The Best Episodes Directed by Bart Wenrich

Deal With the Devil

#1 - Deal With the Devil

Power Season 6 - Episode 8

The Feds turn the heat up on Tommy and scare LaKeisha into cooperating. Ghost discontinues a relationship with an ally. Tasha confronts a snitch, which hits a little too close to home.

star 8.31
888 votes
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#2 - Monster

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 - Episode 9

After the head-on collision of Tariq's worlds at Homecoming, the campus is hot, causing problems as he tries to settle up on debts.

star 8.29
276 votes
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 - Episode 9

As Marvin seeks revenge, Raq turns to Kanan for assistance only he can provide.

star 7.98
170 votes
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Second Chances

#4 - Second Chances

Power Season 5 - Episode 4

Jason returns, tasking Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan to kill the heads of the Jimenez Cartel; and Ghost warns Tommy about his relationship with Teresi while he also hatches a plan with Kanan to rid Tommy of his new Italian family.

star 7.82
1088 votes
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Raiders of the Lost Art

#5 - Raiders of the Lost Art

Gossip Girl Season 5 - Episode 22

Chuck, Nate, Blair, Serena and Lola team up to uncover what they think is an explosive secret between Diana and Jack. Meanwhile, Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.

star 7.77
1213 votes
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He Always Wins

#6 - He Always Wins

Power Season 6 - Episode 12

While Paz continues to grieve over Angela's death, she searches for allies to join her in her quest for justice or vengeance and manages to join forces with Warner, with whom she plans to apprehend Ghost for Angela's murder until complications arise.

star 7.69
657 votes
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It-Girl Happened One Night

#7 - It-Girl Happened One Night

Gossip Girl Season 4 - Episode 15

Chuck makes one last-ditch effort to save his family’s company. Blair is given a challenging assignment at W Magazine with the promise of a possible promotion. Serena struggles with her feelings for Ben.

star 7.41
1606 votes
Dirty Rotten Scandals

#8 - Dirty Rotten Scandals

Gossip Girl Season 6 - Episode 3

Blair must rely on help from an unlikely source. Serena discovers that befriending Sage is trickier than she thought. Nate publishes Dan’s first article. Chuck begins to uncover what Bart is hiding.

star 7.36
980 votes