The Best Episodes Directed by Alexander Von David

Gehenna Gate

#1 - Gehenna Gate

Blue Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 2

Fujimoto and his companions try their best to protect Rin from the demons who are after him, but he ends up posessed by Satan, the most powerful of the demons and Rin's father. Seeing his guardian taking his own life to protect him fron Satan, Rin decides to fight back by unlocking his demonic powers, even knowing that by doing it he would not be a human anymore.

star 8.22
200 votes
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#2 - Brothers

Blue Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 3

As part of his training to become an Exorcist, Rin gets himself enrolled at the True Cross Academy. On his first day of classes, Rin becomes shocked to know that his twin brother Yukio is already an Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.

star 8.12
189 votes
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The Devil Resides in Human Souls

#3 - The Devil Resides in Human Souls

Blue Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 1

Rin Okumura is a teenager with a natural gift to get himself in trouble. Despite that he tries his best to meet the expectations of his twin brother Yukio and Priest Shiro Fujimoto, who acts as their guardian, until he finally learns about the dark secret behind his origin.

star 8.04
223 votes
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The Garden of Amahara

#4 - The Garden of Amahara

Blue Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 4

Yukio sets out to the school's Exorcist-only shop to stock on some supplies along with Rin. There they find that the owner's daughter, Shiemi Moriyama, is being afflicted by a demon that dwells in her family's garden and, to save her life, they confront it by themselves.

star 7.87
182 votes
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