The BEST episodes directed by Christopher B. Pearman

True Colors
30 votes

#1 - True Colors

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 10

Raven and Chelsea apply for jobs at a store, but, despite Raven's obvious skills and Chelsea's incompetence, Chelsea is the one chosen. However, Raven has a vision that the manager is a racist and this was the only reason she didn't get the job, so she goes undercover for a TV news report (with Chelsea and Eddie's help) to expose the truth. Meanwhile, Cory has to write a report on Black History Month, but doesn't want to, so he has a dream where a disguised Victor as Fredrick Douglass, Tanya as Bessie Coleman, and Eddie as Scott Joplin introduce him to the world of black history. Eddie mentions as a kid that his friend from 2nd grade whose father told him he couldn't play with him cause of his race.

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28 votes

#2 - Skunk'd

That's So Raven - Season 2 - Episode 16

Chelsea invites Raven on the Environmental Club's camping trip. Raven, not enjoying the outdoors, brings along portable gadgets and a luxurious tent. This leads to an argument between Raven and Chelsea, which makes Chelsea think that she and Raven shouldn't be friends.

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Royal Treatment
21 votes

#3 - Royal Treatment

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 12

Raven is the first friend of a new exchange student. He offers her a feather, which she accepts confusedly. She later invites him back to her house; after spending some time getting acquainted with Raven's friends, he gives her a seashell. Chelsea thinks it's a crush —- and she is right, as the exchange student then sends her a beautiful dress. She puts it on -- against her mother's wishes -- and goes to a party at the embassy. Tanya, though, soon discovers that Raven has inadvertently accepted a marriage proposal from the Prince of his country, Shakob. Eddie and Chelsea must go undercover as dancers to stop the ceremony. Meanwhile, Cory's pet rat, Lionel, wins a magazine photo contest, and an eccentric photographer comes to the house.

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