The Best Episodes Directed by Asaad Kelada

#1 - A Night to Remember

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 18

Much to Greg's horror, Dharma tries to help Donald make a memorable evening of his first sexual experience. Meanwhile, Greg searches for memories from his childhood but decides he would rather remain in the present; and Larry develops temporary powers of recollection.

star 8.47

#2 - For Pete's Sake

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 18

In an effort to boost Pete's confidence, Dharma makes the naïve mistake of convincing Greg to leave the practice in Pete's very incapable hands.

star 8.27

#3 - The Trouble with Troubadour

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 15

Dharma lends a helping hand to singer-songwriters Lyle Lovett and k.d. lang when their fame and fortune leaves them unfulfilled. Meanwhile, a sarcastic hotel clerk spoils plans for the couple's romantic Valentine's Day getaway.

star 8.17

#4 - Dream A Little Dream of Her

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 10

Dharma tries to learn the identity of Greg's fantasy girl; Greg's truthfulness upsets things at his parents' place.

star 8.10

#5 - Be My Baby

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 24

Dharma's vision of a baby sets her and Greg to officially start trying; Pete asks for Greg's help after getting fired; Abby celebrates the onset of menopause.

star 8.08

#6 - The Tooth Is Out There

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 20

Dharma encourages Larry to ask his brother George for a loan to buy Larry's favourite conspiracy bookshop; when strange things start to go wrong, Dharma suspects that George is plotting to undermine Larry's success. Her efforts to uncover the plot mean she must undergo multiple dental procedures at George's office, but seem to be justified when the store mysteriously burns down just before the grand re-opening. Meanwhile, Kitty tries to revitalize her love life by making Edward jealous—claiming that her car attendant keeps leaving red roses on the seat for her.

star 8.07

#7 - Lawyers, Beer and Money

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 11

While his fledgling independent law practice struggles, Greg feels emasculated when Dharma hits the jackpot in a TV commercial whose producers caught her in a late-night promo for Greg's business.

star 8.07

#8 - The Box

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 11

Dharma begins to come unglued when she can't figure out what Greg has locked away in his box of mementos; and Larry makes a big deal out of finding a little something for Abby.

star 8.03

#9 - The Mamas and the Papas (a.k.a. Finale) (1)

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 23

In the first part of this special one-hour season and series finale, Dharma and Greg find themselves once again trying to make peace between their polar opposite parents when an argument breaks out over whether the couple will vacation with the Finkelsteins or the Montgomerys. Dharma tries to appease both sides by arranging for everyone to spend the weekend at the Montgomerys' mountain chalet, but when the usual bickering and insults kick into high gear, it finally sends Dharma and Greg over the edge. Meanwhile, back at the office, Pete is left in charge of a routine SEC inspection, but when the agent turns out to be beautiful and female, he invents wild stories about inside trading... oh, just fast forward. (Part 1 of 2)

star 8.00

#10 - I Always Wanted a Shaved Monkey

Two and a Half Men - Season 2 - Episode 20

Rose tries to help the brothers sort out their feelings, when Charlie and Alan take their personal frustrations out on each other.

star 7.95

#11 - Dutch Treat

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 10

When Dharma and Greg disagree about playing role model to their young college friend Donald, they decide to experiment with independence for the first time since their marriage began. When things finally get really tense, only an obscure dream and a visit from Abraham Lincoln can close the divide.

star 7.92

#12 - Big Daddy

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 21

Greg's old girlfriend Stephanie asks for his help in getting her son into Greg's old prep school; and once Dharma sets eyes on the boy, she becomes convinced that he is Greg's child.

star 7.87

#13 - Mission: Implausible

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 18

A visit from Kirk, a younger alumnus from Greg's law school, launches an unsuspecting Greg into the middle of a crazy college game with very specific rules developed by ""seriously drunk"" undergraduates. Despite Greg's reluctance to engage in a college prank at this stage in his life, Dharma leaves him no choice when she rallies the gang to help him win back his championship title in a relatively amusing parody of Mission: Impossible. Meanwhile, security guard Larry is disturbed when his supervisor Walter points out that he gets special treatment because his daughter is married to the boss's son. When Larry demands Edward rescind all special treatment, Walter obligingly fires Larry.

star 7.87

#14 - Madame and Her Special Friend

Two and a Half Men - Season 3 - Episode 9

One of Charlie's elderly neighbors tries to seduce Alan, while Charlie tries to stop Jake from giving money to a televangelist.

star 7.86

#15 - Sexual Healing

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 4

At the same time that Dharma's doctor gives her permission to resume sexual relations, Greg sees their totaled car for the first time since the accident and learns that the insurance adjuster ruled it a case of reckless driving. Now completely guilt-ridden and overly cautious, Greg's unable to enjoy Dharma's romantic advances. Meanwhile, Edward wants Larry to return the rundown desk chair of his that Kitty attempted to throw out. While at first annoyed by Larry's insistence that they play games for the ownership of the chair, Edward grows to enjoy Larry's company.

star 7.86

#16 - Mother and Daughter Reunion

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 1

In the fourth-season opener, Abby's plans for the new baby rattle Dharma, because Abby's admission that she and Larry made mistakes raising Dharma – like letting Timothy Leary babysit – threatens Dharma's memories of her childhood as idyllic. When Abby's pregnancy is threatened by complications, Dharma feels obscurely responsible, until a visit from the spirit of her dead friend George sets her straight. Meanwhile, Greg's advice helps Pete and Jane make a move to repair their crumbling marriage: they announce they are getting divorced.

star 7.85

#17 - Santa Goes Downtown

Night Court - Season 1 - Episode 2

The season is merry as Harry deals with a man in a red suit charged with trespassing and tries to restore the faith of a pair of cynical teenage runaways.

star 7.84

#18 - Still Fast

Still Standing - Season 3 - Episode 11

Bill is irate when he catches Lauren's boyfriend sneaking out of the house after midnight. Following the incident, Bill decides to bond with Chris in order to gain his respect and ensure that the young man is less likely to disrespect his daughter. When Chris reveals to Bill that Lauren is the one who wants things to move faster, the Millers make a valiant attempt to put their parenting skills to work.

star 7.71

#19 - Prince Family Paper

The Office (US) - Season 5 - Episode 12

Michael and Dwight go undercover to do a bit of industrial espionage on a paper company competitor. Meanwhile, the rest of the office holds a debate to settle the question: is Hilary Swank hot?

star 7.67

#20 - Wonder Drugs

Night Court - Season 1 - Episode 9

Lana disrupts the proceedings after taking a powerful cold medicine.

star 7.62

#21 - You Slay Me

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 7 - Episode 19

After attending a bridal fair, Sabrina decides she wants a "princess wedding" and contacts Cinderella for advice on planning the affair. Unfortunately, the witch goes overboard and begins behaving like a monster instead. Elsewhere, Roxie and Morgan reluctantly unite to plan Sabrina's bridal shower.

star 7.60

#22 - The Walk to the Door

Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 5 - Episode 7

Ray is mortified when he meets a girl whom he dated 25 years earlier and believes he treated with disrespect. Meeting Elizabeth again, Ray, wracked with guilt because he feels he didn't behave properly on their high school date, is determined to apologize. However, when he finds out the real reason Elizabeth went out with him that night long ago, he regrets ever bringing up the past. Meanwhile, Debra demands that Ray give her an example of something he regrets, but incredibly he can't come up with anything.

star 7.53

#23 - Pilot

Family Ties - Season 1 - Episode 1

The smitten Alex is thrilled at the thought of escorting pretty, budding socialite Kimberly Blanton to her country club's dance, but Steven and Elyse are appalled that their son would set foot in a restricted club and agonize over whether to impose their values on him. Kimberly's status-conscience, snobbish ways were immediately apparent when she had dinner with the Keatons. Alex is intent on impressing her with fabricated tales of his family's heritage and wealth. Alex's ""I'm not out to change the world"" attitude clashed with that of his parents, who retain the ideals of the Woodstock generation. On the night of the dance, Steven shows up at the Carleton Country Club in an effort to persuade the horrified Alex to come home. Later, when father and son air their feelings at home, each is able to understand, if not accept, the other's point of view.

star 7.51

#24 - Ping, Ping A Song

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 7 - Episode 10

Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan decide to audition for a television talent show, where singers compete for a record deal. But the magic Sabrina uses to help the group hit their notes might have some serious side effects that could ruin the girls' friendship.

star 7.46

#25 - It's My Party (2)

Family Ties - Season 5 - Episode 30

In her quest to become one of the popular kids, Jennifer invites her trendy classmates to her thirteenth birthday party. When they become bored and begin grumbling at her ""lame"" party (which includes a traditional puppet show by her father), Jennifer takes drastic action. With Mallory's guidance, she becomes a ""valley girl"", who then deserts her own party. Yet, it's only a matter of time before Jennifer realizes she isn't having any fun and she rebels against her new friends.

star 0.00

#26 - My Brother's Keeper

Family Ties - Season 5 - Episode 9

Alex must choose between his friendship with Skippy and allegiance to his college fraternity when Theta Pi Sigma pledges Skippy with the idea of making him the object of a cruel prank. Skippy is desperate to become a member of a fraternity, but in his zealousness he fails to recognize that he is the ""Big Stooge"" of the semester.

star 0.00

#27 - Sign of the Times

Family Ties - Season 6 - Episode 26

While Alex prepares little Andrew's resume for future kindergarten elections, Elyse proudly tells the family that Andy has been chosen as ""Buddy for the Day"" at school, which means he will be responsible for showing a new classmate around. The new student, Josh Richards, turns out to be deaf. Accompanied by his mother, Josh is introduced to Andy by Andy's teacher, who explains that although Josh can't hear, he can speak by signing with his hands. Tentative at first, Andy leads Josh off to ""show him the ropes"", telling his curious classmates about Josh's deafness and his ability to sign. When several of Josh's schoolmates begin to tease him, Andy becomes very upset and rushes to defend him. He becomes even more disturbed at the end of the day when Josh confesses that the other children's cruelty does indeed hurt him. Experiencing the beginnings of a solid friendship, Andy begins to brood about Josh's handicap and stops talking altogether in sympathy for his friend. Troubled by the situ

star 0.00

#28 - Don't Go Changin'

Family Ties - Season 4 - Episode 5

Alex does some fancy footwork on the dance floor to impress Ellen when he thinks he is losing her because of their divergent interests. Alex feels he has to compete with Ellen's artsy friends for her attention and attempts to change himself to fit into her world.

star 0.00

#29 - Beauty and the Bank

Family Ties - Season 5 - Episode 5

Alex is emotionally torn when he goes to work in a bank and finds that the vice president to whom he reports is Ms. Ryan, a beautiful, smart and self-confident woman and that he's growing more romantically interested in her each day. The Keaton family delights in Alex's taking orders from Ms. Ryan, but their playfulness wanes when they discover his attitude toward her is taking a toll on his career and ego.

star 0.00

#30 - It's My Party (1)

Family Ties - Season 5 - Episode 29

In her quest to become one of the popular kids, Jennifer invites her trendy classmates to her thirteenth birthday party. When they become bored and begin grumbling at her ""lame"" party (which includes a traditional puppet show by her father), Jennifer takes drastic action. With Mallory's guidance, she becomes a ""valley girl"", who then deserts her own party. Yet, it's only a matter of time before Jennifer realizes she isn't having any fun and she rebels against her new friends.

star 0.00