The BEST episodes directed by Andrew Prowse

Episode 143
1 votes

#1 - Episode 143

Heartbreak High - Season 6 - Episode 13

After putting Kurt in hospital, Ryan finds he is being ostracised at school. Feeling sorry for himself, he wags school and meets Mario, a shady character, who offers him a way out of his depression... and so, Ryan begins his trip into the drug culture. Kurt is on the mend but Barry's fussing and pampering is getting on his nerves. In an effort to redirect Barry's attention, Kurt and Nikki talk the local club into making a tribute cabinet with Barry's trophies. At the club, Barry runs into an old friend who offers him a job as a barman. Will Barry be able to keep his alcoholism under control enough to take the job he needs so desperately? When the kids begin to study Jim McNeil's play, How Does Your Garden Grow, Kath is furious — she thinks it is obscene and pulls her daughter out of class. Kath convinces Di to drop the play from the school syllabus and Sarah feels the wrath of the other kids. Can she find a way to appease everyone?

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Episode 93
2 votes

#2 - Episode 93

Heartbreak High - Season 5 - Episode 2

Exam time has rolled around, and the pressure is building. Charlie is especially under the hammer: he needs top marks to get into university, but as he is studying his computer breaks down. What can he do? Ronnie is concerned when Declan is unable to finish an HSC practice essay. Although he wouldn't admit it to anyone, Declan's domestic situation looks like it will destroy his chances in the HSC. Bolton is feeling the hot breath of exam panic as well. After a school career consisting of little study and lots of skiving, he is finally facing the HSC firing squad. He joins with Stassy and the class moron, Bazza, to buy a "hot" history paper.

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Episode 17
61 votes

#3 - Episode 17

Rush (2008) - Season 3 - Episode 17

After the death of their mate Dom, TR honor him in their own special way. Kerry is shocked when her son James is arrested for assault on a flight from Vietnam. When James flees, Kerry finds herself in a race against time to save him from two violent drug runners. Meanwhile, Lawson refuses medical treatment when he is knocked down saving a cilivian from the path of an oncoming car. He and TR1 come to a new understanding of parental love when they encounter an abusive teenager who hates his mother.

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Bad Timing
734 votes

#4 - Bad Timing

Farscape - Season 4 - Episode 22

With their Crystherium stores low, the Scarrans must travel to Earth through a wormhole as those flowers grow there. With Pilots help, Crichton tries to collapse the wormhole leading back to Earth.

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Episode 92
3 votes

#5 - Episode 92

Heartbreak High - Season 5 - Episode 1

It's muck-up day at Hartley High. Last days before exams and the kids are looking forward to a taste of freedom for a day... Headmistress Dyson, however, has different ideas since she's found out that Education Department representative, Don Summers is dropping in for a visit. She's determined to have Hartley looking spotless and orderly... She has suggested the kids hold a cricket game. But this hasn't exactly got the kids enthused. Dani, meanwhile is nervous about the future. What will it bring, where is she going? She suggests the kids bury a time capsule to hold momentos that reflect where they are now. Katerina has a party, and since everyone is talking about their future, she decides they'll have a "Victor the Predictor" at the party. Everyone has to choose a name and guess what that kid will be doing what in 10 years time. This proves to have disastrous results, especially for Matt. Matt's future is already changing with the appearance of Sonny Bates, a guy who was expelle

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95 votes

#6 - Heist

Rush (2008) - Season 3 - Episode 1

The Tactical Response team investigate an attack on a police helicopter and multiple car bombings, however only after time passes, they realize it is all part of a cunning plan to rob a money-holding accommodation, learning this the teams pursue the case.

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A Constellation of Doubt
668 votes

#7 - A Constellation of Doubt

Farscape - Season 4 - Episode 17

Crichton watches a documentary that Moya receives from Earth about their recent visit showing interviews with Crichton's relatives and other people who interacted with the crew.

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Liars, Guns and Money (1): A Not So Simple Plan
1071 votes

#8 - Liars, Guns and Money (1): A Not So Simple Plan

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 19

Stark returns to Moya with a plan to rob a shadow depository and buy a contingent of slaves, one of which is D'Argo's son Jothee. D'Argo attempts the robbery on his own however and now the crew must recover him as well as the money they require.

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Look at the Princess (1): A Kiss Is But a Kiss
1072 votes

#9 - Look at the Princess (1): A Kiss Is But a Kiss

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 11

Moya arrives at a planet where the population test their genetic compatibility by kissing. Crichton kisses a princess, who is next in line for the throne, and discovers that his DNA is a perfect match for her. He must now marry her and they will rule together.

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Unrealized Reality (1)
632 votes

#10 - Unrealized Reality (1)

Farscape - Season 4 - Episode 11

Crichton falls into a wormhole and meets up with a strange man who shows Crichton the consequences of wormhole travel.

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Look at the Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton
963 votes

#11 - Look at the Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 13

Now married, Crichton and Katalla are frozen into living statues so that they may watch over the presiding governments of the next eighty cycles. Immediately, Clavor and the Scarran emissary attempt another assassination and succeed in removing Crichton's head. The crew must save John and Chiana while escaping Scorpius.

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Suns and Lovers
950 votes

#12 - Suns and Lovers

Farscape - Season 3 - Episode 2

Moya docks at a commerce station so the crew can spend some of the money they acquired from the depository. Disaster strikes however when the station is hit by a storm.

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Dog with Two Bones
707 votes

#13 - Dog with Two Bones

Farscape - Season 3 - Episode 22

Moya takes Talyn's remains to the sacred burial ground where D'Argo is forced to destroy a rogue Leviathan that is attacking other ships.

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If the Shoe Fits
173 votes

#14 - If the Shoe Fits

The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 6

The death of a migrant factory foreman initially looks like an industrial accident. Dr Blake digs deeper revealing a hideous string of crimes and the ugly side of post-war Australia. Meanwhile, Jean receives a marriage proposal.

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Look at the Princess (2): I Do, I Think
1110 votes

#15 - Look at the Princess (2): I Do, I Think

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 12

Princess Katralla's mother brings in Scorpius promising Crichton that if he doesn't marry her daughter, she will hand him over. Meanwhile, Prince Clavor starts a plot to assassinate Crichton so that he may ascend to the throne instead of his sister.

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Episode 18
7 votes

#16 - Episode 18

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 18

The head gardener at the nursery where Nick and Danielle are participating in a work experience programme has a heart attack. Con arranges for Jodie and himself to work at a recording studio and lands her a job singing jingles. A lack of attention from their respective partners helps to bring Nick and Dani together.

2686 votes

#17 - Premiere

Farscape - Season 1 - Episode 1

Astronaut John Crichton attempts to use the Earth's atmosphere to propel his module at high speeds. He is hit by a radiation wave and is sucked through a wormhole into a distant part of the universe--straight into the middle of a space battle.

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Episode 79
3 votes

#18 - Episode 79

Heartbreak High - Season 4 - Episode 14

Bolton costs Hartley the first round of a debating competition by agreeing with his opponent, a girl from St. Catherine's Girl School [Allie's former school] whom he has a crush on. Bolton asks Linda out on a date but after his dinner with her parents, they forbid Linda to see him again. Hartley wins the second debate on the strength of Bolton's inspired concluding argument on the topic of racism, but afterwards Linda tells him that she will be moving back to Taiwan with her family. Stassy's home life interferes with her school work. Katerina flirts with Internet dating.

Still Waters
330 votes

#19 - Still Waters

The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 1

When a young woman’s body is found floating in Lake Wendouree, Dr Blake can’t help digging deeper into the mystery. There is more to the case than meets the eye. Blake is certain the deceased girl - a runaway from the local reform school - was dead before she was dumped in the water. The autopsy proves his theory but finding the killer is more complicated. As the murder case unfolds, Chief Superintendent Lawson seems certain the local teenage rebels and the burgeoning drug trade in pills are to blame. Dr Blake senses some sort of connection and he pieces together the puzzle in his own unconventional way by bluffing his way into the reform school to question the ‘bad’ girls, and then later swallowing illicit pills to determine their content. In a classic whodunit, Dr Blake sifts through suspects including the young male teacher at the girls’ reformatory, Pip Morrissey and local hoon Ricky Arnott, before revealing the culprit..

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Crichton Kicks
797 votes

#20 - Crichton Kicks

Farscape - Season 4 - Episode 1

Crichton, now aboard a dying leviathan named Elac, encounters an alien named Sikozu who aids him in stopping the Grudeks who are intent on obtaining toubray (Leviathan neural cluster tissue).

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Mind the Baby
1187 votes

#21 - Mind the Baby

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 1

Crichton, Aeryn and D'argo are stranded in an asteroid field while Scorpius searches for them. Their safety depends on Crais, who is nearby in Talyn. Aeryn teaches Crais how to control the young Leviathan - the only thing she can offer in return for the lives of her friends. When Moya returns to the asteroid field to look for her offspring, Crichton decides to remove Crais from control of Talyn. Scorpius finally sees his chance to strike.

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63 votes

#22 - Cooked

Rush (2008) - Season 3 - Episode 9

As TR, along with the drug squad, work to catch a well known drug gang, Kerry's efforts to save Blake, a meth cook and reformed drug addict becomes personal when, devastatingly, she finds out that her son James is battling his own addiction. Meanwhile, Josh finds himself fighting for his life when an unknown man breaks into his apartment and tries to kill him.

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DNA Mad Scientist
1349 votes

#23 - DNA Mad Scientist

Farscape - Season 1 - Episode 9

A scientist extracts DNA from several of Moya's crew, promising them that with it he would be able to use it to find the location of their home planets. Things get more interesting however when he asks for some of pilot.

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All That Glitters
159 votes

#24 - All That Glitters

The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 9

A prospector announces to a crowded pub that he has struck gold, and later that night is found dead at the bottom of his mine shaft after showing off the nugget in the pub. When he examines the crime scene, Police Surgeon Dr Lucien Blake is overcome with anxiety in the claustrophobic mine - a result of distressing war memories. Even in this state, Dr Blake spots clues no one else sees. Chief Superintendent Lawson and Dr Blake break the news to the dead man's landlady, Margaret Reid, although her reaction makes Blake immediately suspicious. Back home, Jean is fitting Mattie for a red bridesmaid's dress for her best friend Eadie's wedding. When Eadie's fiancé, Russ, gives her a ruby and diamond engagement ring, Mattie wonders where he got the money. Later that night Eadie, and Russ sweaty with fever and an injured hand, turn up at Dr Blake's practice for medical assistance. Dr Blake doggedly follows other clues and hunches, and it turns out the prospector may have picked a very unlucky place to find his gold.

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Episode 26
6 votes

#25 - Episode 26

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 26

Hurt by his parents' divorce and their apparent disregard for him, Steve decides to move out and get an apartment with Rivers and Jodie. Christina makes a decision about Mack's invitation to join him in working overseas.

Returned Favour
57 votes

#26 - Returned Favour

McLeod's Daughters - Season 7 - Episode 6

Jodi has her hands full with a major decision when both Riley and Matt declare their love for her. Meanwhile, Stevie may risk losing Alex when helps out Marcus with a cattle deal; Jodi spends the night in the national park with Matt, when her horse is bitten by a snake.

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Reaching Out
56 votes

#27 - Reaching Out

McLeod's Daughters - Season 7 - Episode 5

Jodi is overcome by the mystery of Emma McLeod and the identity of her secret lover. Meanwhile, Alex is angry with Marcus for not revealing the truth sooner; Tayler finds herself in hot water with Stevie when she tries to do some extra work with the brumbies.

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Picture if You Will
1076 votes

#28 - Picture if You Will

Farscape - Season 2 - Episode 6

Maldus returns to torment the crew, convincing them that their friends have perished.

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Bone to be Wild
1073 votes

#29 - Bone to be Wild

Farscape - Season 1 - Episode 21

Moya is hiding from a peacekeeper command carrier in an asteroid field. The crew receive a distress call and Crichton, Zhaan and D'Argo go down to one of the asteroids to rescue a women who has an unusual appetite.

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When the Dogs Bark
114 votes

#30 - When the Dogs Bark

Fat Tony & Co. - Season 1 - Episode 3

Tony fears for his own safety as mate Carl Williams ramps up his campaign of underworld murders. After being released from prison, Tony considers going straight as a property developer. Jason Moran has a final showdown with Carl Williams.

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Brotherly Love
166 votes

#31 - Brotherly Love

The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 4

When a delirious prisoner on death row tells Dr Blake he is innocent of the police shooting for which he is soon to hang, Blake is stunned - and believes him. But no one else seems interested in uncovering the truth. Irish immigrant Sean McBride is accused of shooting a policeman, Clive Cooper. Sealing his fate on death row, Sean originally pleaded guilty to the crime and refused to defend himself in court. The town is divided over the rights and wrongs of capital punishment. The police rally around their own, determined to get 'justice'. District Nurse Mattie O'Brien is vehemently against capital punishment and finds herself at loggerheads with friend Danny Parks. Constable Parks arrived at the crime scene just minutes after the shooting that fateful day and Sean McBride even shot at him. Danny desperately wants to back his copper mates but starts to doubt the evidence as Dr Blake asks more and more pertinent questions. The closer Blake gets to the shocking truth, the tighter the circle closes.

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34 votes

#32 - Crash

Rush (2008) - Season 3 - Episode 12

A terrifying cyber assault on the city brings Josh and Tash together as they race against time to save the life of a badly injured woman. As the attacks increase in severity, Leon and Audrey must call on all their know how as they battle a faceless opponent who may be more than a match for them.

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Episode 64
4 votes

#33 - Episode 64

Heartbreak High - Season 3 - Episode 12

Radio Hartley takes to the airwaves but when Con and Matt broadcast their signal over that of a commercial station to promote Jodie's struggling first single, Deloraine quickly pulls the plug on the fledgling operation. Katerina has difficulty telling Con how she feels about him. Andrew surprises Sam by first purchasing a motorcycle for himself and then proposing to her. Interest in Jodie's song increases as a result of the airplay and plans are made for her to go on a promotional tour. Allie is given the go ahead to move into the warehouse.

Episode 33
4 votes

#34 - Episode 33

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 33

Rose's pregnancy complicates Hartley's plans to host the prestigious Education Awards. Con confronts his father when he lends Rocco money to help get the Shark Pool up and running rather than paying for the audio engineering programme Con is interested in.

Episode 10
5 votes

#35 - Episode 10

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 10

Nick hits Jodie after she confesses to a romantic fling in Melbourne. Christina's future with Marco is thrown into doubt when he announces a promotion that will take him to Perth. A new drama teacher arrives at Hartley and quickly attracts the attentions of his female students.

Episode 34
5 votes

#36 - Episode 34

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 34

Steve discovers that the person who has been following him is his birth mother. Rocco offers Con a job at the pool hall but then hires Jodie. Rivers' pursuit of Sam continues as he takes it upon himself to fix her motorcycle.

36 votes

#37 - CPP

Rush (2008) - Season 3 - Episode 5

Christian is thrilled to be guarding his childhood idol, Tuvaluan Prime Minister Pell Fisher, during a visit to Australia. But the glamour of the job soon gives way to dangerous reality when it becomes clear that Pell is a target for assassination. Meanwhile, Dom's hopes of returning to Tactical Response are crushed by Lawson.

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Rhapsody in Blue
1230 votes

#38 - Rhapsody in Blue

Farscape - Season 1 - Episode 13

Moya responds to a distress call from another pregnant Leviathan. On arrival at a planet they are contacted by a delvian who informs them that the distress call was a deception. It was her way a getting Moya to come to them. The delvians have a hidden agenda though. They want to forcefully take Zhaan's knowledge and learn how she overcame her insanity.

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Episode 12
36 votes

#39 - Episode 12

Rush (2008) - Season 1 - Episode 12

After a nasty domestic dispute, the TR team are called to look for a man, who has hospitalised his wife after an argument. The team reveals he has a gun, as-well as his son. Lawson has the job of calling him down from a rooftop.

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Episode 13
35 votes

#40 - Episode 13

Rush (2008) - Season 1 - Episode 13

TR is given the responsibilty of protecting an underworld figure, who is testifying in court. A decoy is used, with an actor playing the man, but it goes downhill after the actor is shot dead. Serveral more attempts were made, and Kerry comes up with a unique way of protecting the man. Josh takes the man by himself, but is later cornered by the people trying to kill the underowrld figure. As they leave, TR shows up and the men are arrested. The episode ends with Micheal kissing Stella as she sleeps, and Kerry and Lawson having a conversation about the report on TR that Kerry wrote

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Episode 9
6 votes

#41 - Episode 9

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 9

Con tries to get new uniforms for the soccer team in time for their last match while his mother arranges for a woman to help out at the Poulos' home. Steve is forced to miss rugby training to sit an exam, a decision that upsets Southgate and threatens Steve's spot on the team.

Episode 25
5 votes

#42 - Episode 25

Heartbreak High - Season 1 - Episode 25

Danielle's first foray into modelling goes awry when the photographer manipulates her into posing nude. Con's relationship with Greta comes to an end.

Episode 63
3 votes

#43 - Episode 63

Heartbreak High - Season 3 - Episode 11

A state-wide teachers strike, Con's parents leaving to attend a wedding, and Katerina's reluctance to be alone with Con all combine to provide the perfect opportunity for a pool party at the Bordino's. Rivers' attempt to liven up the party with a game of Truth or Dare results in hurt feelings, animosity, and conflicts among all those who participate. The gang hurries to clean up before Con's parents make their early return but only so much can be done to cover up the fact that your furniture has been in the pool!

Killers, Thieves & Lawyers
85 votes

#44 - Killers, Thieves & Lawyers

Fat Tony & Co. - Season 1 - Episode 4

When a hitman alleges Tony is involved in murder, Tony decides to skip bail and become Australia’s most wanted man. Tony takes a massive gamble when he recruits a pair of cleanskins to run his drug empire while he is on the run.

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118 votes

#45 - Pilot

Rush (2008) - Season 1 - Episode 1

After rescuing two children, Josh's rage spills onto their father, who may have attempted to kill them. The new inspector challenges Josh's position on the team

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Because I Got High
52 votes

#46 - Because I Got High

Rush (2008) - Season 1 - Episode 7

Michael is found cleared of the herpes. The team arrives at a big surburban party and find a group of teenagers have stolen a gun from a security guard. Stella and Michael then go undercover to try and retrieve the stolen weapon. Michael then saves a high school boy from being severely beaten by kids from a rival high school

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Episode 6
80 votes

#47 - Episode 6

Rush (2008) - Season 1 - Episode 6

Josh, Grace and Michael investigate when an alarm is going off at a high-security laboratory. They find that an animal rights activists group calling themselves 'Freedom From Torture' has freed almost all of the research animals from their cages. Michael is bitten by a monkey who is later found to have herpes

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Episode 65
3 votes

#48 - Episode 65

Heartbreak High - Season 3 - Episode 13

A decline in enrolment applications threatens to permanently close the doors of Hartley High unless the additional students can be found. Deloraine suffers a mild heart attack and is admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, Sam turns down Andrew's proposal and soon finds herself back with Peter and the two run away together. The kids launch a campaign to save school and just when it appears they have failed, Jodie returns and delivers a passionate speech that pushes the campaign over the top.

Episode 50
5 votes

#49 - Episode 50

Heartbreak High - Season 2 - Episode 12

Rivers' father surfaces at the warehouse after escaping from prison. Jodie tells Karen it is time for her to move out of the warehouse, and after a brief but eventful stay at the Bordinos', Karen moves on. A difficult decision about Rivers' future is taken out of his hands.

Episode 49
4 votes

#50 - Episode 49

Heartbreak High - Season 2 - Episode 11

Rose agrees to marry Jack but matters are quickly complicated by a second proposal, this one from Con. Con's parents decide the best way to discourage their son is to encourage him. Jodie argues with her half-sister Karen over her involvement with Matt. Karen poses as Jodie when she goes to see a music promoter.