The BEST episodes directed by Alan Kroeker

Hail and Farewell
40 votes

#1 - Hail and Farewell

The Ray Bradbury Theater - Season 3 - Episode 10

Willie, a young boy who cannot grow up, has been spending his life going from family to family, staying for a few years, then leaving before anyone finds out. As he is ready to leave his latest home, he tells his "parents" the story of his life, and of all the people he met in the way.

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A Friend in Need
7 votes

#2 - A Friend in Need

Road to Avonlea - Season 5 - Episode 4

Davey Keith is already in trouble after the first day of school. After getting caught fighting in the playground, Clive Pettibone assigns him one hundred lines to write as punishment. While this might be difficult enough under any circumstances, for Davey it is doubly severe because he cannot read or write. After he inadvertently lands Sarah in trouble she learns his awful secret. With her help, however, he begins to learn how to read.

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6 votes

#3 - Blackwing

Forever Knight - Season 3 - Episode 4

A man's death seems directly related to a court battle over Native American land. But when during the invesitigation Nick comes into contact with a spiritual healer who sees the darkness inside him, the case seems suddenly unimportant. As Nick focuses on the possibilities of this spirtual realm, strange things begin to happen. Things seem to go from bad to worse when the murders escalate, and Nick is afraid he may somehow be responsible.

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Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van
2269 votes

#4 - Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Bones - Season 3 - Episode 2

Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a soccer mom who was blown up in her mini-van. They soon discover that the victim was part of a group of radicals from the 70's, adding several names to the list of possible suspects.

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The Fire Inside
5 votes

#5 - The Fire Inside

Forever Knight - Season 2 - Episode 16

A crazed killer using a flame-thrower to torch his victims sends Nick and Schanke on an underground pursuit. In the confined quarters of the underground sewer system, it's anybody's guess who will find who first. While Nick faces his fear of fire, Natalie discovers she has her own fears to deal with.

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