The Best Episodes Directed by Chas. Floyd Johnson


#1 - Limbo

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 22

Thomas is delivering key evidence in his latest case to the court house, when he is shot in the parking lot by a hit man. Thomas, in a coma, discovers he is not dead, but not alive, and needs to help Michelle, who is in danger, and being chased by killers. He meets up with the ghost of his former Naval buddy Mac. He also spends time with each member of the cast individually, and, in one way or another, says good-bye and how important they are all to him, in case he does not survive.

star 8.37
87 votes
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Paradise Blues

#2 - Paradise Blues

Magnum, P.I. Season 4 - Episode 15

T.C. drags a reluctant Magnum along to the newly-opened club of an old flame – a beautiful jazz singer who he fell in love with in Vietnam – who has just moved to the islands. Thomas doesn’t dislike the woman, but insists to T.C. that trouble always follows her wherever she goes – but T.C., still infatuated with the girl, refuses to listen. But sure enough, the woman is in trouble, searching for a man who owes her $18,000 and mixed up with Detroit drug dealers that are out to kill her...

star 7.71
154 votes
Photo Play

#3 - Photo Play

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 21

Photographer Sally Faraday, looking to hire Magnum, meets him in undesirable circumstances when she prangs the front of the Ferrari while being pursued in a car chase by two men, an incident which also leaves Agatha with a broken ankle. Sally wants Thomas' help when it seems that she is being followed since returning from France with some photographs for a new book, in which she seems to have caught something on film that someone has reason to not want to ever be published...

star 7.67
118 votes
The Becker Connection

#4 - The Becker Connection

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 16

When Detective Becker is accused of stealing drugs from the police evidence room, Rockford comes to his defense and uncovers a police setup.

star 7.62
84 votes
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Foul on the First Play

#5 - Foul on the First Play

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 21

After learning that the parole officer who hired him is actually a private detective, Rockford works to even the score in this case about a basketball franchise and the would-be owner who refuses to play by the rules.

star 7.57
81 votes
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The Deep Blue Sleep

#6 - The Deep Blue Sleep

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 5

Beth hires Jim to investigate the death of her friend, a fashion model and the connection between the fashion house and organized crime.

star 7.55
82 votes
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