The Best Episodes Directed by Andy Deyoung


#1 - Shrimp

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 - Episode 5

When Lucy’s career takes off, Josh fears being left behind.

star 7.63
381 votes
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#2 - Horse

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 - Episode 3

Lucy attempts to forge a relationship with Josh’s best friend Mike.

star 7.59
330 votes
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Personal Everest

#3 - Personal Everest

A.P. Bio Season 2 - Episode 7

Jack is outraged when his old high school bully is hired as a motivational speaker at Whitlock. Meanwhile, Mary, Stef, and Michelle set their own personal goals of female empowerment, unintentionally causing a rift between Helen and Durbin.

star 7.55
196 votes
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Durbin Crashes

#4 - Durbin Crashes

A.P. Bio Season 1 - Episode 10

When Jack casually gives Durbin some marriage advice, it backfires, gets Durbin kicked out of the house, and Jack takes him in. The A.P. Bio kids tell Jack if they can get Miles' DNA, they'll learn a little biology while pulling off the ultimate revenge.

star 7.38
364 votes
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