The Best Episodes Directed by Andrew Bernstein


#1 - 1964

Pan Am Season 1 - Episode 14

Ted becomes increasingly nervous as wedding plans race forward; Kate wrestles with suspicions about those around her; Laura receives a startling offer from Amanda; Maggie is placed is a perilous position.

star 8.31
109 votes
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Office Space

#2 - Office Space

Psych Season 7 - Episode 11

After Gus accidentally tampers with the crime where his boss was killed, Shawn helps him find the real murderer before Gus is arrested.

star 8.28
430 votes
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Shawn, Interrupted

#3 - Shawn, Interrupted

Psych Season 6 - Episode 6

After a billionaire murderer pleas insanity at his trial, Shawn and Gus go undercover at a mental hospital in order to prove that the man is, in fact, sane. While at the hospital, Shawn and Gus receive some hostility from one of the nurses.

star 8.19
346 votes
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Let's Dance

#4 - Let's Dance

Covert Affairs Season 3 - Episode 10

The CIA attempts to obtain proof that an enemy is hiding in Russia, in the hopes of bringing them to justice.

star 8.15
336 votes
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The Son Rises

#5 - The Son Rises

Code Black Season 1 - Episode 9

When the lead actor of the musical “The Lion King” tour arrives at Angels Memorial with a throat infection, Leanne gives him a diagnosis that puts both his career and life in jeopardy. Also, the doctors and the cast of “The Lion King” help a 17-year-old boy deal with the difficult decision of taking his father off life support,

star 8.14
701 votes
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#6 - Five-O

Better Call Saul Season 1 - Episode 6

Mike's tragic past comes back to haunt him, and he's forced to seek help from an unusual source. Meanwhile, Jimmy's moral compass is put to the test.

star 8.10
4288 votes
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One Coin in a Fountain

#7 - One Coin in a Fountain

Pan Am Season 1 - Episode 5

The Pan Am crew rolls the dice in more ways than one in glamorous Monte Carlo: Kate and Maggie square off for the attentions of a handsome passenger, but things get more complicated when Kate learns the sexy stranger is involved in her next covert mission; and Dean gambles with his career when an attractive, wealthy woman on the flight tempts him -- and he later discovers who her flying companion is.

star 8.05
144 votes
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Snow Angels

#8 - Snow Angels

Elementary Season 1 - Episode 19

Sherlock and Joan try to prevent the largest cash vault in the U.S. from being robbed during a deadly blizzard. Meanwhile, Holmes attempts to help a transgender woman who is recovering from her latest breakup.

star 8.03
1916 votes
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Sympathy for the Devil

#9 - Sympathy for the Devil

Battle Creek Season 1 - Episode 13

Milt survives a car bombing and enlists Russ to track down his would-be assassin, leading to startling revelations about why Milt is the way he is and what brought him to Battle Creek.

star 7.99
207 votes
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#10 - Defective

Perception Season 2 - Episode 6

A new brain device to control tremors seems to have a defect that turns out to be far more serious than a technical malfunction, and Pierce partners with Donnie to investigate. Their unlikely alliance is tested when the case escalates to murder. Meanwhile, Lewicki learns a valuable lesson about dating.

star 7.95
392 votes
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Let's Get Hairy

#11 - Let's Get Hairy

Psych Season 4 - Episode 8

Shawn and Gus attempt to protect Stewart Grumbley from himself because the poor man believes he may be a sheep-killing werewolf who may soon enough begin killing humans.

star 7.91
284 votes
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#12 - Neuropositive

Perception Season 2 - Episode 7

When Moretti receives a deathbed confession about the hit-and-run murder of a teenager from 1992, she calls on Pierce to determine the ailing man's credibility. The case becomes complicated, however, when the alleged killer's physician, Dr. Hutchins, reveals that his patient’s tumor has mysteriously disappeared. Pierce and Moretti must dig deeper into the past to uncover the truth behind a shocking series of apparent homicides.

star 7.90
380 votes
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Children of Wrath

#13 - Children of Wrath

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 - Episode 8

In the conclusion of the midseason finale, Madison must negotiate the terms of an agreement in the midst of ranch-wide turmoil; and Nick and Alicia challenge their mother's motives.

star 7.89
4326 votes
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365 Days

#14 - 365 Days

The West Wing Season 6 - Episode 12

On the day after Bartlet gives his last State of the Union address, Leo returns to the West Wing but has difficulty getting the attention of the rest of the staff for a meeting about what to do during the remaining 365 days of Barlet's term. Kate and C.J. have to deal with emergencies in Bolivia and North Korea. Charlie tries to figure out how to get Congress to support funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Toby solicits Annabeth's advice regarding proper behavior for Abbey at a NASCAR event. Will asks why they originally chose Russell to be Vice President. And Bartlet seems to have recovered most of his strength after his recent bout with MS.

star 7.87
219 votes
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The House of Space and Time

#15 - The House of Space and Time

Chance Season 1 - Episode 8

Proof of Blackstone’s criminal activities comes from an unexpected source as Chance is finally poised to take down his enemy.

star 7.85
778 votes
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#16 - Keepers

Journeyman Season 1 - Episode 6

Dan goes back to help two brothers who have been abused by their father. Jack gets suspicious of Dan and thinks he might be gambling again. While in the past Dan and Livia overhear a conversation between Jack and Katie.

star 7.83
55 votes
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Spooky Action at a Distance

#17 - Spooky Action at a Distance

Manhattan Season 1 - Episode 9

Charlie and Frank are forced to work together for the good of the project. When they run into a problem, Frank turns to an unconventional resource.

star 7.82
363 votes
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The Watch

#18 - The Watch

Dirty Sexy Money Season 1 - Episode 9

This flashback episode reveals secrets about Dutch (Nick's father) and the relationships he had with Nick, Tripp, and Letitia. Karen's intimate view towards Nick is put on hold as she takes a liking to Simon Elder. Brian's attempt to get his son takes a turn he didn't expect and Jeremy continues to hide how much he is worth from Sofia.

star 7.81
35 votes
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Selling Sickness

#19 - Selling Sickness

Boston Legal Season 3 - Episode 14

Judge Brown turns to Denny when he sues a company for not curing his "same-sex attraction disorder," but Denny's homophobia forces him to ask Alan to help.Shirley takes on the case of a young girl who wants to take a pill to help her forget a traumatic molestation.Meanwhile, Denise finds out she is pregnant, and asks both Brad and Jeffrey for paternity tests, and Clarence takes his relationship with Claire to the next level.

star 7.80
211 votes

#20 - North

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 15

Season finale. When Travis' rage causes unrest at the hotel, Madison has to choose whether or not she will stand by him; Nick becomes leader of the Colonia as Narcos close in.

star 7.79
5065 votes
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The Verdict

#21 - The Verdict

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 5

Nick faces an uphill battle defending Letitia in the murder case until he discovers a secret about Nola; Karen asks Nick to tell Tripp that she's marrying Simon Elder; Andrea and Brian learn shocking news after a trip to the doctor.

star 7.79
33 votes
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#22 - Stag

Ozark Season 2 - Episode 4

The FBI sends out a second lure. Charlotte slips up while chatting with Wyatt. The Byrdes grow wary of Rachel, who deflects suspicion onto someone else.

star 7.78
1155 votes
Inside Men and Outside Women

#23 - Inside Men and Outside Women

Tyrant Season 2 - Episode 9

Increasingly suspicious of those close to him, Jamal believes Khalil is the only person he can trust. Deciding he should no longer hide the truth, Barry reveals to Molly that he’s alive. Hoping to lift Nusrat’s depression, Ahmed asks Nusrat to run away with him. Skeptical of Khalil’s tactical luck, Ihab zeroes in on a traitor in the Caliphate.

star 7.77
754 votes
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The Inheritance

#24 - The Inheritance

Mad Men Season 2 - Episode 10

Betty visits her father; Paul's girlfriend tries to convince him to prioritize his duties; Pete's mother disapproves of his and Trudy's idea.

star 7.77
554 votes
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Sleigh Ride

#25 - Sleigh Ride

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 - Episode 16

Madison faces a horrifying revelation and the Clark family is pushed to new extremes.

star 7.74
2320 votes
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Adverse Events

#26 - Adverse Events

House Season 5 - Episode 3

A painter's undiagnosed illness affects his work, and House and his team must look at the man's paintings to determine what's wrong with him.

star 7.73
702 votes
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Flight 1

#27 - Flight 1

Mad Men Season 2 - Episode 2

Paul hosts a party at his apartment and introduces someone special to his Sterling Cooper colleagues. Peggy visits her family for dinner. Despite a conflict of interest, the Sterling Cooper agency aggressively pursues an airline account and Duck attempts to appeal to the client using an unorthodox approach.

star 7.73
589 votes
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#28 - Babylon

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 6

The Agency is looking to land an advertising contract to promote tourism to Israel. Don and his team try to come with a theme but know so little about the country they're stumped so Don calls Rachel Menken to see if she has any ideas. Roger Sterling is getting tired of sneaking around with Joan Holloway and suggests she should her own apartment but she knows better. Peggy comes up with an advertising concept during a testing session for a new line of lipsticks and she's subsequently asks to write copy.

star 7.69
717 votes
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Things Bad Begun

#29 - Things Bad Begun

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 - Episode 15

Strand's motives are made clear when Nick discovers a new threat descending on the dam.

star 7.69
3136 votes
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The Threshold

#30 - The Threshold

Manhattan Season 2 - Episode 3

Liza faces off against Darrow as Abby learns a secret about Oppenheimer.

star 7.68
360 votes
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Once a Langmore...

#31 - Once a Langmore...

Ozark Season 2 - Episode 3

Wendy does damage control when Wilkes's pressure on Sen. Blake backfires. Rachel is sent on a mission. Ruth resists accepting her Langmore destiny.

star 7.68
1194 votes
Book of Ruth

#32 - Book of Ruth

Ozark Season 1 - Episode 6

Jacob educates Marty on his business. Ruth devises and sets in motion a deadly plan. Rachel learns Marty is cooking the books at the Blue Cat Lodge.

star 7.67
3282 votes
Ruling Days

#33 - Ruling Days

Ozark Season 1 - Episode 5

Marty decides to invest in the religious sector, unaware he will disrupt a discreet business operation. A surprise visitor shows up at the Byrde home.

star 7.66
3411 votes
Beaten/Cover Letter

#34 - Beaten/Cover Letter

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 - Episode 14

Fitch, Washington, Stone and Sanchez delve into the boxing world to investigate a woman's death. Her fiancé is preparing for a match against her ex-boyfriend and she was hiding a secret that could have thrown the fight. Longford and Mahajan are forced to face some tough ethical issues if they are to bring a resolution to the cold case they are re-examining. It seems that the victim led two lives, one with his wife and daughter and one with his married lover.

star 7.65
26 votes
Here Is the Fire

#35 - Here Is the Fire

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 - Episode 5

The team searches for a bomber who set off an explosion at a small town school.

star 7.64
188 votes
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Eye of the Beholder

#36 - Eye of the Beholder

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 - Episode 1

In the third season opener, the Clark family find themselves in a dire predicament and must work together to discover a path to safety.

star 7.63
5320 votes
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The Family Lawyer

#37 - The Family Lawyer

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 2

The Darlings deal with funeral arrangements and the aftermath of the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Dutch George; Jeremy discovers Nola Lyons' real profession; Lisa and Nick talk about having another child; Kenny G performs.

star 7.57
33 votes
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One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov

#38 - One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov

The Americans (2013) Season 3 - Episode 11

Philip and Elizabeth's home and work lives collide in new and dangerous ways. Nina struggles to figure out her next steps. Arkady assigns Oleg and Tatiana to an operation with uncertain potential.

star 7.55
1710 votes
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Take the Leap

#39 - Take the Leap

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 19

Kristina and Adam have a surprise meeting with the principal of Max's school; Jasmine and Crosby become nostalgic for their past; Julia and Joel receive upsetting news.

star 7.55
146 votes
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#40 - Shiva

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 7

The family faces their biggest test yet; Nick, Madison, Travis and others try to stay close to each other.

star 7.37
5875 votes
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#41 - Syruptitious

Battle Creek Season 1 - Episode 2

FBI Special Agent Milt Chamberlain and Det. Russ Agnew go undercover as distillers to infiltrate Battle Creek's maple syrup cartels when a murder victim is found to have drowned in the gooey breakfast confection. Meanwhile, Det. Font White goes to war with his medical marijuana dealer.

star 7.27
338 votes
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