The Best Episodes Directed by Barny Revill, Jen Peedom, Edmund Wardle, Martin Pailthorpe

Summit Dreams

#1 - Summit Dreams

Everest Beyond the Limit Season 1 - Episode 1

At three miles above sea level, the base of Mount Everest is already higher than any mountain in the Rockies. The expedition team makes seven overnight stops to get to Base Camp (BC) on the mountain's northern face and will take a full month to acclimatize their bodies before they attempt the summit. The air is thin and the climbers feel physically weak, but the camaraderie is strong. As the team moves to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at 21,000 feet to begin acclimatization climbs, they are shocked to discover how badly their minds and bodies cope. The expedition members begin climbs up to a ridge at 23,000 feet called the North Col, scaling 1,000-foot ice cliffs along the way.

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