The Best Episodes Directed by Alex Soto

The Beast Within

#1 - The Beast Within

Teen Titans Season 3 - Episode 9

During a fight with Adonis, Beast Boy gets covered in toxic waste. The day after the fight, he shows different changes, such as eating meat, pumping iron and acting nasty. He has a fight with Raven and turns into a Man-Beast and runs amock in the sewers. The Titans discover Raven in his mouth and go to the conclusion that he attacked her and threatened to put him in prison, which makes him angry and form into the Man-Beast once more. But When Cyborg and Robin leave to fight him, leaving Starfire to watch over her, Raven wakes up and says that he saved her. When the guys get to Beast Boy, he gets attacked by another Beast. Beast Boy wins and the other Beast turns out to be Adonis.

star 8.36
141 votes
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Me Time

#2 - Me Time

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 12

After a fight with Whirlwind, Spider-Man insists on a weekend off from Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Unfortunately, Doctor Octopus chooses this very time to attack Spider-Man when his job is threatened by Norman Osborn.

star 8.08
559 votes
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#3 - Spellbound

Teen Titans Season 3 - Episode 6

Raven has always been lonely at the Tower, despite the other Titans. But that all changes when Raven discovers a young magician trapped inside one of her books.

star 8.07
182 votes
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The Visitor

#4 - The Visitor

Ben 10 Season 3 - Episode 13

While snowmobiling, two guys accidentally release an alien named Xylene from a strange container. At a park, Ben (as Wildmutt) steals Gwen's kite, so she casts a spell to make dogs attracted to him. Grandpa Max seems sad to be in St. Louis since it is where he met his wife. Xylene attacks, and Grandpa Max comes to defend, only to recognize her. Xylene reveals that she came to find the Omnitrix since she lost it when Vilgax attacked her ship. While Grandpa Max and Xylene talk about the past, a robot emerges from the area where Xylene was and attacks Ben and Gwen. The mechadroid attacks twice, taking Grandpa Max with him. Now Ben must work with Xylene (to his dismay) to save Grandpa Max.

star 8.05
155 votes
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Employee of the Month

#5 - Employee of the Month

Teen Titans Season 4 - Episode 5

Beast Boy has only one real dream in life -- to someday, somehow own a Moped. And when Robin won't buy him one and Cyborg won't build him one, Beast Boy has only one way to make his dream come true he has to get a job. However, when he goes to work at a new restaurant called ""Mega Meaty Meat"" for a strange man named Bob, he soon realizes all is not what it seems.

star 7.92
146 votes
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Deep Six

#6 - Deep Six

Teen Titans Season 1 - Episode 8

When a mysterious amphibious villain called Trident makes off with a boatload of dangerous Toxic Waste, the Titans hop into the T-SUB and go on an undersea adventure to put a stop to Trident. This is Beast Boy's big chance to morph into all sorts of undersea animals and show the team what a big hero he really is. But unfortunately another big hero shows up to steal the spotlight: a good-looking water-breathing teenage do-gooder named Aqualad.

star 7.91
268 votes
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The End (1)

#7 - The End (1)

Teen Titans Season 4 - Episode 11

The day has finally come. Raven is destined to end the world on this day. Trigon will come by sunset. But not if the Titans have anything to say about it. They place Raven in a safe room while they take on an army of flame creatures and Slade who is determind to take Raven to the Trigon. But Raven knows the horrible truth. No matter what the Titans do, there is no escaping her destiny.

star 7.90
136 votes
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Field Trip

#8 - Field Trip

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 9

While on a field trip, Spider-Man and his superhero friends encounter the mighty Thor, who is transformed into a frog by his mischievous half-brother Loki. Now, the heroes must venture to the magical world of Asgard in order to save the nine realms from Loki's wrath.

star 7.89
654 votes
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Aftershock (2)

#9 - Aftershock (2)

Teen Titans Season 2 - Episode 13

Terra finds out that the Titans are not easily destroyed, when they come back and nearly defeat her. Slade sends Ternion (a combination of Overload, Plasmus, and Cinderblock) while he beats Terra up for running away. When the Titans see how sorry Terra is and the torture Slade is doing to her, will they forgive her? Or will they follow out with their plans and destroy her?

star 7.88
142 votes
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#10 - Venom

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 4

Under the supervision of Osborn, Doctor Octavius obtains a sample of Spider-Man's blood in order to create a creature that rivals the powers of the wall crawler. Meanwhile, Peter attempts to balance his friendship with Harry with his time with his SHIELD teammates.

star 7.87
839 votes
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Beetle Mania

#11 - Beetle Mania

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 16

Spider-Man and his team are put on S.H.I.E.L.D. security detail to protect the all-too-critical-for-his-own-health J. Jonah Jameson from the Beetle, a prospect Spider-Man does not enjoy. Things do get personal when Spider-Man must also protect a highly determined Mary Jane, who is on her way to the Bugle for a job interview, from the high-tech villain.

star 7.85
497 votes
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#12 - Exclusive

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 7

Spider-Man agrees to a video interview with budding news reporter Mary Jane Watson, who gets a more exclusive scoop than she could ever have anticipated when Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk engage in an all-out battle against Zzzax throughout Manhattan.

star 7.84
612 votes
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#13 - Sisters

Teen Titans Season 1 - Episode 2

Starfires better-than-her-at-everything sister, Blackfire, visits Starfire as the latter is suffering a personal crisis; she quickly makes friends with the Titans, and slowly begins to pull them away from Starfire, making her feel like an outcast.

star 7.84
674 votes
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#14 - Revealed

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 25

The Green Goblin is created.

star 7.83
541 votes
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Only Human

#15 - Only Human

Teen Titans Season 2 - Episode 4

Back when Cyborg was a fully human athlete, he loved trying to do more than he thought he could do. But now that his muscles are mechanical, Cyborg's limitations are built-in. But when the other Teen Titans are captured, Cyborg is forced to fight Atlas, a giant robot.

star 7.82
213 votes
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The Iron Octopus

#16 - The Iron Octopus

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 22

When Doctor Octopus takes over Iron Man's armors, Spider-Man and team work to stop his attacks on Oscorp and S.H.I.E.L.D.

star 7.79
610 votes
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Home Sick Hulk

#17 - Home Sick Hulk

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 19

Hulk smashes back into Spider-Man’s life where he is sick with an alien infection caused by the Phalanx. Spider-Man has no choice but to take Hulk home and keep him hidden from Aunt May while protecting him from the Phalanx.

star 7.79
569 votes
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The Sum of His Parts

#18 - The Sum of His Parts

Teen Titans Season 1 - Episode 5

Cyborg is reminded he's not completely human, when his power cell dies during a wild junkyard battle with the Amazing Mumbo. The Titans fear Mumbo has taken their friend, and search the city for Cyborg. But Fixit, a cybernetic hermit who finds and repairs broken things, finds Cyborg.

star 7.78
281 votes
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Titans East (1)

#19 - Titans East (1)

Teen Titans Season 3 - Episode 12

Speedy, Aqualad, Bumblebee, and two high speed Spanish twins, Mas Y Menos, have formed a new team called Titans East in order to find Brother Blood, who has been heading east to Steel City. Cyborg heads to Steel City to help the new team build their new tower and get things started up and then he plans to head home. But, Cyborg is forced to stay and fight in Steel City for a while when Brother Blood attacks the new tower with intent to make it his new school. When the dust has cleared, the Titans East ask Cyborg to stay on as leader and help them learn to fight as a team. Cyborg accepts not knowing that the Titans East have been brainwashed by Brother Blood.

star 7.78
130 votes
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#20 - Stranded

Teen Titans Season 4 - Episode 8

An exciting battle on a distant space station ends with a tremendous explosion that blows the T-Ship apart -- and sends the Titans flying off in five different directions to crashland on a strange alien world.

star 7.72
140 votes
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How Long is Forever?

#21 - How Long is Forever?

Teen Titans Season 2 - Episode 1

When Starfire accidentaly falls into Warp's time portal, she is hurled twenty years into the future. Once there, she finds that the Titans have split up. She is devestated! Can Starfire save her friends? Or will the Titans end?

star 7.60
223 votes
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Car Trouble

#22 - Car Trouble

Teen Titans Season 1 - Episode 13

Cyborg has just finished building the vehicle of his dreams: the super-cool , uberfast, ultra-high-tech T-CAR! Cy grins like a proud parent as he shows off his ""baby"" to the other Titans. But before Cyborg can take his cool car out for a spin, the Titians are called to an Electronics Superstore where an electrical menace called Overload is wrecking havoc. Our heroes race to the scene - and Cyborg leaves behind his beloved car parked out front with its high-tech alarm set. But when they emerge from the store with Overload in custody, Cyborg freaks: the T-Car is gone!! A wild adventure unfolds as the T-Car changes hands from bad guy to worse guy - Cyborg races all over town, trying to catch up. Can Cyborg get his ""baby"" back - or is the T-Car lost forever?

star 7.60
208 votes
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#23 - Benwolf

Ben 10 Season 3 - Episode 5

Ben, as Wildvine, is fighting against an evil werewolf and is bitten. The Omnitrix times out and Ben turns back to his human form. Then, when the werewolf hits the Omnitrix, it starts to mess up and act weird. After all of this, Ben starts to get a crush on a girl that he meets. But things change, as Ben slowly starts to turn into a werewolf himself.

star 7.59
280 votes
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#24 - Betrothed

Teen Titans Season 3 - Episode 3

The Grand Ruler of Tamaran has arranged for Starfire to be married during the Teen Titans' visit to Tamaran. Robin has a hard time believing that Starfire is to marry someone she hasn't met or known.

star 7.58
180 votes
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Great Power

#25 - Great Power

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1 - Episode 1

One year after becoming Spider-Man, a teenage Peter Parker is approached by Nick Fury to train with S.H.I.E.L.D. Spidey turns Fury down, but soon finds that villainous forces may require him to join the big leagues after all.

star 7.56
1271 votes
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Washington B.C.

#26 - Washington B.C.

Ben 10 Season 1 - Episode 2

After Ben saves a child and parent in a burning building, Gwen and Grandpa Max come along with more bad news. In addition, there is a mad scientist roaming around Washington D.C. with a device that can change normal animals to mutant giants and also reanimate fossils of dinosaurs. The mad scientist, Dr. Animo, first encounters Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max at the M-Mart. After a grueling battle without the help of a hero, they chase down Animo to the Museum of Natural History. Gwen is then taken by a mutant bird, and Ben and Grandpa Max save her. Dr. Animo is then caught and restrained from receiving "the award he deserves," the Verities Award for science. Ben learns though an important lesson here: you don't always get what you might deserve.

star 7.49
439 votes
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Cyborg the Barbarian

#27 - Cyborg the Barbarian

Teen Titans Season 4 - Episode 4

Cyborg is mysteriously thrown into the distant past and lands in the middle of a barbarian village that needs his help. But with the nearest charging station 5,000 years in the future, Cy has no way to recharge, and his power supply is dwindling.

star 7.33
122 votes
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#28 - Transformation

Teen Titans Season 2 - Episode 7

The beautiful alien Starfire has never thought much about her looks. But when a strange red bump appears on her forehead, Star becomes concerned. Raven tells her not to worry -- it's probably just a zit. Or is it? As she grows tusks on her neck, scales on her skin, and hideous clawed fingernails, the question becomes unavoidable: Is Starfire turning into some sort of horrible alien monster?

star 7.27
230 votes
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Every Dog Has His Day

#29 - Every Dog Has His Day

Teen Titans Season 2 - Episode 2

A strange green Alien Dog comes to Earth with a mysterious flying saucer chasing after it. But when the Alien Dog bumps into Green Dog Beast Boy, who's hanging out at the dog park, the flying saucer accidentally abducts the wrong pooch. When the Teen Titans spot the Alien Dog, they mistakenly think it's Beast Boy.

star 7.25
240 votes
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