The Best Episodes Directed by Aline Brosh Mckenna

I'm in Love

#1 - I'm in Love

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 - Episode 17

Rebecca makes a life-changing decision about her future.

star 8.23
144 votes
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Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?

#2 - Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 - Episode 13

Rebecca’s father makes a surprise appearance, which gets Rebecca’s hopes up for her future, while Josh takes a hard look at himself. White Josh and Darryl find themselves at an unexpected crossroads.

star 8.12
421 votes
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Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

#3 - Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 - Episode 18

Rebecca’s relationships are tested as she tries to navigate her friendship with Paula, her history with Josh and her connection with Greg. While at Josh’s sister Jayma’s wedding, Rebecca’s world is turned upside down.

star 7.89
453 votes
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Nathaniel Is Irrelevant.

#4 - Nathaniel Is Irrelevant.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 - Episode 13

When Rebecca decides to make amends for her past, she finds some unexpected challenges. At the same time, West Covina awaits an important new arrival.

star 7.77
210 votes
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