The Best Episodes Directed by Bruce Caines

I Did That!

#1 - I Did That!

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 33

This episode is all about actions and consequences. By singing ""I did that,"" or ""you did that,"" we learn that by doing certain things, we can cause things to happen or make people feel a certain way. For example, Tickety makes Pail mad when she knocks over his block tower and we find a way to help her out. We also visit Blue's school, where we explore sharing and taking turns.

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1 votes
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Something To Do, Blue

#2 - Something To Do, Blue

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 21

Blue figures out something to do today.

star 11.00
4 votes
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Blue's Big Band

#3 - Blue's Big Band

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 18

Blue has created ""Blue's Big Band"" and many of the characters, including Joe and ourselves will be playing instruments in the band. We practice with Tickety and later listen to some music that Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and family are creating simply by using an old washboard. We follow along to some of Periwinkle's beats as he plays on the drums. Later, we skiddoo and meet Piano, who guides us through a musical story about a group of piggies.

star 10.20
3 votes
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Joe's First Day (1)

#4 - Joe's First Day (1)

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 22

At the top of the episode, Steve is playing show-and-tell. He's trying to figure out what he should show. He thinks maybe his stuffed toy, Horace the Anteater would be a good idea, or maybe his guitar. He gets a phone call and it turns out that it's from his brother, Joe. He's going to be coming over and is going to play show-and-tell with everyone. Throughout the episode, Steve plays show-and-tell with the various characters. He also spends time working on a picture to show to Joe and asks for the audiences' help. Finally, Steve has the viewers watch for Joe. He finally shows up and he and everyone else share their show-and-tell items together.

star 10.00
5 votes
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Bedtime Business

#5 - Bedtime Business

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 11

We've come to the Blue's Clues house at night and so we help Joe and Blue with their bedtime routine - their bedtime business! We watch as Joe tucks in his duck Boris and then learn about important pre-sleepytime activities. The characters have small clothing crisis, but with our help in identifying clothing through features such as spots and stripes, the problem is solved. We also help out with washing up, reading a story and more.

star 9.25
7 votes
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Shape Searchers

#6 - Shape Searchers

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 12

Blue has created a fun game called Shape Searchers. She pulls out a shape from a bag of hers and we try to find it. In this episode, we search for shapes in all sorts of places, pointing them out as we see them. We also have a Blue Skidoo segment filled with shapes. We meet some shapes and show them how they can combine with other shapes to make various things.

star 8.89
7 votes
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A Brand New Game

#7 - A Brand New Game

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 15

Joe has invented a brand new game called ""Presto Change-Joe"" and his idea is catching on with the other characters. In this episode, we have fun in taking part in new games, doing things like playing pretend and imitating behaviors. A game of Periwinkle's provides an opportunity for memorization. We also join in a game of Franny felt friend's in a Blue Skidoo segment and act out based on things that are lying around her room.

star 8.20
4 votes
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Blue's School

#8 - Blue's School

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 20

Blue is the teacher at her pretend school.

star 8.17
5 votes
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Blue Goes to The Doctor

#9 - Blue Goes to The Doctor

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 13

Blue is going to the doctor. She isn't sick, but she is getting a checkup and so we help her gather the things she needs to get ready, including a stuffed animal to hold on to in case she gets scared. We play doctor and nurse with Shovel and Pail and later join Blue for her checkup. After her checkup, Blue has a special surprise for Joe.

star 8.11
8 votes
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Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza

#10 - Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 14

Steve is all dressed-up in t-shirt and sport pants as we head out for Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza. It's a fun-filled event containing all sorts of different ballgames. We help out our friends with the games by acting as a coach and telling them how they can make the balls do the things they want. We also have fun with Steve's invisi-ball and later skidoo into a stadium where we assist Steve in making sense of an obstacle course filled with ball challenges.

star 7.60
5 votes
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#11 - Puppets

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 15

Steve's brought out our old friend sock puppet and he encourages us to join in too by using our hand as a new puppet, ""Handy."" We tell stories together using both of our puppets. We also help out Tickety Tock and Slippery, who have puppets of their own and want to tell a story, but aren't sure how to express emotions using their voices. Later, we skiddoo into a poster of a castle and become puppeteers to help out a character named Storybook.

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4 votes
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The Big Book About Us

#12 - The Big Book About Us

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 4

Joe and everyone else at The Blue's Clues House are all creating pages for a scrapbook called ""The Big Book About Us."" Joe creates his on a green piece of paper, putting on it some of his favorite things and encourages us to create one as well. We also help out some of the other characters to put neat things on their pages that show what they like.

star 7.12
15 votes
Can You Help?

#13 - Can You Help?

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 1

Today, Joe needs our help. That's not unusual, but it happens to be the particular theme for this episode. We help out Joe, Blue and the other characters in a number of ways. For example, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to make some blueberry pancakes for Blue. We also help out some friends in Storybook Forest to prepare for a porridge party.

star 7.08
24 votes
Making Changes (5)

#14 - Making Changes (5)

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 10

Now that Cinnamon has come to the Blue's Clues house, it's necessary to make some changes to keep him comfortable. That means that things such as loud games are out when Cinnamon is trying to sleep - but we learn that by just thinking a little, we can come up with changes that will let us still do the things that we want to do, but in a different way. Sometimes the changes aren't easy at first, but they help others and aren't really that much of a problem. In the spirit of change in helping out, we also try to find ways to help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper take care of Cinnamon.

star 7.00
4 votes
Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day (3)

#15 - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day (3)

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 7

With Mr. Salt and Mrs. Peppers' new baby on the way, Blue and Steve have decided to create ""Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day"" to honor them for all of the things they do to help everyone. Throughout the day, we try to help them out, from helping them to clean the kitchen to learning about their favorite things. They're also presented with a number of gifts carefully crafted to show them the things the characters appreciate about them. All of this is a great help to them - not only to relax, but also to feel very appreciated for all their hard work.

star 6.93
12 votes
Blue's New Place (2)

#16 - Blue's New Place (2)

Blue's Clues Season 4 - Episode 6

With Mr. Salt and Mrs. Peppers' new baby coming, changes have been happening in the Blue's Clues house and in this episode, Blue creates an entirely new place for herself, while Paprika moves into a big kid room. We learn about the special places of some of the various characters and what they like to do in them. We help Paprika to select big-kid things that let her do the things she enjoys. We also check out Blue's special place after receiving an invitation.

star 6.86
7 votes
Body Language

#17 - Body Language

Blue's Clues Season 5 - Episode 30

In this episode, we study body lanuage to learn about feelings. We practice showing feelings with our faces and also trying to identify others feelings based on their faces. A skiddoo segment shows us that we can tell a lot just from shadows. We help to make a play that's acted out entirely using body language.

star 6.00
2 votes