The Best Episodes Directed by Dave Skinner

Episode 2

#1 - Episode 2

Balls of Steel Season 1 - Episode 2

In the second episode we see: "The Annoying Devil" annoying motorists in a variety of ways. "The Militant Black Guy" gets upset when he visits a gardening centre, a wine cellar and a DVD rental store. "Alex Zane's Cleverness Game" annoys various specialists by claiming they're wrong when in fact they're right. "The Big Gay Outing" asks a few random members of the public if they "Fancy a bum?". He then goes on to do the same to a cab driver and a window cleaner. "The Man Tester" picks up a guy in a bar, chats him up and then pretends to be disabled to see if he'll stay or go. Randy Campbell attempts another studio stunt.

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