The BEST episodes directed by Alberto Lecchi, Jorge Nisco

Forgiving the Past
66 votes

#1 - Forgiving the Past

Epitaphs - Season 1 - Episode 5

Laura finds new information about the killer, at the same time, her relation with her ex-husband becomes more tense. A new epitaph, found next to the body of the previous victim predicts the luck of The One Who Ignored that Disgrace Attends the Twenty-Four Hours. Laura thinks to know who's the new victim. Now in an airport, Renzo, the victim and the killer will be very close to each other.

The Past Will Never Die
46 votes

#2 - The Past Will Never Die

Epitaphs - Season 1 - Episode 1

Five years after the death of several innocents at a local school, a brutal crime reunites again sheriff Eugenio Benítez, ex-cop Renzo Márquez and psychiatrist Laura Santini, all at the time a headstone shows the faith of The One Who Never Should Have.

The Assassin's Revenge
37 votes

#3 - The Assassin's Revenge

Epitaphs - Season 1 - Episode 6

Frustrated about what happened at the airport, the killer decides to reveal his name to Laura and hurt Renzo where it hurts the most. An unexpected visitor arrives at Renzo's house while Martín receives information that could lead to the killer. All of this leads to a chase to save two victims: an innocent and The One That Died Like He Lived, at Distime.

Mortal Game
37 votes

#4 - Mortal Game

Epitaphs - Season 1 - Episode 4

Back at the storages, Renzo finds important information, Manuel goes to Laura's consultory and The One Who Made of Curiosity an Obsession will satisfy the killer's curiosity. At the same time, in a complicated police operation, Renzo gets unexpected help. All of this leads to a horrific spectacle witnessed by Renzo and Laura.