The Best Episodes Directed by Christopher Chulack


#1 - Pilot

Smith Season 1 - Episode 1

Bobby Stevens, a professional thief who is aiming to retire after a couple of big gigs, is given his next assignment-breaking into the Tanner Museum in Chicago. Bobby and his crew are set to steal some valuable paintings, when their carefully executed plan goes awry.

star 9.32
37 votes
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More Monsters

#2 - More Monsters

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 1

After a fierce gun battle and some hand-to-hand combat, Mann's gunmen are finally subdued by the members of the 55 in the E.R., but not before Orland is murdered and Bosco is critically injured; after Kim heroically puts herself in the line of fire to save Holly and a little girl, she realizes that her days as a paramedic are over, and that her future lies in being a wife to Jimmy and a mother to their children; Grace and Dr. Fields patch up their differences and come to an understanding about her out-of-protocol field procedures; Maritza uncovers the traitor in their midst, who leads her to Mann; Faith steps over the line to avenge her partner.

star 9.24
108 votes
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A Hero's Rest

#3 - A Hero's Rest

Third Watch Season 2 - Episode 11

Bosco, Yokas, Sully and Davis search for a cop killer on the streets, and cope with an obnoxious new sergeant at the station house.

star 8.58
171 votes
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Requiem for a Bantamweight

#4 - Requiem for a Bantamweight

Third Watch Season 2 - Episode 15

Bobby comes to the aid of his old friend Paulie after Paulie's sister begs Bobby to help her brother with his drug addiction, but becomes enraged when Paulie breaks into Bobby's mother's house and robs her to support his habit.

star 8.47
165 votes
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Welcome to Camelot

#5 - Welcome to Camelot

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 1

Two new recruits join the emergency services and work with older, wiser partners. Davis becomes a policeman, like his father, and Carlos a paramedic. Two other Paramedics, Bobby and Kim, find themselves rushing from emergency to emergency. Bosco and Yokas, the other police officers, and Jimmy and his fellow Fireman have their own crisis' to deal with.

star 8.43
383 votes
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The Price of Nobility

#6 - The Price of Nobility

Third Watch Season 4 - Episode 22

Maritza's reckless pursuit of Buford triggers a horrific car accident that leads to multiple injuries to motorists, and triggers an explosion that severely injures Lt. Johnson and kills Alex Taylor; Doc and Kim get to the top of the promotion list; Maritza hangs Bosco and Nunez out to dry over the murder Noble committed; Doc's overwhelming guilt and grief over Alex's death leads him to a career decision; Maritza discovers that Faith has agreed to help Bosco clear Nunez by getting Noble's gun, and goes to Noble's place to intercept her, followed by Bosco and Noble; when Bosco insists on arresting Noble and Faith refuses to turn over the gun, Maritza draws on Faith, Bosco and Faith draw on Maritza, and three shots ring out.

star 8.34
73 votes
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Spring Forward, Fall Back

#7 - Spring Forward, Fall Back

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 19

Carlos falls behind in his studies and then hears some shocking news from Vangie; the cops search for a two-year old girl missing after her family is involved in a car crash; Bosco and Faith contend with a disabled man dealing drugs to children; Sully and Davis track down the alcoholic who attacked the pastor of Sully's church.

star 8.34
147 votes
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#8 - Reckoning

SouthLAnd Season 5 - Episode 10

John copes with the aftermath of his kidnapping. Sammy closes in on the real robbers. Lydia continues to pursue John’s kidnappers and becomes more intimate with Russell.

star 8.24
645 votes
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Integrity Check

#9 - Integrity Check

SouthLAnd Season 4 - Episode 6

Lydia dons a uniform and hits the streets when the shift is short a supervisor and she must fill in. Meanwhile, John and Jessica are stuck with a film crew tagging along on their calls. Elsewhere, Ben infuriates Sammy when he implies Sammy planted evidence.

star 8.19
679 votes
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#10 - Chaos

SouthLAnd Season 5 - Episode 9

Chaos prevails in the city of angels when Cooper and Lucero are kidnapped and held hostage by a pair of tweakers. All of our cops join the frantic search to find their brothers in blue before it is too late. Sammy searches for Strokeface. Ben tries to throw Sammy off the trail while simultaneously dealing with an increasingly irrational Brooke.

star 8.19
750 votes
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The Lost

#11 - The Lost

Third Watch Season 2 - Episode 1

Sully lives his worst nightmare as the police search the city for a man who is buried alive and whose kidnappers are involved in a fatal car crash; Kim and Bobby find an abandoned 4 year old boy wandering the streets; Sully's mother wanders off from her nursing home; Carlos adopts a deceased patient's cockatoo.

star 8.14
184 votes
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Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!

#12 - Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!

Shameless (US) Season 6 - Episode 12

During Fiona's wedding Debbie shows up at the church with Franny, and Frank arrives uninvited and high, and reveals that Sean is still a practicing junkie. Meanwhile, Ian brings Caleb to meet the family; and Sean tries to do everything he can to keep his son in his life.

star 8.12
3138 votes
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#13 - Thursday

SouthLAnd Season 4 - Episode 10

It's the last day on patrol for Tang, as she prepares to move to another precinct as sergeant. But first she wants to tie up some loose ends on the beat. Lydia is pressured to make a decision about the extent of her police duties during the rest of her pregnancy. With Sammy recovering from injuries, Ben and Dewey are partnered together. But Ben is bent on tracking down the prostitute he's been trying to help and then getting her and her daughter away from the abusive pimp controlling their lives.

star 8.08
583 votes
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Graduation Day

#14 - Graduation Day

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 10

On Ben's final day as a rookie, he decides to force John to get the surgery he needs to relieve his back pain which, in turn, will end his need for painkillers. Meanwhile, Josie discovers that her son is the man Lydia has been seeing. Elsewhere, Sammy decides to go back to regular patrol.

star 8.04
819 votes
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Never Out of the Fight

#15 - Never Out of the Fight

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 22

Bravo team’s future is on the line when Commander Shaw recommends they be split up, but Jason’s unit has one final mission to prove him wrong.

star 8.01
1097 votes
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The Long Way Around

#16 - The Long Way Around

ER Season 3 - Episode 15

Carol is held hostage in a bungled convenience store robbery. Her medical skills are put to their toughest test as she works feverishly to save the gravely wounded store owner.

star 8.00
219 votes
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High Noon

#17 - High Noon

Longmire Season 4 - Episode 3

The investigation of Nighthorse heats up, but not in the way that Walt was hoping for. Cady makes a shocking discovery.

star 7.98
600 votes
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The Hyenas

#18 - The Hyenas

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 3 - Episode 13

J realizes the danger of balancing his role in the family with his personal ambitions; Frankie opens new doors for Craig; Smurf offers to give the boys the independence they've been asking for, but it doesn't come for free.

star 7.96
715 votes
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#19 - Wednesday

SouthLAnd Season 4 - Episode 1

John returns to duty after recuperating from back surgery and meets his new partner, Officer Jessica Tang, a tough and disciplined cop with her own set of baggage from working the streets. Lydia, whose new partner is Detective Ruben Robinson, can't seem to escape helping a former CI who seems unable to stay out of danger, Ben, Sammy and Dewey chase an armed man into an elementary school, and Ben bumps heads with an intense street cop whose cynical attitude is affecting their work.

star 7.95
817 votes
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Liver, I Hardly Know Her

#20 - Liver, I Hardly Know Her

Shameless (US) Season 4 - Episode 10

Fiona violates terms of her probation, sending the family into search party mode.

star 7.94
2964 votes
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Fog of War

#21 - Fog of War

SEAL Team Season 3 - Episode 13

Following a mission failure, Bravo Team conducts a high-stakes After Action Review to identify who’s responsible for a possible career-ending mistake.

star 7.94
819 votes
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Officer Involved

#22 - Officer Involved

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 15

As he comes around a corner in pursuit of a gunman, Davis shoots a man who is pointing a gun at Sully, unaware that the man is innocently returning the service revolver which Sully dropped when he fell. Davis's guilt leads him to doubt whether he should remain on the force, until Sully straightens him out. The tension between Bosco and Faith continues to escalate. Both Bobby and Jimmy introduce their new girlfriends to Kim, who isn't thrilled with the potential competition.

star 7.94
209 votes
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I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing

#23 - I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing

Shameless (US) Season 6 - Episode 1

Frank's newfound appreciation freaks the Gallaghers out.

star 7.94
3072 votes
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#24 - Derailed

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 7

The day takes a turn for the worse when officers John Cooper, Ben Sherman, Chickie Brown and Dewey find a member of Marta's Avenue gang dead in a trunk outside Dodger Stadium. Meanwhile, Detective Bryant convinces Lydia to take in Janilla in order to ensure her safety. Elsewhere, Detective Salinger becomes increasingly frustrated with his growing rift with his teenage daughter.

star 7.93
845 votes
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Carl's First Sentencing

#25 - Carl's First Sentencing

Shameless (US) Season 5 - Episode 9

Frank has a check-up with his uptight doctor, Bianca, who's cracking up after getting a terminal cancer diagnosis. Discovering she hasn't truly 'lived,' he agrees to be her tour guide to the seedier side of life. Meanwhile, Fiona preps an uncooperative Carl for his sentencing hearing. Plus, Lip sleeps with a professor on the assumption he's only days away from being kicked out, Ian realizes it's time to get back on his meds and Kev finds himself enjoying college life as campus 'rapewalker.'

star 7.93
2481 votes
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#26 - Hiraeth

Shameless (US) Season 7 - Episode 1

Frank wakes up after a month-long coma to find no one missed him. Worried she isn't a good mother, Debbie takes a criminal approach to making sure Franny grows up wealthy. Meanwhile, Lip successfully completes rehab and is determined to stay "sober;" Carl looks into surgery after learning he's the only uncircumcised brother; and Ian gets a bad feeling about Caleb's friend Denise.

star 7.92
4598 votes
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Young Men and Fire

#27 - Young Men and Fire

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 22

Doc and Carlos are rescued by the firefighters when they get trapped in an eighteenth floor apartment with a patient who cannot walk; Ty comes to the end of his probationary period; Faith discovers that she's pregnant again; the firefighters come under fire from a madman when they arrive to fight a car fire.

star 7.91
179 votes
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The Great Spirit

#28 - The Great Spirit

Longmire Season 2 - Episode 8

When a wild horse is found dragging a dead body, Walt discovers evidence of an illegal rodeo at a local farm. Detective Fales comes to town to talk to Henry.

star 7.89
876 votes
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Time to Shine

#29 - Time to Shine

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 13

Bravo Team desperately works to save Sonny from a life-threatening situation, after he becomes trapped in a submarine torpedo tube during a clandestine mission off the coast of North Korea.

star 7.89
1153 votes
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Judas Kiss

#30 - Judas Kiss

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 1 - Episode 9

While the Codys go after the biggest score of their lives, the cops put J in an impossible position. Catherine triggers Smurf's suspicions when she comes over to make amends. Smurf sends Pope to investigate.

star 7.89
1565 votes
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Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)

#31 - Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)

Shameless (US) Season 5 - Episode 12

Fiona reunites with Gus after he returns from his tour, but she struggles with the fact that her feelings for Sean have turned into love. In Costa Rica, Frank has love struggles of his own while he works to keep Bianca happy.

star 7.88
2635 votes
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Let It Snow

#32 - Let It Snow

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 1

Lydia endures a stressful adjustment period with her new partner, Detective Josie Ochoa, as they investigate the disappearance of an illegal immigrant. Meanwhile, Russell must learn to adapt to a new desk job, Sammy and Nate look for the killer of two gangbangers, Ben catches the eye of an attractive woman, and John struggles with increasing back pain.

star 7.87
865 votes
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Sharp Relief

#33 - Sharp Relief

ER Season 4 - Episode 12

Carter takes time off to help Chase kick his heroin addiction. Doug confides in Mark that he plans to marry Carol in a surprise ceremony. Carol spoils his plans with a spontaneous kiss with EMT Greg Powell. Benton and Corday visit a bar together after another frustrating Romano day. Scott Anspaugh and Jeanie bond when tests reveal that his cancer has returned. Kerry becomes disenchanted with Ellis West and Synergix after discovering that they close most trauma centers that they acquire.

star 7.87
189 votes
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Hell and High Water

#34 - Hell and High Water

ER Season 2 - Episode 7

In the middle of a torrential rainstorm, Dr. Ross stumbles across a child trapped in a drainage pipe rapidly filling with water. Doug does everything possible to save the boy, Ben Larkin. Harper develops a bond with a young girl with separated parents.

star 7.86
269 votes
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The White Warrior

#35 - The White Warrior

Longmire Season 3 - Episode 1

Walt deals with the aftermath of Henry's arrest and Branch's shooting.The search for the shooter, however, is complicated by Branch's insistence that it was someone known to be already dead.

star 7.86
874 votes
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Going Once, Going Twice

#36 - Going Once, Going Twice

Shameless (US) Season 6 - Episode 4

Fiona confronts Patrick. Ian makes a discovery at the firehouse.

star 7.85
2847 votes
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#37 - Ouroboros

Shameless (US) Season 7 - Episode 9

Monica is back! And her first task is to help Debbie get back Franny. Meanwhile, Frank tries to avoid her, Ian has his first fight with Trevor, Lip tries to mask his relapsing alcoholism and Fiona's laundromat gets a bad review.

star 7.85
4215 votes
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Anywhere But Here

#38 - Anywhere But Here

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 2

Doc, Carlos, and Ty each feel guilty about the mistakes they made during Jerry's shooting; Jimmy gives Kim a bulletproof vest; the squads rescue a man dangling from the side of a skyscraper after an explosion; Fred wants Faith to quit her job; initially reluctant to discuss the circumstances surrounding Ty's father's death when Ty asks, Sully finally relents; Carlos and Ty commiserate about their partners; Sully's contacts on the street pinpoint an abandoned building as the location of Jerry's shooter, and Bosco takes the shooter down -- out a second floor window.

star 7.85
268 votes
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#39 - Kisangani

ER Season 9 - Episode 22

Carter travels to the Congo. During the course of his two weeks there, he learns how much different the conditions are against what he's used to. Luka decides to stay for a while as Carter heads back to Chicago, ending up at a sleeping Abby's bedside.

star 7.85
156 votes
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The Lost

#40 - The Lost

ER Season 10 - Episode 2

Carter reunites in the Congo with Charles and Gillian. Through flashbacks, we see Luka after Carter left 22 days before. He has caught malaria, and is soon captured by Mai Mai, who begin to murder the people he's with. Gillian introduces Carter to Debbie, a worker for the Red Cross. They search for Luka, and when finally shown the body, it's not him. Carter learns that the rebels mistook Kovač for a priest and left him alive. Carter, Debbie and Gillian find Luka, nearly dead, and put him on a plane back to Chicago. Carter gives him a letter to give to Abby and the news that he's going to stick around in the Congo for a while.

star 7.83
166 votes
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The Worst of Conditions

#41 - The Worst of Conditions

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 3

After tragedy strikes, Jason is faced with a huge decision regarding his future with Bravo Team.

star 7.83
1271 votes
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Down by the River

#42 - Down by the River

Longmire Season 4 - Episode 1

The team struggles with the fallout from Branch's confrontation with Barlow, and Walt's crusade to bring Nighthorse to justice spins out of control.

star 7.83
619 votes
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A Simple Twist of Fate

#43 - A Simple Twist of Fate

ER Season 8 - Episode 14

Mark worries that his brain tumor may have returned, as Elizabeth tells him that she will leave him if Rachel is not sent back to St. Louis. Lewis has a busy day running the ER after several staffers come down with food poisoning after eating tainted bagels donated by a pharmaceutical company. Luka returns to cover shifts. Eleanor Carter flees the hospital after realizing how poor Mickey's condition is. Carter talks her into staying to comfort the boy during his treatment. Finding that Brian has beat Joyce yet again, Abby encourages her troubled neighbor to seek help in a group home. Brian later confronts Abby at her apartment and punches her for interfering. At County, Luka and Susan treat Abby, who has a broken nose and a few cuts and bruises. Luka finds Brian at a bar, and beats him, threatening to kill him if he touches Abby again.

star 7.82
217 votes
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Sleepless in Chicago

#44 - Sleepless in Chicago

ER Season 1 - Episode 18

Benton runs on no sleep for 48 hours. A con man works the floor. A mental patient poses as a hospital efficiency expert. Greene's wife wants a divorce. Hathaway's past comes back to haunt her.

star 7.82
277 votes
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The New Normal

#45 - The New Normal

SEAL Team Season 4 - Episode 3

Bravo Team struggles to adjust to a new team dynamic after several members make life-altering career decisions,

star 7.81
459 votes
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#46 - Freefall

ER Season 10 - Episode 8

Romano arranges a meeting with Anspaugh and Weaver to fire Pratt and catches Morris smoking weed in the ambulance bay. A helicopter crashes on the roof, falling into the ambulance bay where it lands on Romano and causes a huge explosion. Susan worries that Chuck was onboard, although it turns out he wasn't, he suffers internal injuries from debris. Abby must intubate and put in a central line without an attending. Luka has Thanksgiving dinner with Sam and her son Alex.

star 7.81
203 votes
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Dear Abby

#47 - Dear Abby

ER Season 10 - Episode 3

New residents arrive at County, including 2nd year Nick "Coop" Cooper. Coop talks back to Romano and is nearly killed when Neela gives him too much epi during an asthma attack. Abby's frustrating day starts with an awful round of managing triage and gets worse when she gets a special "Dear John" letter from Carter in the Congo while her fellow nurses threaten a walkout and her opinions are ignored. Romano's mood gets nastier when he is fitted with an antiquated hook for his missing arm. Pratt uneasily meets Chen's old-fashioned parents for dinner in what turns into a last supper for their relationship.

star 7.81
164 votes
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Own Your Shit

#48 - Own Your Shit

Shameless (US) Season 7 - Episode 5

Frank learns that a billionaire philanthropist has bought the homeless shelter and he and his clan can stay. Meanwhile, Fiona gets smart financial advice from a Tinder hookup as Ian struggles with his feelings for Trevor.

star 7.80
3939 votes
Reports of My Death

#49 - Reports of My Death

Longmire Season 3 - Episode 6

A media frenzy erupts when a long-lost heir who went missing 30 years earlier is found dead. Henry makes a risky decision on his own.

star 7.80
804 votes
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Hats and Bats

#50 - Hats and Bats

SouthLAnd Season 5 - Episode 1

Officer John Cooper clashes with his new boot, Gary Steele, a vet from Afghanistan. Lydia struggles to balance detective work and motherhood. Ben Sherman falls in with a sketchy crowd of cops, while Sammy Bryant is trapped in a hellish custody battle with Tammi.

star 7.79
650 votes
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Pattern of Life

#51 - Pattern of Life

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 10

Tensions are high when Jason and the SEAL Team enter a Yemeni house to locate a cell phone linked to a terrorist network, and interrogate the family while the daughter lays in critical condition after being accidentally shot.

star 7.78
1700 votes
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Forever War (2)

#52 - Forever War (2)

SEAL Team Season 4 - Episode 2

Bravo Team reunites with Jason and Cerberus, then go underground to search booby-trapped tunnels for terrorist leader Al-Hazred.

star 7.77
156 votes
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Welcome to the Refuge

#53 - Welcome to the Refuge

SEAL Team Season 3 - Episode 1

Jason Hayes leads the team on a mission in Serbia to track down an organization linked to the bombing of multiple American military outposts.

star 7.76
1053 votes
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Ignore and Override

#54 - Ignore and Override

SEAL Team Season 3 - Episode 2

Bravo Team continues their mission in Serbia to track down an organization linked to the bombing of multiple American military outposts. Hayes’ past returns to haunt him and leaves him contemplating his future.

star 7.76
981 votes
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Bleed Out

#55 - Bleed Out

SouthLAnd Season 5 - Episode 6

The day’s events bring all of our cops face to face with some of their greatest fears. The death of a baby shakes Lydia to her core. Sammy is questioned by I.A. about his altercation with Tammi. A difficult day on the job causes Cooper to seek solace in Hicks but finds none. Ben becomes more deeply involved with Brooke while continuing to see Elena.

star 7.76
594 votes
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Demolition Derby

#56 - Demolition Derby

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 10

An explosion in a building about to be demolished leaves men trapped inside, forcing the firefighters to make terrible choices; Fred's drinking problem escalates; Doc cancels his date with Brenda.

star 7.76
240 votes
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Flesh Is Weak

#57 - Flesh Is Weak

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 1 - Episode 5

When Deran won't come home, Pope goes to extreme measures. Baz gets an idea for the Codys' next job. J goes out with his teacher, while Smurf confronts her past.

star 7.74
1796 votes
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#58 - Fracture

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 1

Jason and Bravo Team head to the Gulf of Guinea to rescue American hostages after an oil platform is overtaken by armed militants.

star 7.74
1348 votes
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Rescue Me

#59 - Rescue Me

ER Season 7 - Episode 7

Abby's mother decides to stay in Chicago, causing Abby even more trouble. When Weaver accepts Dr. Legaspi's dinner invitation, Weaver learns that she has misunderstood Legaspi's intentions. Carter tries to find a drug addict who has left the hospital against medical advice. Chen's mother visits the ER and invites her to dinner, even though she is surprised by Chen's pregnancy, and speechless when Chen tells her that the father is black. Greene discovers that he has a brain tumor. Corday is sued for malpractice by Mr. Patterson, the patient whose surgery she rushed so she could start her vacation, and later discovers that she's pregnant. Carter saves Abby after an explosion in exam room three.

star 7.73
216 votes
Milk of the Gods

#60 - Milk of the Gods

Shameless (US) Season 5 - Episode 1

Fiona juggles her job and a crush. Lip heads back home.

star 7.73
2619 votes
Fixing a Hole

#61 - Fixing a Hole

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 8

Sammy seeks answers in the desert, Lydia and Josie babysit an important alcoholic witness before a murder trial, and John and Ben go against procedure to help a child in need.

star 7.73
747 votes
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One for the Road

#62 - One for the Road

ER Season 11 - Episode 1

Pratt's car crashes into the river. Chen and Pratt's injuries are bad, but they're not as bad as Elgin's--he dies. Abby begins her internship at County, as do Ray Barnett and Howard Ritzke. Alex and Sam crash at a motel, where Alex places a collect call to Luka. Luka comes to find them and asks Sam to return to Chicago with him. The Lopez family gives Weaver full custody of Henry, and will take care of him while Weaver is at work. Carter and Kem scatter their son's ashes and Kem returns to the Congo.

star 7.73
201 votes

#63 - Patterns

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 3

Bosco is caught on a security camera having sex in his squad car with the daughter of his Precinct Captain. Meanwhile Doc drags Carlos around the city on a personal mission to find the owner of a watch, found in the ambulance.

star 7.72
249 votes
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Choosing Joi

#64 - Choosing Joi

ER Season 5 - Episode 13

Ricky Abbott returns to the ER. Doug forges papers to allow Joi to treat Ricky at home. Corday decides to back out of the Romano sexual harassment investigation after he threatens to expose her relationship with Benton. Romano is later named Acting Chief of the ER. Dr. Greene treats a Nigerian janitor for back pain and impotency. Carol and the nurses watch a bunch of dogs when their owner is hospitalized. Carter diagnoses a med student with Hodgkin's disease. Kerry initiates a search for her biological parents.

star 7.72
238 votes
It's Not Easy Being Greene

#65 - It's Not Easy Being Greene

ER Season 2 - Episode 13

Mark is riddled with self doubt as the hospital prepares to settle the O'Brien suit. Kerry appoints herself as Susan's personal mentor. Carol mind a bucketful of expensive worms. Doug balks at counseling a teenage boy who thinks he might be gay. Benton uncovers some disturbing information concerning Vucelich's study. Carter steals a diagnosis from Harper.

star 7.72
329 votes
Call Out

#66 - Call Out

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 14

Jason and the SEAL Team settle into deployment life and get closer to discovering who ambushed Echo Team after Mandy gets a lead from an unlikely source on the base.

star 7.72
1556 votes
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Stay Close, Stick Together

#67 - Stay Close, Stick Together

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 1 - Episode 3

While Craig recovers from his wound, Baz and Craig deal with some old associates down in Mexico. Meanwhile, strapped for cash, Pope takes charge and ropes Deran and J into a job without Smurf's knowledge. Threatened by J's participation, Deran sends J a terrifying message.

star 7.72
1933 votes
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One More for the Road

#68 - One More for the Road

ER Season 3 - Episode 22

Mark, still recovering from the attack, vents his emotions in a violent fit in the break room and buys a gun for protection. Carter decides his future lies in emergency medicine, not surgery, and tries to convince an irate Anspaugh likewise. Drs. Ross and Del Amico work together when Charlie is brought back into the ER. Peter's child strengthens. Doug and Carol share a kiss. Jeanie and Al are back together.

star 7.71
271 votes
The Storm (2)

#69 - The Storm (2)

ER Season 5 - Episode 15

Greene assists paramedics in treating injured children at a school bus accident. En route, Doug and Jeanie survive their own accident. Kerry stops Doug from treating Jeanie… or any other patient. Doug decides to resign and leave Chicago for the Northwest and asks Carol to come with him. She decides against it, but he leaves anyway. Carol steps down from running the clinic so that Anspaugh will keep it open. Jeanie discovers she may have contracted hepatitis. Hospital janitor Mobalage's wife is stabbed.

star 7.71
269 votes
You Bet Your Life

#70 - You Bet Your Life

ER Season 3 - Episode 18

Carter goes behind Anspaugh's back to get a gambler admitted for surgery, earning Anspaugh and Hicks' wrath and jeopardizing his residency. Carol clashes with Doyle, angered that a 25-year-old intern is able to order her around. Peter illegally obtains Carla's ultrasound to look for abnormalities. Doug treats an ill teenager who doesn't want to miss her prom. Greene deals with a patient who feigns symptoms because she likes having surgeries. Jeanie faces her feelings towards Al when she cares for a remorseful AIDS patient who infected her child. Jerry hits on a way to make money from a sperm bank: pass himself off as "Dr. Markovic."

star 7.71
235 votes
Forgive and Forget

#71 - Forgive and Forget

ER Season 10 - Episode 16

Morris streets a patient without getting a psych consult, and the guy steals a tank and heads for County. Gillian is visiting Luka, and Sam's not happy about it. Frank finds himself fighting for his life after suffering a heart attack with Neela and Pratt the two unlikely doctors who successfully save Frank's life. In the process, surprising facts about Frank's life are revealed, including the deep respect he has for the colleagues he puts down on a daily basis. Corday plays the dating game, going out with two men.

star 7.71
193 votes
Something New

#72 - Something New

ER Season 4 - Episode 2

Dr. Morganstern gives Weaver increased authority while he recuperates from his heart attack. Dr. Corday adjusts to the differences between British and U.S. ERs. Dr. Greene is served with a wrongful death suit from the Law family. Carter trains an inept, undedicated med student. Mark and Carol interview applicants for a vacant desk clerk position. Benton and Carla name their son: Reese Benton.

star 7.67
256 votes
Punching Water

#73 - Punching Water

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 2

Lydia and Josie are assigned to assist Sammy and Nate with a series of gang murders. John discovers he can't stand the "new and improved" Dewey, fresh from rehab, when he's forced to ride with him in order to evaluate whether Dewey is competent to return to duty. Ben must then ride with Chickie, who drives him nuts with her very personal questions about his private life and his new relationship with the "cop groupie" he's been seeing.

star 7.66
754 votes
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There Are No Angels Here

#74 - There Are No Angels Here

ER Season 12 - Episode 20

Pratt gets to work in Darfur, but soon finds his eyes opened to the need all around him. Debbie attempts to persuade Dakarai to seek treatment for his illness. Carter, Pratt and Dakarai find themselves in the middle of the conflict when a man and his pregnant wife arrive at the camp needing treatment, with trouble not far behind. Events force Pratt and Dakarai to make a dangerous journey.

star 7.66
74 votes
Getaway Day

#75 - Getaway Day

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 13

Jason and the SEAL Team must leave their families immediately when their deployment date is moved up after the team they were going to relieve is ambushed. Also, Jason and Alana make a big decision about their future, and Clay and Stella feel the weight of his marriage proposal.

star 7.65
1617 votes
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Eat What You Kill

#76 - Eat What You Kill

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 2 - Episode 1

After a risky heist misfires, the boys blame Smurf, sending shock waves through the family. Baz copes with being a single parent, while Deran makes plans for the future.

star 7.64
1781 votes
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8 Seconds

#77 - 8 Seconds

Longmire Season 1 - Episode 7

A wealthy beer distributor is brutally assaulted for a seemingly worthless painting; Vic's husband is jealous of her relationship with Walt; Branch's father uncovers information damaging to Walt's campaign.

star 7.64
1113 votes
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#78 - Pilot

Longmire Season 1 - Episode 1

Struggling since his wife’s death and at the urging of his daughter, Longmire knows that the time has come to turn his life around. With the help of a female deputy new to the department, he becomes reinvigorated about his job and committed to running for re-election. When an ambitious young deputy decides to run against him for sheriff, Longmire feels betrayed but remains steadfast in his dedication to the community.

star 7.64
1772 votes
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Men Plan, God Laughs

#79 - Men Plan, God Laughs

ER Season 1 - Episode 22

Benton compensates his inability in helping his mother by going beyond the call to help his patients. Meanwhile, Greene attempts to save his marriage - but that means less time at work and more disfavor with the new ER chief.

star 7.64
255 votes

#80 - Exodus

ER Season 4 - Episode 15

The ER must be evacuated when several workers at a chemical plant track benzine all over the floors. After Weaver is felled by the poison, Carter takes over, directing the evacuation. Dr. Corday does a ride-along with EMTs and rescues a man trapped under a building. Doug and Carol are trapped in the elevator with a sick child.

star 7.63
274 votes
Fathers and Sons

#81 - Fathers and Sons

ER Season 4 - Episode 7

Doug goes to California with tag-along Mark to identify his father's body and put his affairs to rest. Doug deals with his father's legacy while Mark visits his family in San Diego for the first time in years.

star 7.61
257 votes
Boarding Party

#82 - Boarding Party

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 3

Jason and the SEAL team must rescue a group of researchers being held hostage on a ship in the South China Sea. Also, Clay is ranked in the "bottom five" of his class, jeopardizing his future as a SEAL.

star 7.61
2461 votes
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#83 - U-Boat

SouthLAnd Season 2 - Episode 3

Ben, assigned to work on his own for the first time, responds to a call about a 9-year old girl who wandered off and finds himself emotionally distraught over a woman who is being harassed by an ex-lover with a tendency towards violence against women. Lydia and Rene spend the day checking assisting Brianna, the mother of the baby found crawling down the street. Over in Gangs, Detective Gil Puente leads the task force to take down ex-banger Trinny Day, but clashes with Sal and Sammy who find him loud and abrasive. When Chickie is assigned to ride with John for the day, he discovers she has no "command presence" and has lost her edge, suggesting it may be time for her to get out of police work.

star 7.60
827 votes
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The Providers

#84 - The Providers

ER Season 11 - Episode 12

Carter treats a 16-year-old girl who is suffering kidney failure after taking a new drug to control her seizures. The girl's urologist, the person who recommended the drug, is a former med student of Carter's. Everyone knows about Neela's crush on Luka; he tries to pass her off to Carter for the day. After Luka tells Neela that he didn't mean to mislead her, she has a brief talk with Sam about the situation. Abby and Jake work together on a number of sex-related cases. Jake wants to date Abby, but she turns him down because he's her med student.

star 7.58
170 votes

#85 - Blackout

Third Watch Season 3 - Episode 21

When a blackout strikes the city during a heat wave, Sully prophetically warns the more optimistic Ty that trouble in the streets will swiftly ensue. After Carlos leaves the ambulance running to keep the bus cool while he and Doc are on calls, the engine catches fire and the ambulance is destroyed. A wealthy old man confined to his bed by illness offers them a large amount of money to stay with him until his daughter arrives. Doc insists that they leave to treat others more in need over the protests of Carlos. Bosco arrests a young man, Latrell Griffith, and faces a difficult decision when an immigrant shop owner shoots and wounds a teenage shoplifter. After Latrell uses his training as a medic to save the boy, a riot breaks out and Bosco, Latrell and the shoplifter barely escape. Nightfall brings more unrest as the nervous cops try to keep the peace. Faith and Fred are stuck in a elevator when the power goes out. Faith tries to calm Fred's mounting anxiety about being trapped, and is

star 7.58
66 votes
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A Damn Shame

#86 - A Damn Shame

Longmire Season 1 - Episode 3

Longmire uncovers long-buried family secrets when he probes the deaths of a man and his award-winning horses in a barn fire.

star 7.57
1276 votes
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Other Lives

#87 - Other Lives

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 2

While on an evidence-collecting mission in Syria, Jason and the SEAL Team find innocent civilians in desperate need of rescue just as enemy forces close in on them. Also, while on the mission, the team debates whether or not to tell Ray that his wife has gone into labor.

star 7.56
2726 votes
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Unknown Trouble

#88 - Unknown Trouble

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 1

From the beaches of Malibu to the streets of East Los Angeles, this fast moving drama takes viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families. In the series premiere, John Cooper, a seasoned Los Angeles police officer and his rookie trainee, Ben Sherman, respond to a call that ends in a deadly shoot-out -- and Ben is left questioning whether or not he has what it takes to become a police officer. Even though John is cool to the new recruit and his straitlaced "Beverly Hills" past, his honed insight and honest, no-nonsense advice is invaluable to the young rookie: "Look sharp, act sharp, be sharp. You do what they teach you in the academy, you will die."

star 7.56
1327 votes
Dr. Carter, I Presume

#89 - Dr. Carter, I Presume

ER Season 3 - Episode 1

Carter begins the first day of his internship with the difficult task of filling in for Benton as the ER surgery consult. Jeanie makes difficult decision regarding her HIV-positive status; Peter's test comes back negative. Weaver implements an incoherent system for tracking patients. The ER staff attends a Fourth of July softball game, where Carol runs into Shep and his new girlfriend. Peter runs into an old friend, Carla Reese, at Jackie and Walt's barbecue.

star 7.55
273 votes

#90 - Makemba

ER Season 10 - Episode 10

What has Carter been up to for the past seven months? He's been in the Congo developing a relationship with Makemba "Kem" Likasu, an AIDS-clinic worker, who is pregnant with his child. Carter needs to return to Chicago to take care of his grandmother's estate, so he talks Kem into going with him.

star 7.54
164 votes
Phase Three

#91 - Phase Three

SouthLAnd Season 2 - Episode 1

Lydia and her new partner, Detective Rene Cordero, investigate the disappearance of an elderly man. Meanwhile, Nate and Sammy investigate a freeway shooting and inadvertently threaten the integrity of a major undercover operation. Elsewhere, Chickie finds herself in the middle of a mini-riot after her new partner panics and takes a shot at a 13-year-old boy.

star 7.54
754 votes
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Fear of Flying

#92 - Fear of Flying

ER Season 3 - Episode 6

Mark and Susan take to the air for helicopter flight rotation, which brings to the ER an entire family injured in an accident. Benton's overconfidence in Keaton's absence results in a dire mistake. Carol deals with a "floater" nurse who can't cope with the speed of the ER. Jeanie and Maggie are given the task of keeping a dead man on ice in anticipation of cryogenic storage.

star 7.53
187 votes
Murmurs of the Heart

#93 - Murmurs of the Heart

ER Season 13 - Episode 14

Luka tries to extricate Pratt from a legal mess while Abby, confronted by a vengeful Ames, tries to reach him. Later, Luka finds himself in a tense confrontation with Ames, and Abby must act to protect her family. Neela and Gates rush to get Meg to the hospital. Sam’s new home is soon under threat from fire, but will everyone escape unscathed?

star 7.53
72 votes
Officer Down

#94 - Officer Down

ER Season 14 - Episode 3

Two wounded police auxiliary officers present challenges in the ER. Neela settles in with Abby as she recovers, while Pratt and Bettina consider their relationship. Gates tries to get a patient on a drug trial, with Dubenko's help. And Morris is in a funk that not even a pretty woman can help.

star 7.53
76 votes
See the Woman

#95 - See the Woman

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 3

Officers John Cooper and Ben Sherman start out the day thinking they have nothing in common, but -- after responding to an eclectic array of patrol calls -- at the end of their watch, they discover this is not true. When Ben reveals details of his past to the department therapist and to Cooper, the motivation behind his decision to be a cop becomes clear. Elsewhere, Dewey becomes star struck by Timmy Davis a famous, self-obsessed actor. In true "Dewey" style, he mischievously decides to party with the celebrity, rather then book him -- leading to a rift in his partnership with Chickie Brown. Trouble ensues when Dewey loses track of the burnt-out actor, and Chickie finds herself questioning her decision to take him on as her partner.

star 7.49
904 votes
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Tip of the Spear

#96 - Tip of the Spear

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 1

The most elite unit of Navy SEALs must navigate their professional and personal lives as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high stakes missions our country can ask of them.

star 7.40
3465 votes
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John Carter, M.D.

#97 - John Carter, M.D.

ER Season 2 - Episode 22

Carol is pushed to the breaking point after another day when politics triumph over health care, and she quits. Dr. Greene "trades his soul" when he agrees to back Weaver for ER attending, in exchange for her support of Susan for chief resident. Jeanie takes an HIV test and informs Peter he should get himself tested as well. Carter invites Benton to his med school graduation, which he himself misses. Shep's refusal to see a psychiatrist risks his relationship with Carol.

star 7.38
211 votes
Time of Death

#98 - Time of Death

ER Season 11 - Episode 6

The last 44 minutes of ex-con & alcoholic Charlie Metcalf's life are in the ER, as he slowly succumbs to end-stage liver failure.

star 7.34
135 votes
The Good Fight

#99 - The Good Fight

ER Season 5 - Episode 8

Carter and Lucy scramble across Chicago to find a dying girl's father who's a perfect match for her very rare blood type. Benton operates without transfusions to save the little girl's life.

star 7.32
219 votes
Day for Knight

#100 - Day for Knight

ER Season 5 - Episode 1

Third-year med student Lucy Knight reports to the ER for the first day of her rotation. Greene takes a teacherly interest in her, helping her get acquainted, but she gets off to a bad start with the irritable Carter when she speaks insensitively, and without Carter present, with a patient's wife about her husband's very serious condition. The rest of the day finds her comforting a woman who has suffered a miscarriage, getting locked out on the roof, having Carol bail her out on a simple procedure, and trying to figure out Kerry Weaver's "Tour on Tape."

star 7.22
290 votes

#101 - Seven

Smith Season 1 - Episode 7

Between big jobs, Tom, Jeff and Annie work on smaller burglaries, while Bobby gets an intriguing long-term job offer from a friend in Montreal, Canada.

star 7.20
5 votes
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Sally in the Alley

#102 - Sally in the Alley

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 4

Gang Detectives Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta have their work cut out for them when an unidentified female is found dead in the middle of a Los Angeles alley -- and her body is being used for target practice by gang members. The tension mounts for Nate when his little sister disappears revealing a secret from his past that blindsides Sammy. Elsewhere, Detective Russell Clarke is offended by Lydia's suggestion that he was too personal during a consult with a victim's sister.

star 7.19
860 votes
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Here and There

#103 - Here and There

ER Season 11 - Episode 16

Gallant and Neela have been exchanging letters regularly. Gallant struggles with the war he sees every day, while Neela is searching for her life's purpose. Gallant enlists Neela's help in getting a critically burned Iraqi girl lined up for surgery in Chicago and heads for the U.S. with 72 hours leave.

star 6.91
195 votes

#104 - Two

Smith Season 1 - Episode 2

FBI begins their investigation to find out the identity of Smith. Bobby's wife begins to suspect that her husband played a part in the Pittsburgh museum robbery. Jeff and Tom join Annie, who's working on a side job. Joe has to lie to Shawn's wife about the disappearance of her husband.

star 6.80
10 votes
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#105 - Three

Smith Season 1 - Episode 3

Bobby and his team get ready for their next job-starting with raiding an empty cash transport vehicle. Wanting to discover what Bobby is up to, Hope chooses to follow him. Macy moves into Joe's apartment following the continuing harassment from Shawn's bookie. The FBI starts to question whether the team is as ingenious as their previous gigs led them to believe.

star 6.56
9 votes
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Carter Est Amoureux

#106 - Carter Est Amoureux

ER Season 11 - Episode 21

After hearing that Kem's mother is sick, Carter flies to Paris to see Kem. While there, Carter offers to move back to Africa to start all over. Birdie and Rebecca are back; Rebecca was strangled by their niece Shelley, so Birdie stabbed Shelley. Neela, Abby and Ray all make rookie mistakes with various patients. While in counseling, Sam reveals that she thinks that she and Kovač should not be together. Abby makes it clear that she and Jake do not have a future together.

star 6.45
162 votes