The Best Episodes Directed by Amy Neil


#1 - Mother

Hanna Season 1 - Episode 6

Sophie and Hanna's relationship begins to turn sour over their shared interest in Anton. In the fallout from this argument, Marissa arrives at Sophie's house pretending to be Hanna's mother. Hanna finds herself torn between endangering Sophie and her family, or giving up her own freedom and going with Marissa. Erik is brutally interrogated by Sawyer and his men.

star 7.67
1240 votes
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#2 - Dare

Bedlam Season 2 - Episode 5

A rebel with a cause manages to break into the asylum's old chapel where he ends up getting more than he bargained for. Max and Dan come to blows.

star 7.57
146 votes
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#3 - Jude

Bedlam Season 2 - Episode 4

A repairman and his ten-year-old brother are Brightmoor's newest residents, and the child disturbs Max by chanting the last rites and bringing the apartment's broken appliances back to life. Ellie links the boy's unusual behaviour to visions of electro-convulsive torture, while Dan makes a play for Keira and has a revelation designed to hinder Warren.

star 7.55
88 votes
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#4 - Reunion

Bedlam Season 2 - Episode 6

After a shock appearance from an unexpected visitor, Max and Ellie embark on a twisted and terrifying path.

star 7.45
147 votes
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#5 - Town

Hanna Season 1 - Episode 5

Still reeling from her revelations about Erik, Hanna hides out in suburban London with Sophie, who is keeping her new friend secret from her parents. Sophie persuades Hanna to attend a school party where Hanna experiences the thrill of a teenage crush for the first time. Erik's friends desperately try to save him from the life-threatening injuries he sustained fleeing capture.

star 7.27
1297 votes
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