The BEST episodes directed by Anita Addison

Ghost Ship
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#1 - Ghost Ship

Quantum Leap - Season 4 - Episode 16

August 13, 1956: Flying over the Bermuda Triangle, Sam, as the co-pilot, must prevent the flight from returning to Virginia, to get a seriously ill passenger to a doctor before she dies. Flying through the triangle is riskier than it seems, and Sam, deprived of Al's help when the hologram fades out, must get them through alive.

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Zero to Sixty
12 votes

#2 - Zero to Sixty

Judging Amy - Season 1 - Episode 13

Michael's insistence upon joint custody of Lauren after Amy requests an increase in child support payments dooms the divorce mediation process, and they each retain high-powered and aggressive attorneys; Maxine wants nothing to do with any celebration of her 60th birthday; Amy must decide whether a college senior should be charged as an adult for a fatal hit and run accident that occured when he was fifteen; Michael's attempt to win Vincent over to his side in the custody battle ends badly; Amy hears a father's petition which contests the divorce agreement requiring him to pay for his daughter's college education; Maxine deals with combative divorced parents who can't seem to manage a peaceful exchange of their three small children.

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#3 - Dreams

Quantum Leap - Season 4 - Episode 8

February 28, 1979: It's more like a nightmare when Sam leaps into a detective, investigating a gruesome murder. He may be next if he doesn't find out who eviscerated the victim and his only hope is the victim's catatonic son and her husband's psychiatrist. The horrific flashbacks he's experiencing don't help matters much either.

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Some Tuesday in July
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#4 - Some Tuesday in July

Sisters - Season 1 - Episode 7

Mitch gets Cat while Teddy wanders; Georgie remains stoic during her son Evan's hospital stay.

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