The BEST episodes directed by Courteney Cox

We Stand a Chance
898 votes

#1 - We Stand a Chance

Cougar Town - Season 5 - Episode 13

After winning Cul de Sac Crew Trivia, Tom gets to pick the location of the next group vacation. The gang is less than thrilled, however, when Tom opts for a stay-cation. Meanwhile, Jules fakes being healthy at her annual physical exam and gets some shocking results. And Bobby accidentally signs Grayson and himself up for a breakdancing competition.

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Blue Sunday
1301 votes

#2 - Blue Sunday

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 1

It's the first week of marriage for Grayson and Jules, but when Grayson doesn't know the rules, he soon becomes Jules' "coffee and wine bitch." After Travis' 21st birthday, Bobby tries to make up for lost time by teaching him lessons about being a man. And Ellie and Laurie try to pull Jules out of her depression when Grayson refuses to apologize for what he did in her dream.

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Flirting with Time
1225 votes

#3 - Flirting with Time

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 7

When buyers show interest in Grayson's house, the crew is quick to judge their potential new neighbors. They also become nostalgic about when redneck Bobby and Jules first moved into the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Wade returns home from Afghanistan early, but Laurie's initial excitement quickly turns to fear when he becomes too clingy.

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Mystery of Love
1035 votes

#4 - Mystery of Love

Cougar Town - Season 5 - Episode 8

After Travis and Laurie have Jules and Grayson over for a sophisticated brunch, Jules attempts to prove that she and Grayson are the better couple. Andy plans a beach day for Stan so he will be considered a fun dad. Meanwhile, Tom helps Ellie finish a teen novel she started writing years ago.

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1100 votes

#5 - Restless

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 6

Jules has trouble sleeping, and it seems like nothing can help her relax. Grayson's face gets mangled in a roller hockey game. And Ellie goes into hiding after Andy decides to redeem his stash of sex coupons on Valentine’s Day.

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Depending on You
943 votes

#6 - Depending on You

Cougar Town - Season 5 - Episode 3

Jules and Grayson receive a wedding invitation from a couple they barely know and on a date that conflicts with Grayson's roller-hockey finals. Despite Grayson's important plans, Jules simply cannot say no. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out that Dog Travis has puppies, and the crew discovers that Tom has created a model of the neighborhood with eerily lifelike dolls of everyone.

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Make It Better
1128 votes

#7 - Make It Better

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 9

Jules' dad Chick spends some time at her house while recovering from an injury. During his stay, Jules experiences extreme stomach pain, but she's too stubborn to let her dad know. And Bobby and Grayson attempt to teach Travis how to be a "playa."

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I Need to Know
1259 votes

#8 - I Need to Know

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 2

Jules releases Travis from mandatory family night, but when he stays away too long, she becomes crazed. Ellie discovers she can get Andy to do anything she wants by training him like a dog. And the guys grow mustaches to look cool like Tom Selleck.

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