The Best Episodes Directed by Brian Smith

Rockets and Fashion Shows

#1 - Rockets and Fashion Shows

Beauty and the Geek Season 1 - Episode 3

The third set of tasks is one of the trickiest yet for both groups - the Beauties and the Geeks. The women must brush up on their rocket science and follow a series of instructions in order to assemble a rocket and launch it in the fastest time. Later, the men are taken to a series of stores in order to purchase three outfits - formal wear, swimsuit, and casual wear - for their partners to wear in a fashion show. The winners of the tasks, Scarlet & Bill and Chuck & Caitilin, choose two teams to go up for elimination. In the end, Krystal and Brad are sent home, both with tremendous boosts in confidence and skill level.

star 7.82
44 votes
Battle for a White Apron (1)

#2 - Battle for a White Apron (1)

MasterChef (US) Season 8 - Episode 1

Forty of America's best home cooks travel to Los Angeles to compete in the Battle for a White Apron challenge, during which they face off against each other to try to earn a place in the Top 20. Judging the battle rounds is Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi, and new judge and award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez.

star 7.48
540 votes
Battle for a White Apron (2)

#3 - Battle for a White Apron (2)

MasterChef (US) Season 8 - Episode 2

The remaining chefs compete for a spot in the Top 20. Only nine aprons remain and it is up to the judges to decide who makes it and who goes home.

star 7.47
464 votes
Episode 01

#4 - Episode 01

Beauty and the Geek Season 2 - Episode 1

Beauty and the Geek 2 begins with geekier Geeks, more beautiful Beauties, and lots of lessons learned, even in the first two days! After the eight new women choose a partner, the contestants move into the mansion, and quickly begin to bond. Josh finds himself filled with so much anxiety and insecurity that he cannot bear to sleep in his room with Cher but instead spends the night in the closet while Tristin reveals her own insecurities about wearing a swimsuit.

star 7.39
131 votes
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