The BEST episodes directed by Chris Brancato

Storm Watch
4 votes

#1 - Storm Watch

Boomtown - Season 1 - Episode 15

When he responds to a burglary call, Ray finds two cops murdered in an apparent ambush, and discovers that the shooters were tipped off by someone within the precinct; the FBI locks down the station, leaving Joel to uncover the mole; despite Andrea's nearly costing him his badge a year earlier, Ray enlists her help in tracking down the perps.

Insured by Smith & Wesson
3 votes

#2 - Insured by Smith & Wesson

Boomtown - Season 1 - Episode 7

Joel and David face off over negotiating with armed robbers who have taken hostages during the heist of a sporting goods store; stung when he fails to get a promotion based on not ""stepping up"", Ray insists upon going undercover as a paramedic to scope out the situation inside the store; after being recognized as a cop by one of the perps, Ray is beaten, tied up and threatened with death and must convince the store manager, a former actor who once played a cop on TV, to step up to the plate and resist the gunmen; when one of the robbers forces Ray to have a last telephone conversation with his wife, Ray calls Tom instead and gives him the information the swat team snipers need to end the standoff; in the aftermath, Ray discovers an unpleasant truth about the store manager, whose television character inspired Ray to become a cop.

The Friendly Skies
36 votes

#3 - The Friendly Skies

Miracles - Season 1 - Episode 2

A commercial airliner disappears for one minute and 4 seconds and Sodalitas Quaerito including their new recruit, Paul, is called in to investigate. During the course of that minute and 4 seconds, each passenger experienced a different phenomenon and it's up to Paul, Keel & Evelyn to explain the ""paranormal ramifications"" of this bizarre occurrence. They interview, among others, a child who has seen her own bleak future, a paralyzed woman who has regained her ability to walk and talk, and a flight attendant who is now speaking in tongues and lecturing on the physics of world destruction. They determine that the aircraft somehow entered a higher realm, one where what a person thinks becomes reality. Each passenger experienced with great realism whatever was on their mind at that moment. However, after only a few hours it becomes obvious that these visions and abilities are fading. Paul tries desperately to reunite the crippled woman with her husband while she can still talk to him but t

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Beyond the Veil
159 votes

#4 - Beyond the Veil

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 2 - Episode 6

After flashbacks of an alien abduction drives him to the brink of suicide, Eddie Wexler finds himself at a mental institute, where Dr. Sherrick is using a controversial technique to treat those who believe they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Eddie and some of the other patients are suspicious of Sherrick and his methods, which forces patients to re-live their abductions in the memory chamber. Some even think that their abductors have infiltrated the institute. Is this just a paranoid delusion or is there an alien face behind the doctor's mask?

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