The BEST episodes directed by David Lane

Attack of the Alligators
44 votes

#1 - Attack of the Alligators

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 23

At the request of two scientists with a business proposal, Mr. Blackmar heads deep into an alligator-infested swamp to learn about a revolutionary new drug. Derived from a rare plant that grows only in their part of the river, the two scientists' drug will eventually put an end to world hunger, thanks to its ability to enlarge animals many times their usual size. Unfortunately, Culp, the scheming boatman responsible for transporting Blackmar to the laboratory, overhears the conversation meant only for the ears of its three participants. When a storm forces Culp and Blackmar to spend the night at the scientists' home, Culp seizes the opportunity to steal the drug while the others are asleep. He clumsily spills some of it down the drain, not realizing the consequences until a giant alligator tips his boat the next morning. Though the thief has apparently been eaten, Blackmar makes it to shore with the help of one of his hosts, and the three men retreat into the basement laboratory. They

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Brink of Disaster
45 votes

#2 - Brink of Disaster

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 22

Late for an appointment in her library, Lady Penelope must resort to drastic measures to shake two persistent gunmen in hot pursuit of FAB 1. With only a fireball in her rearview mirror, Penelope is finally free to greet her guest, but is she in far greater danger at home than on the open road? Her guest, named Warren Grafton, is actually a money-hungry con man intent on securing investors for his transcontinental monorail, and he won't take no for an answer. Lady Penelope's pledge to put him in touch with a wealthy friend isn't enough to deter him from planning an uninvited visit later on and emptying the contents of the library's safe. The wealthy friend is Jeff Tracy, who with the help of Brains and Tin Tin accepts a ride on the monorail to determine whether the investment is a sound one. Grafton seems more concerned with money than passenger safety right from the beginning, and is defiant when questions are raised over the issue. Grafton's arrogance over the unmanned monorail may b

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Sun Probe
54 votes

#3 - Sun Probe

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 11

A trip to the sun! How exciting! But disaster strucks and three astronauts are on a collision course with the sun! Thunderbird 3 is launched immediatly and made a successful rescue attempt but now THEY are on a collision course with the sun. Will Virgil and Brains in Thunderbird 2 be able to save their comrades? Or is Scott, Alan and Tin-tin doomed to a firely death?

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63 votes

#4 - Sub-Smash

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 8

Suspecting a UFO to be responsible for the sinking of a freighter, Straker, Foster and Nina Barry investigate in Skydiver. Attacked by an undersea UFO, the submarine is downed on a ledge on the sea bed and the crew are trapped. While Straker fights against his claustrophobia, Nina faces a living nightmare.

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End of the Road
52 votes

#5 - End of the Road

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 9

Only days away from monsoon season, Eddie Houseman's construction company is racing against time to complete a mountain road and fulfill a contract. With the end seemingly in sight, Eddie sets off on a long-overdue vacation, to look up an old friend. When that friend happens to be Tin Tin, however, it's Alan Tracy who's left out in the cold -- and mocked by his older brothers for good measure -- while the two lovebirds jet set around the island. When Eddie stands up Tin Tin after receiving an urgent message from his company, Alan thinks his troubles are over, until he said the wrong things to tin-tin which causes the object of their affections to promptly storm off. Meanwhile, Eddie receives the disturbing news that seismic activity in the mountains, combined with heavy rains, threatens to halt the entire project. Seeing his future crumbling before his eyes, Eddie sneaks off against his senior partner's wishes to detonate atomic charges on the mountaintop, in hopes of forcing destructi

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The Square Triangle
81 votes

#6 - The Square Triangle

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 10

In the woods between Clare Cross and Lingbury, an injured alien stumbles into a lonely cottage and is shot down by Liz Newton and her lover Cass Fowler. Liz and Cass are taken to SHADO HQ for questioning, but when Liz's husband arrives at the cottage, Paul Foster realises that the alien's death was no accident.

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The Sound of Silence
80 votes

#7 - The Sound of Silence

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 23

A UFO hides in a lake on a country estate of a well-known equestrian, who has since disappeared. When SHADO tracks down the UFO and manages to destroy it, it breaks up and leaves a strange item floating in the lake.

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Confetti Check A-O.K.
78 votes

#8 - Confetti Check A-O.K.

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 22

Straker recalls his marriage, and the stormy days that followed as he worked covertly to get SHADO up and running and recruited personnel.

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Computer Affair
105 votes

#9 - Computer Affair

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 21

After a pilot is killed when Moonbase operatives fail to give him course change information, the personnel are recalled to Earth for an investigation. A UFO crashes in northern Canada and the same personnel are assigned to the operation to find the UFO.

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The Man from M.I.5
52 votes

#10 - The Man from M.I.5

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 17

Seemingly without a care in the world, a man relaxes aboard his yacht in the Mediterranean. Other than the five bullets he takes from a mysterious scuba diver that sneaks onto the vessel, life couldn't be sweeter. The assassin rummages through the dead man's desk, and flees when he finds what he has been looking for. The boat then explodes, attracting the attention of the victim's colleagues, who just happen to belong to the British secret service. Realizing that the explosion was no accident, and that plans for a nuclear device which were supposed to be exchanged are now missing, the British agents contact International Rescue. Lady Penelope, under the guise of a fashion model, plants a story in the paper that she has arrived to crack the case and expose the killers. Predictably, a man wielding a gun pays Penelope a visit and forces her from her yacht. Has she made a mistake by sending Parker off to gamble in Monte Carlo? It's possible that she's underestimated the viciousness of her

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A Question of Priorities
123 votes

#11 - A Question of Priorities

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 5

"Important? What can be more important than your own son's life?" Straker faces the toughest decision of his career when his son is critically injured in an accident. The drug that can save his life can only be ferried from New York in time aboard a SHADO transporter - the same transporter that is in the prime position to track an Alien defector on the West Coast of Ireland

219 votes

#12 - Exposed

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 2

An XV-104 test plane wanders into a UFO target area and the pilot, Paul Foster, makes sightings of both the UFO and Sky One. Angry and frustrated that no one believes his story, Foster suspects a cover-up and decides to conduct his own investigation into the activities of ex-USAF Colonel Ed Straker.

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The Man Who Came Back
103 votes

#13 - The Man Who Came Back

UFO - Season 1 - Episode 16

Reported missing and presumed dead after a UFO incident which has left SID disabled, astronaut Craig Collins turns up alive and well. But as an operation to complete repair work on SID is planned, Colonel Lake and Colonel Grey discover that Collins is not the man he used to be.

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Terror in New York City
159 votes

#14 - Terror in New York City

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 4

While on their way back to Tracy Island from extinguishing an oil well fire, Scott and Virgil inadvertently cross paths with the Sentinel, a new naval strike vessel. Mistaking Thunderbird 2 for a hostile aircraft, the ship fires several missiles and manages to connect, despite evasive maneuvering by Virgil. With Thunderbird 2 sustaining tremendous damage, Virgil slips into unconsciousness, barely awakening in time to pull up from his dive and continue toward home. Thunderbird 2 struggles to remain airborne and crashes just as it reaches the island, once again knocking its pilot out cold. Finding himself in the comfort of his own bed, Virgil again opens his eyes at just the right moment, this time to witness a broadcast of the Empire State Building's relocation. Nothing could possibly go wrong with hydraulically lifting a 102-story building and transporting it along tracks to its new destination, could it?

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Winged Assassin
67 votes

#15 - Winged Assassin

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - Season 1 - Episode 2

Scarlet's first assignment, with his powers of retro-metabolism still remaining, is to protect the Director General of the United Asian Republic from assassination at the hands of the Mysterons, who is due to leave London by private jet. Unbeknown to Spectrum, an international flight from New York has been destroyed and recreated, and is in effect, a booby-trap waiting to strike...

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The Mighty Atom
49 votes

#16 - The Mighty Atom

Thunderbirds - Season 1 - Episode 14

A tour bus is being taken around the new Atomic Station in Australia that is reclaiming the desert. The reporters are not convinced of the safety of the project due to the risk of a nuclear explosion. Meanwhile the Hood is trying to discover the secret of the plant but is caught by security. In the gun fight follows, the Hood accidently hits a gas pump and it explodes. The fire rapidly spreads through the station and soon the staff have to evacuate. The only thing that could have saved them would be to cut off the sea water intake. The plant explodes and sends a radioactive cloud towards Melbourne. But about a week later the wind pushes the cloud back into the desert. 12 months later, a European professor has a group of army representatives to show off his new invention: the Mighty Atom. It is a very powerful camera concealed in a robotic mouse that takes photos of control panels by recognizing the profiles of people who use them. After a brief demonstration, one of the representatives is revealed to be the Hood in disguise who hypnotizes everyone and steals the invention. He immediately visits a new Atomic Station in the Sahara desert that is just beginning operations. Using the Mighty Atom, he takes photographs of the station's control room. After he completes his mission, he gets the idea repeat the accident that destroyed the Australian plant last year in order to lure out International Rescue and steal their secrets, too. He plants bombs around the plant and they explode, causing a fire that rapidly spreads. In the control booth, the controller realises that sabotage is afoot and calls International Rescue. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 take off with Thunderbird 4 and Lady Penelope, who has been desperately waiting to go out on a rescue mission. Virgil drops Thunderbird 4 and Gordon near the sea water intake of the plant. When they land at the plant, the Hood sends the Mighty Atom into Thunderbird 2 with Penelope still inside. Meanwhile, Scott and Virgil push in the con

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