The Best Episodes Directed by Charles Officer

Best Man

#1 - Best Man

Rookie Blue Season 6 - Episode 7

Andy and Sam are shocked to learn that Oliver is the prime suspect in IA’s corruption investigation into 15 Division. What’s worse, they only have until end of day today to find Chris Klem – the missing explosives-dealer – and clear Oliver’s name before he takes the fall.

star 7.71
361 votes
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Stay of Execution

#2 - Stay of Execution

Ransom Season 3 - Episode 6

When a death row inmate gets a “ransom” letter offering him exonerating evidence for $500,000, the Crisis Resolution team has 48 hours to verify that the information is real.

star 7.70
281 votes
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Life and Limb

#3 - Life and Limb

Ransom Season 3 - Episode 5

When a kidnapper from a past case returns and threatens to harm a child, the team is forced to confront the consequences of Eric’s policy of letting perpetrators go free.

star 7.69
282 votes
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The Flipside

#4 - The Flipside

Coroner Season 2 - Episode 6

Jenny assists Donovan on a case that brings them into the world of true crime podcasts. Their challenge is to solve a murder with no body.

star 7.65
303 votes
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One Drum

#5 - One Drum

Coroner Season 2 - Episode 5

In the aftermath of a mass shooting, Jenny’s investigation is derailed when her exhaustion leads to dangerous consequences.

star 7.59
302 votes
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The Six

#6 - The Six

Private Eyes Season 1 - Episode 5

Hired by an unlikely source, Angie and Shade search for a missing minor, who’s gotten caught up in a dangerous situation while hustling for fame.

star 7.52
465 votes
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#7 - Spirits

Coroner Season 3 - Episode 3

Jenny and Donovan investigate a mysterious death in a haunted house.

star 7.49
206 votes
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Eyes Up

#8 - Eyes Up

Coroner Season 3 - Episode 4

Jenny and Donovan help a young girl who seeks the truth about her father’s death.

star 7.26
203 votes
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