The BEST episodes directed by Andrew Schneider

Mr. Sandman
111 votes

#1 - Mr. Sandman

Northern Exposure - Season 5 - Episode 12

The aurora borealis causes the residents of Cicely to swap their dreams, exposing secrets. Maggie has Holling's dream about being a cab driver in Quebec, driving his overbearing father around. Ron has Maurice's dream about blue pumps. Joel sleepwalks in search of candy, having a child's dream. Holling has Dave's dream about kayaking with a spatula. Walt has someone's dream (Joel's?) about climbing a never ending tower.

Naka Jima Kill
5 votes

#2 - Naka Jima Kill

Tales of the Gold Monkey - Season 1 - Episode 19

An ambitious newswoman tricks Jake into flying her to Princess Kogi's island for an interview with the Japanese defense minister, a recent target for assassination.