The BEST episodes directed by Bill Steinkellner

All by Herself
8 votes

#1 - All by Herself

The Facts of Life - Season 5 - Episode 22

Geri is in charge of organizing a charity auction but makes her first mistake by making Blair her assistant. Blair quickly takes over and begins doing things without consulting Geri. Geri in turn fires her and makes her second mistake, not accepting any help from from anyone.

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Cry Harder (2)
130 votes

#2 - Cry Harder (2)

Cheers - Season 8 - Episode 26

Rebecca and Sam both have mixed emotions as they face the fact that Robin Colcord, after proposing to Rebecca, is arrested for insider trading based on information supplied by the once and future owner of Cheers.

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Teacher, Teacher
11 votes

#3 - Teacher, Teacher

The Facts of Life - Season 7 - Episode 4

Jo is offered a job at a major company which is tempting but this causes her to reevaluate her dream of becoming a teacher.

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Rebecca Redux
163 votes

#4 - Rebecca Redux

Cheers - Season 9 - Episode 3

Sam hires a new bar manager that everyone seems to like, then learns how low Rebecca has sunk in her pursuit of new employment.

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