The Best Episodes Directed by David Blackwell

May the Best Man Win

#1 - May the Best Man Win

A Different World Season 5 - Episode 17

Whitley organizes a campus fundraiser and tries to wrangle donations from prominent business people. She hits it off with Byron Douglas III, a successful alumnus who owns a restaurant chain. He is impressed by her powers of persuasion, and asks her to assist with his campaign for state senate. Whitley and Dwayne quarrel after she belittles him in front of Byron. Mr. Gaines learns that he is about to lose the lease on the Pit because a corporation outbid him. Byron, a former Pit employee, uses his campaign rally to elicit support for Mr. Gaines. The corporation's representatives decide to seize the opportunity for positive publicity by underwriting Mr. Gaines' lease and letting him keep running the place. Whitley and Byron share a kiss.

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A Rock, a River, a Lena

#2 - A Rock, a River, a Lena

A Different World Season 6 - Episode 24

Legendary singer/actress Lena Horne visits the Hillman campus to dedicate a scholarship named for her grandmother. Whitley becomes very excited and has her students put together a musical tribute to Ms. Horne. She insists on a formal ceremony and refuses to allow Mr. Gaines to cater the event. Kim is mortified that Whitley could be so respectful of Ms. Horne, yet treat Mr. Gaines as though he is too old to contribute anything to society. When Ms. Horne admits that she doesn't like the upper-crust food, Kim takes her to the Pit for a home-cooked Southern meal. She has a good time dancing with Spencer, Kim and Mr. Gaines. Mr. Gaines recalls meeting Ms. Horne during World War II, and Kim is surprised to learn that this actually happened. During the ceremony, Ms. Horne calls Mr. Gaines to the stage and introduces him as an old friend. Whitley sees the error of her ways.

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When One Door Closes... (1)

#3 - When One Door Closes... (1)

A Different World Season 6 - Episode 17

Whitley has trouble getting through to a pupil that she is tutoring. Dwayne brainstorms about a video game that would get kids more interested in grammar. Ron suggests a game that combines grammar with the elements of baseball. Dwayne designs a computer program based entirely on this idea and pitches it to Kinishewa. Ron is furious when Dwayne refuses to share the credit (and money) with him. Dwayne accuses Ron of being a moocher always trying to profit from his accomplishments. Ron fires back that Dwayne resents his success as a club owner; and suspects that he feels inadequate after having to turn to Ron for money. Whitley suffers from chronic illness, and Kim forces her to confront the fact that she might be pregnant. A panicked Whitley refuses to accept the truth until she has taken a half-dozen home pregnancy tests. Kim assures Whitley that she will be a terrific mother, but Whitley doesn't know how she and Dwayne will come up with the money to care for a child. Dwayne reveals tha

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Playing Hooky

#4 - Playing Hooky

Sister, Sister Season 2 - Episode 17

Ray gets testy with Lisa when she pulls the twins out of school for a day of fun - just as they're about to take a big history exam.

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