The BEST episodes directed by David E. Kelley

Gideon's Crossover (1)
67 votes

#1 - Gideon's Crossover (1)

The Practice - Season 5 - Episode 16

Helen prosecutes an accused rapist, while doing her best to keep the 11-year-old victim off the witness stand. Meanwhile, Ellenor has complications with her pregnancy and is treated by Dr. Ben Gideon, (Gideon's Crossing).

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Day in Court
103 votes

#2 - Day in Court

The Practice - Season 4 - Episode 10

Tempers flare over a particularly tough case. Bobby defends old cling/drug dealer Eddie against the murder of an addict. Eddie claims it is self-defense. D.A. Helen brings the coroner to testify that it wasn't. The coroner's testimony is damaged by prior odd behavior. Eddie attacks Helen to try to force the judge into a mistrial. Bobby & Swackheim nearly come to blows. Each of the participants, Bobby, Helen & Swackheim, express their outrage with the legal system.

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The Cradle Will Rock
32 votes

#3 - The Cradle Will Rock

The Practice - Season 7 - Episode 4

Religious freedom figures in a criminal case. On trial: a Christian Science couple charged with the murder of their ill child, whose parents' faith forbids medical treatment.

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26 votes

#4 - Burnout

The Practice - Season 7 - Episode 17

The firm defends Kyle Healy, a wheelchair-bound man whose wife is charged with murdering his brother, the heir to a multimillion-dollar estate. Jimmy and Ellenor's defense is damaged by compelling circumstantial evidence; testimony about the defendant's stability — and the prosecution's playing of a shattering trump card. In other storylines, Jamie champions the cause of a lawyer who claims firms won't hire her because she's a rape victim; and Bobby, whose marriage is in trouble, links up with an old flame.

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Reasons to Believe
98 votes

#5 - Reasons to Believe

The Practice - Season 3 - Episode 2

Helen and Lindsay move in together. Rebecca tries her first case. Anderson Pearson calls on Lindsay to defend him when he's arrested for the murder of a stalker.

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Home of the Brave
68 votes

#6 - Home of the Brave

The Practice - Season 5 - Episode 19

Lindsay presses Richard Bay to explain a questionable arrest of her client, who is an illegal alien. She ultimately discovers that the police planted drugs on her client, in order to force him to testify in a murder trial. The client refuses to testify, as the murderer is his own brother, and allows himself to be deported to Colombia. Meanwhile, Lucy's actions as a rape counselor are called into question during a date rape trial.

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The Virus
9 votes

#7 - The Virus

Chicago Hope - Season 1 - Episode 20

When the Board of Health closes the hospital doors after several patients die from a deadly staph infection, the staff scrambles to find the source of the infection; Jeffrey and Geri help each other work through feelings of grief, loss, and guilt.

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Informed Consent
10 votes

#8 - Informed Consent

Chicago Hope - Season 1 - Episode 18

Dr. Kronk's feelings towards his girlfriend undergo changes when he find out about her past. Geiger's heart patient develops an aneurysm which would take him off the heart recipient list unless highly experimental methods are tried. Meanwhile, Dr. Hancock's ejection from his clinic leads to bringing the HMO provider into the courtroom.

Sex, Lies And Monkeys (2)
176 votes

#9 - Sex, Lies And Monkeys (2)

The Practice - Season 2 - Episode 6

Ellenor is sued by George Vogelman, her podiatrist friend, for causing him emotional distress, while Jimmy defends a man who lost his job because in the eyes of his boss, he looks like a monkey. Lindsay has hazy recollections about a night out with Chris Kelton.

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Down The Hatch (1)
28 votes

#10 - Down The Hatch (1)

The Practice - Season 7 - Episode 11

Ellenor fights to save Denise Freeman, a rehabilitated death-row prisoner who has devoted her prison time to helping younger inmates. In a last-ditch effort to stay her execution, Ellenor bases an appeal on the medication the court ordered Denise to take at trial, which prevented the jury from observing her schizophrenia. Eugene argues a civil suit that blames a beer company for the death of a college-age youth.

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Freezer Burn
7 votes

#11 - Freezer Burn

Picket Fences - Season 3 - Episode 11

The probe of a masseur's murder uncovers a scandal among his women clientele.

Close Encounters
5 votes

#12 - Close Encounters

Picket Fences - Season 3 - Episode 14

Littleton copes with his attraction to an 18-year-old assistant. Max and Kenny decide to put an end to their sexual tension.

Hats Off to Larry
215 votes

#13 - Hats Off to Larry

Ally McBeal - Season 4 - Episode 12

Larry's son flies in from Detroit and goes to Cage & Fish looking for Ally. He wants to sue his parents for emotional damage. Ally and Sam bond, and Larry has to take him back to Detroit. He doesn't want to say goodbye to Ally, who suffers with his departure. Larry promises to return. Meanwhile, Nelle is representing her dance instructor/lover Sam Adams in court. He's suing his ex-partner for stealing his dance moves. Cindy McCauliff returns to the office looking for Richard. (S)He wants to marry a man, but after the court denies it Richard offers to perform the ceremony at the office.

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Internal Affairs
8 votes

#14 - Internal Affairs

Chicago Hope - Season 1 - Episode 19

Dr. Kronk makes a rushed decision to rescue a man by amputating his leg with a chainsaw, only to discover later that the man is a place kicker. A friend of Aaron's with Parkinson's disease comes to him for an operation...bringing his own donor material. A ex-nurse is admitted into the hospital and is given special treatment by Dr. Nyland, whom she used to date.

Of Thee I Sing
34 votes

#15 - Of Thee I Sing

The Practice - Season 7 - Episode 3

A resolution reached in Lindsay's murder conviction has emotional repercussions; and First Amendment issues figure oddly in Jamie's first trial, the defense of an accused flasher.

Death Penalties
70 votes

#16 - Death Penalties

The Practice - Season 4 - Episode 18

Bobby and Helen clash in an assisted suicide case. Bobby remembers his experiences of 'pulling the plug' on his mother and acts as though he were on trial. Meanwhile, Ellenor flies to Pennsylvania to try to exonerate a 31-year-old death row inmate who claims to be innocent of a double homicide.

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Love Is All Around (1)
179 votes

#17 - Love Is All Around (1)

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 16

Ally is about to go on her 3rd date, a.k.a. the "sex date", with Victor. Everybody knows about it, but Ally is nervous because on the 2nd date the tension was so high they couldn't even kiss. Meanwhile, Ally is interviewing for new hires, and meets with big shot attorney Todd Merrick, who gets on her nerves. Ally questions if she's dating Victor to fit hers or Maddie's demands. They finally go out, and when they come home they find Maddie's nanny dead in front of the TV, ruining the rest of the date. At the firm, Richard assigns Nelle to a very important case opposite court devil Liza "Lolita" Bump, a bitchy, young and feared attorney. So feared that Richard has to get John Cage for the case. He's been working at a Mexican restaurant as a mariachi player, and is quickly intimidated by Lisa's actions on and off court. She keeps trying to seduce John in order to settle the wrongful dismissal case, and John feels he must bring "The Biscuit" back to defeat her once and for all. Meanwhile,

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187 votes

#18 - Homecoming

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 14

Ally decides to take the DNA test after having recurring dreams where Maddie's real parents show up claiming her. Maddie doesn't take that well and escapes to NY to see her aunt Bonnie. Maddie thinks the test is just Ally's way of having an excuse not to love her, but Ally only wants a proof that Maddie is her daughter so no one can take her away from her. The test comes out positive, and they both cry. Meanwhile, a demented woman shows up at Ally's door looking for Vincent, the love of her life who owned the house before Ally bought it. She thinks Victor is Vincent, and he plays along. She has a stroke and dies, and Victor suffers from it even though he only met her for less than a day. Ally also offers Raymond a job at the firm, which he takes. And Claire decides to help Richard reunite with his high school crush, but she had a sex change operation and is now a man, something that shocks Richard deeply.

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Lost and Found
187 votes

#19 - Lost and Found

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 6

John makes a surprise return and is shocked after hearing from Raymond that Richard threw a party in his "hole". After confronting Richard, John gives the office a speech, in which he reveals the reason why and where he left to. Raymond gets Glenn and Ally to double date with him and Jenny. It's Jenny's birthday, and everyone forgets it. Glenn is the only one who didn't get her a present, so he sings a very romantic Elvis song at the bar for her. He asks her back, and she accepts. Ally wonders if she should hook up with John, but the ghost of Larry is still present in her thoughts. Meanwhile, Ling poses nude to boost her TV character; Corretta and Richard find themselves involved in a police investigation on a woman who used to marry rich old men for the money

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Another One Bites The Dust
209 votes

#20 - Another One Bites The Dust

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 19

Ally and Victor return from their Bermuda trip. Ally feels their relationship is in crisis because they weren't able to connect without Maddie around. Victor is being sued by his former girlfriend for breach of contract. Ally discovers that Victor is a painter and never told her. She's angry, but not as angry as when she sees his painting of her with cellulite. Nelle and Wilson team up against a woman who was blackmailing their client in order not to come public with a tape of their lovemaking. Richard obsesses over Liza and has Claire do the talking for him through a hearing device, afraid she's going to turn him down - and even more afraid she'll say yes to him.

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Chapter Forty-Eight
9 votes

#21 - Chapter Forty-Eight

Boston Public - Season 3 - Episode 4

A sex scandal among teens rocks Winslow and prompts a mock trial of the accused instigator, a clean-cut senior who's defended, prosecuted and judged by his peers.

Love on Holiday
220 votes

#22 - Love on Holiday

Ally McBeal - Season 4 - Episode 7

Elaine gets sued by a former office clerk because she called him "peanut" due his size. John thinks Larry was ridiculing him by making fun of his relationship with Kimmy and her mother. Nelle and Ling compete about who will have the most bids from the charity auction dinner date and Cindy (Mark's ex-girlfriend the trans woman) has plans for Richard for charity auction.

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Chapter Thirty-Eight
13 votes

#23 - Chapter Thirty-Eight

Boston Public - Season 2 - Episode 16

Mikki, an 18-year-old Winslow student, tricks Harper and the administration into allowing Barely 18, a racy Maxim-like magazine to come to the school to shoot provocative photos of her. Ronnie, who stumbles upon the shoot, pleads with Mikki not to pose for the magazine, saying it is a decision she will regret for the rest of her life. Ronnie confides in Mikki that she was approached in college to pose for a pictorial, but thankfully decided against it. Later, Ronnie reveals to Senate that she actually went through with the shoot, but the photos were never published. Ronnie and Senate share a moment, but nothing materializes from it. Meanwhile, back at school, a student approaches Guber with information that Meredith hit her with her prosthesis during an argument. After some investigating, Guber reluctantly admits that he believes the student and fires Meredith. As a result, Guber and Meredith's relationship seems to be terminated as well. Also at the school, one of Lauren's students ha

Playing with Matches
189 votes

#24 - Playing with Matches

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 8

Jenny's mom's wedding is approaching, and Ally is shocked when Tim gives her a certain look that suggests a move. She talks to Jenny, and they decide to test him. Ally makes a move on him, and he offers her to have an affair. Surprisingly, Jenny's mom is ok with that, which only confuses Ally more. She's been hallucinating with a 7-year-old boy who keeps saying she's killing him. The boy is a version of Ally from when she believed in love (a conclusion made by Richard), before Billy died and Larry left. Meanwhile, John and Coretta help Kimmie Bishop, who's back suing a matchmaker for saying she's "unmatchable".

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Love Is All Around (2)
95 votes

#25 - Love Is All Around (2)

Ally McBeal - Season 5 - Episode 17

The judge forbids the lawyers to interfere on Claire's engagement, and her fiancé decides to call the wedding off. Devastated, Claire goes to Ally for help. Ally is still shaken with the memory of Larry, and isn't sure of her feelings for Victor anymore. In the middle of that there's Todd, whom Ally turned down as an attorney, but who asked her out on a date. He gets on her nerves and they fight a lot. On their date, Ally confronts Victor and tries to pick a fight with him. John and Nelle try to settle upon their imminent lost in court, but Liza has now lowered her offer. John is furious and decides to take her down.

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Cross Examination
10 votes

#26 - Cross Examination

Picket Fences - Season 2 - Episode 7

Some members of the community don't know what to believe when a woman pulled from a submerged vehicle is discovered to be pregnant - even though she is technically a virgin. Matthew decides to tell Zach about Santa Claus.

The Pursuit of Unhappiness
217 votes

#27 - The Pursuit of Unhappiness

Ally McBeal - Season 4 - Episode 17

Elaine cheated on Mark and now she's trying by all means to find a way for him to forgive her. She even takes advice from Richard! But in the end she has a serious talk with Mark and she tells him she cheated because he never fully trusted her. They break up. Meanwhile, Jackson is assigned to do the pre-nup for a rich, fat and bald man. Ally puts Larry to defend to soon-to-be wife's interests, which leads into a more personal dissension between Larry and Jackson. And Ling takes the case of a man who's being sued by his own son because a blood clot has left him perpetually happy which is ruining the family business.

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Chapter Twenty
40 votes

#28 - Chapter Twenty

Boston Public - Season 1 - Episode 20

Lauren continues her realtionship with Daniel. Marilyn finds out that Jeremy's mother is locking her son in the basement for punishment. Steven can't date a student's mother. Kevin punches an opponent ina debate.