The BEST episodes directed by Brian Mckay

A Long Way from Times Square
8 votes

#1 - A Long Way from Times Square

Kojak - Season 3 - Episode 12

Kojak and Crocker head to Cory, Nevada to pick up a witness (Vincent Bagetta), but they encounter trouble in town.

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The Con Caper
2 votes

#2 - The Con Caper

The Amazing Spider-Man - Season 2 - Episode 3

After being released from prison, an ex-politician breaks out his partners and try to steal $100 million.

Danger Road
6 votes

#3 - Danger Road

Bonanza - Season 11 - Episode 15

Ben needs to haul three beams that are 30 feet long and the Cambeau Freight Company will not do it. A new, independent freight hauler may be the answer. However, when Ben meets Gunny, he orders him off the Ponderosa. Ben and Gunny served together in the Mexican war, and chose opposite sides. Ben puts his differences aside with Gunny and helps him win the government contract away from Cambeau Freight Company.

Diamond in the Rough
34 votes

#4 - Diamond in the Rough

Charlie's Angels - Season 2 - Episode 18

Ex-jewel thief Freddie the Fox enlists the Angels to help him steal the famous Light of Arabia diamond so that he can return it to a museum and retire from crime forever.

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