brent is called in to clean up. Then a new ATM machine at the liquor store draws a loyal following, leaving Lacey to wonder where all her customers have gone. And in an effort to learn French, Karen tries to immerse herself in Dog River's rich but non-existent francophone community.

star 7.42
198 votes
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Final Countdown

#18 - Final Countdown

Corner Gas Season 5 - Episode 19

In the final 30 minutes before Brent turns 40, Wanda tries to pull off a fireworks display for the occasion that goes terribly wrong. Lacey and Emma disagree over just who should be baking Brent's birthday cake, and Brent is dismayed to discover that his special bottle of scotch has gone missing.

star 7.32
97 votes
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Bed and Brake Fast

#19 - Bed and Brake Fast

Corner Gas Season 5 - Episode 18

Oscar has a new get-rich-quick plan that might actually work... until Emma finds out about it. Davis borrows Brent's car, but won't say why he needs it. Lacey bids in a silent auction and wins Hank's services as a prize that turns out to be more work than she bargained for.

star 7.32
95 votes
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The Eight Samurai

#20 - The Eight Samurai

Corner Gas Season 5 - Episode 6

Dog River has a sister-town in Japan, and Emma and Karen have to find an appropriate present to send after receiving and losing a gift from them. Lacey wants to make Corner Gas and The Ruby 'green' and drags a reluctant Brent into her plans. Wanda fills in as bartender at the Hotel, and starts doling out advice that no one wants.

star 7.32
132 votes
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Shirt Disturber

#21 - Shirt Disturber

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 10

Brent and Hank are on the outs after a trip to see their favorite comic book writer goes awry. Lacey's generous donations to the thrift store make the perfect gifts for Karen to celebrate her recent promotion. Oscar and Emma's new home alarm system causes more emergencies than Davis bargained for.

star 7.28
118 votes
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Block Party

#22 - Block Party

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 15

It's Dog River's centennial birthday, and Hank wants to honour the town by recreating it in Lego. His quest for artistic perfection causes him to take some drastic steps when he runs out of Legos for his scale-model. Wanda has a birthday as well, and doesn't want anyone to celebrate it. And Karen becomes the town laughing-stock when people find out that she was involved in a sport that no one had ever heard of before.

star 7.26
194 votes
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Coming Distractions

#23 - Coming Distractions

Corner Gas Season 5 - Episode 16

Hank has to resort to bribery to get Brent and Davis to see the latest hit movie with him. Oscar puts in a sidewalk in front of his house, and then forces Karen to guard it. Lacey joins the local women's club against her better judgment.

star 7.26
126 votes
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Road Worthy

#24 - Road Worthy

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 19

Lacey wants to buy a new car, and asks for Brent's help, relying on his specialized knowledge gained from his job; unfortunately she only learns what not to do. Oscar looks to Wanda for advice on what to get Emma as an anniversary gift; unfortunately he only learns what not to buy... the next time. Karen and Davis, tired of the 'cop in the donut shop' stereotypes, try out some new and unusual snacks.

star 7.17
211 votes
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Hair Loss

#25 - Hair Loss

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 11

Brent feels that his rapidly thinning hair is the town joke, and seeks help from Lacey. True to her nature, Lacey only makes things worse for him. Wanda gets a lamp at an estate auction that causes strife at Corner Gas; Hank tries to fix appliances and Lacey's magic ways impress Oscar.

star 7.09
195 votes
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Friend Of A Friend

#26 - Friend Of A Friend

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 14

A friend of Lacey's visits Dog River and shocks the town with her behaviour. Lacey, using her past experience as a measuring stick, decides that this is just another case of Dog River not accepting outsiders; Hank devises a plan that will settle matters. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda try to stop the points card program from going out of control, while Davis considers just how good, or bad, Karen is at undercover work.

star 7.04
193 votes
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American Resolution

#27 - American Resolution

Corner Gas Season 6 - Episode 7

Hank, Karen and Wanda's willpower is put to the test when they try to make each other break their new year's resolutions. Davis tries to get out of making coffee at the police station and Brent and Emma teach Oscar a thing or two about being a Canadian citizen.

star 7.02
93 votes
Dress For Success

#28 - Dress For Success

Corner Gas Season 3 - Episode 1

Wanda wears a skirt to work and notices that Brent is acting differently; but is it the clothes, or something else? Oscar and Hank play at investing in the stock markets; Emma lends a helping hand to Lacey and later regrets it; Karen and Davis try to manipulate each other.

star 6.98
234 votes